Written by Jerry Mentzer

Work of Various

165 pages (Hardcover), published by Jerry Mentzer (Magic Methods)
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jerry Mentzer Introduction 1
Jerry Mentzer Commentary on the performance of close-up magic, lapping possibilities, gaffed objects 3
Dr. Dan McDonald Repeat Ring Release multi-phase, duplicate ring with slitAlso published here 11
Ray Grismer Ring three phases, first in Genii 1971Variations 18
Roger Sylwester The Professor's Incubus Also published here 25
Unknown Three Rope False Count as required in Professor's Nightmare routines 30
Unknown Unequal Ropes 31
Rick Johnsson Quicksilver metal ring rises up a rope and penetrates Inspired by 34
Jack Chanin Gee Whiz - It's Spiked cigarette from hand to hand, then changes into railroad spike 41
"Magic" Christian Stelzel Close-up Cigarette Routine filter torn and cigarette vanishes, torn & restored, filter torn, rest changes into bill and filter into full cigarette 43
Karl Norman Smoker's Interludes: I. Magnetic Matches cigarette clings to matchbook 50
Unknown II. Match Vanish thumb tip handling 52
Dan Tong Texture Expanded 57
Dan Tong Champagne Coins - Phase I: The Production of Four Coins
- Phase II: Coins Into The Glass
Dan Tong Steal Handling 64
Al Baker Baker Steal 64
Horace E. Bennett The Half Crown Affair american penny and half crown in hand, one placed in pocket & travels back, transposition with spectator in which one coin grows 68
Jerry Mentzer Poker Chip Chicanery poker chips produced from handkerchief, a chip changes color, then into silver dollar 74
Al Schneider Matrix Coin Trick 79
Al Schneider Coin Steal 81
Al Schneider Pick-up Move 85
Jerry Mentzer Magnet Matrix magnetic coin and shimmed card 87
Jerry Mentzer Miracle Coins Thru Playing Cards repeat penetration of card, falls into glass underneathInspired by
  • J. H. Thompson's "A Good 5c Pass" (Linking Ring)
Tony Kardyro Stand Up Quarter and Half Penetration quarter and half penetrate back of performer's hand 96
Jerry Mentzer 3 Coin Moves - Vanish Number 1 "Cartwheel Re-Visited"Inspired by 98
Jerry Mentzer Vanish Number 2 Tenkai PinchRelated to 100
Jerry Mentzer Vanish Number 3 Tenkai Pinch 103
Charlie Miller Match Maneuvers signed napkin transposes with matches in matchboxRelated toAlso published here 107
Jerry Mentzer Four Colors Get Together with poker chips on corners of handkerchief and 1 cardboard cover 110
Jerry Mentzer Something From Something production from sponge ball 116
Jerry Mentzer Sponge Shenanigans 119
Pavel The Ring Transposition three red and 3 yellow small plastic rings, transpose one by one from hand to hand 122
Tony Spina Improved Gypsy Torn and Restored Thread 126
Bert Jacques, Gene Keeney Two Dollar Bill Tear two-dollar bill torn, halves change into one-dollar billsVariations 135
Jack Chanin Money Mastery borrowed bill, restoration in spectator's hand 141
Larry West Buck-A-Reno four one-dollar bills, one changes into a 5er 143
Alex Elmsley, Larry West The Elmsley Count with dollar bills, including variation "The Modified Count" 144
Jerry Mentzer "X" Marks the Spot six business cards, spectator choses the one with an X on the backAlso published here 151
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety with five cards 152
Walter Rollins Hillbilly Bills two sets of One, Five, Ten and Twenty dollar bills, performer predicts which one is chosen and spiked with safety pin 154
Jerry Mentzer Spirit Writing four objects listed on business card, paper balled up, chosen item vanishes from list and appears written on balled-up paper 157
Arthur Emerson Match Weight four matchbooks, spectator removes a match from one, performer divines it, then matches vanish from a matchbooks 161