Written by Billy McComb

Work of Billy McComb

15 pages (Stapled), published by The Supreme Magic Company

Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Billy McComb Introduction 1
Billy McComb Cut 'N Gone Rope rope is coiled up in hand and ends are cut, rope vanishes 1
Billy McComb The Williamised Spider pips from deck vanish and appear on napkinRelated to 2
Billy McComb, George Lawrence The Torn and Restored Airmail Related to 4
Billy McComb The Comedy Letter - For T & R Airmail Letter Related to 5
Billy McComb Auntie Gwendoline sucker ending for torn and restored letter 6
Billy McComb Eye-Level, One-Man Card Vanish gimmick, similar to VernonRelated to 6
Billy McComb A Variation on a Theme spectator holds a ribbon over his head, a ring hangs in the middle, ring is removed from ribbon without spectator knowing how it works, paper balls over the head effect, clippo 8
Billy McComb The Seven-Cornered Hanky 9
Billy McComb The Magician's Rabbit Does a Trick in a box, apparently rabbit does the trick 11
Billy McComb The Card in the Cigarette 13
Billy McComb, Ken De Courcy Uncle's Will Slates messages appear on slates, comedy 13
Billy McComb The Five Rings of William briefRelated to
  • "McComb's Magic"