Written by Paul Swinford

Work of Paul Swinford

64 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Sid Lorraine.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Karl Fulves Introduction 4
Paul Swinford Foreword 6
Paul Swinford Spelling the Aces faro 10
Paul Swinford Let's Pretend two phase card location with humorous key card presentation, faro 11
Paul Swinford Trilemma combo with selection and number, 33 cardsRelated to 16
Paul Swinford Swinford's Myth 14-15 force, faro, new deck order 17
Paul Swinford Quadrivium new deck order, faro 19
Paul Swinford, Russell "Rusduck" Duck The Stay Stack information and applications 22
Paul Swinford Inventory instantly naming missing card, stay stack 25
Paul Swinford Predicto Pair prediction of mates at named positions 27
Paul Swinford When Brothers Meet 30
Paul Swinford Double Duper spectator and magician turn over a card, mates 32
Paul Swinford Against all Odds two spectators choose cards, they're mates 34
Paul Swinford Double Brothers Joker finds mates of two selectionsRelated to 35
Paul Swinford Duo Chango selections change into their own mates 38
Dai Vernon Reversal of Bottom Cards using riffle shuffle 38
Paul Swinford The Match Game spectator looses always 40
Paul Swinford Pairs Foretold three mates removed by spectator are predicted 42
Paul Swinford Thought of Destruction about when it's worth to destroy the stay stack 44
Paul Swinford, Norman Gilbreath Gilbreath Revisited deck cut in three piles, one pile looked over, performer knows number of red and black cards in other piles, handling for Gilbreath's "Separating One Deck With One Shuffle" (Linking Ring, July 1958) 44
Paul Swinford The Double Brotherly Whammy two selections are together, CCCCInspired by 45
Edward Marlo Marlo's Peek Deck face-up/face-down faroed deck with secret incomplete faro condition 46
Paul Swinford Presentation of Marlo's Peek Deck spectator divines card 47
Paul Swinford The Elmsley Touch Inspired by 48
Paul Swinford The Expanded Whammy CCCC 51
Unknown Small Packet Faro one-handed fans 53
Paul Swinford Oil Always Floats card is shuffled to top via CCCCRelated to 54
Paul Swinford Son of Faro Spell CCCC 58
Paul Swinford The Cabalistic Pair not tossed, Joker is found between two chosen cards after faro shuffles, CCCC 59
Paul Swinford Mindreading Cards CCCC 61
Paul Swinford The Australian Calculator CCCC 61
Paul Swinford Elmsley Revisited CCCCInspired by 63
Paul Swinford A Few Final Words 64