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Tony Corinda Introduction general comments and theory for Q&A 339
Tony Corinda Part One: Dealing with Questions that Are Known 343
Tony Corinda How to Get Information methods from other steps 344
Tony Corinda (1) Alcohol or Chemicals 344
Tony Corinda (2) Light Related to 344
Tony Corinda (3) The Window Envelope 345
Tony Corinda, Eric Mason (4) The Clip Board several versions, Eric Mason's Dubbul 345
Tony Corinda (5) The Record Card gaining multiple information 346
Tony Corinda (6) The Stooge for instance for setting up a one ahead routine 346
Tony Corinda (7) Switching of Envelopes 347
Tony Corinda (8) Planting of Envelopes and Slips answering questions that are planted by performer and are not by an actual audience member 347
Tony Corinda, Maurice Fogel How to Convey Information coding question to reduce length 348
Tony Corinda General Means of Conveying Information Secretly (1) Hand Rollers, Faro Boxes, Slip-Boxes
(2) Pencilled Slate
(3) The Thumbnail
(4) Cigarette Holder
(5) Roller on Microphone
(6) Watchface
(7) Cuff
(8) On a Small Card
(9) Large Card or Blackboard
(10) Written on Glass
Tony Corinda Selection of Suitable Questions to Use 349
Tony Corinda Answering Questions Known questions of general and specific interest 350
Tony Corinda Answering Questions From Platform private reader vs. stage reader, how to answer questions with a public, funny answers 351
Tony Corinda Summary Private Reading
Platform Reading
Tony Corinda Table of Probabilities - Explanation what people are concerned about 355
Tony Corinda Part Two: Dealing with Questions Unknown 356
Tony Corinda Main Objectives when Cold Reading overview on cold reading 357
Tony Corinda Conclusion 359