Written by Bob Somerfeld
Work of Bob Somerfeld
18 pages (Stapled), published by The Ireland Magic Co.
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
13 entries
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Bob Somerfeld Forthought
Bob Somerfeld Ripping! envelopes with items inside, selection with back turned is divined, sound reading
Related toVariations 1
Bob Somerfeld Nickel for Your Thoughts spectator's write down phone numbers, one slip and a playing card are selected, the person is called who reveals the card, actually assistant, Devil's Handkerchief
Related toAlso published here 2
Bob Somerfeld Telephone Code playing card, apparently waiting for the other person to pick up the phone
Bob Somerfeld Divine! drawing is sealed in two envelopes and held by spectator, drawing duplication, peek
Bob Somerfeld Centear movie presentation, ruse for tearing the paper
Related to 6
U. F. Grant, Bob Somerfeld Impromptome with borrowed business card as a bookmark
Inspired by 7
Bob Somerfeld Threediction triple prediction on blank cards, number, name and city
Related to 9
Bob Somerfeld No Smoking blindfolded cigarette test, when radio is flicked on, there is a commercial of the right brand
Bob Somerfeld, Ted Messenger That's the Spirit name is predicted and writing appears
Inspired by
  • Ted Messenger's "Fourth Dimensional Enterprise" in "Coven"
Flapless Envelope Switch
Bob Somerfeld My Word! ABC cards, spectator takes four and has to form a word, word is divined
Bob Somerfeld Supelletive three billet routine, umbrella move
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