Written by Thomas Alan Waters
Work of Thomas Alan Waters
806 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Kelly Lyles
Language: English
329 entries
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Thomas Alan Waters Introduction
1993 xvii
Thomas Alan Waters Introduction on uniqueness in presentation
New Thoughts For Old 1979 3
Thomas Alan Waters Box Office box with amulets on a tray, one is removed and under the tray but in the box is a prediction with the right choice
Related toVariations New Thoughts For Old 1979 5
Thomas Alan Waters Tryptrych spectator puts an object in the left and one in the right pocket, one remains on the table and performer names the locations of the three objects, gimmick
New Thoughts For Old 1979 9
Thomas Alan Waters On the Button three objects in different pockets, location is revealed, gimmick
New Thoughts For Old 1979 12
Thomas Alan Waters Flipsight I with Himber Wallet
New Thoughts For Old 1979 16
Thomas Alan Waters Flipsight II with I.D. Case model of Himber Wallet
New Thoughts For Old 1979 18
Thomas Alan Waters Burning Questions questions are written on paper and put into envelopes, after the questions have been answered the envelopes are burnt in a bowl
Inspired by New Thoughts For Old 1979 20
Thomas Alan Waters Burning Questions II questions are written on paper and put into envelopes, after the questions have been answered the envelopes are burnt in a bowl
Inspired by New Thoughts For Old 1979 22
Thomas Alan Waters Clippoline Albert Spackman's "Clip Line" ("Newspaper Test", The Gen Vol. 20 No. 6) meets Clippo
New Thoughts For Old 1979 25
Thomas Alan Waters Unknown Power tape cassette with headline prediction on
Related to New Thoughts For Old 1979 28
Thomas Alan Waters Synchroincidence two decks, same card is selected, red/blue
Inspired byRelated toVariations New Thoughts For Old 1979 31
Thomas Alan Waters Vespers one of five ESP cards is put in spectators pocket and divined
New Thoughts For Old 1979 34
Dai Vernon The Strip-out Addition with ESP cards
New Thoughts For Old 1979 34
Thomas Alan Waters, Stanley Collins Framedown ideas on the Stanley Collins "Color Counting Frame"
Related to New Thoughts For Old 1979 37
Thomas Alan Waters The Psychic Coercion of the Interrupted Schoolboy slate in envelope, first the name of a card appears then a number, flap, Mental Masterpiece gimmick, chalk band-writer
Related to New Thoughts For Old 1979 41
Thomas Alan Waters Cross Reference
New Thoughts For Old 1979 46
Thomas Alan Waters Introduction on three phase predictions
Cerberus 1981 49
Thomas Alan Waters Tridex
Related to Cerberus 1981 53
Thomas Alan Waters Booka triple prediction, three words from the same book, gaffed
Cerberus 1981 54
Thomas Alan Waters More on the Classic Triple Prediction
Cerberus 1981 55
Thomas Alan Waters Triposte page from a side-bound spiral notebook is torn in three pieces, triple prediction
Cerberus 1981 59
Thomas Alan Waters O.T.L. Omega with initialed index cards, out to lunch and flap, triple prediction
Inspired by Cerberus 1981 63
Thomas Alan Waters Cross Reference
Cerberus 1981 68
Thomas Alan Waters Trionic three phases
  • card is seen and reversed in the deck, card is revealed
  • card is unseen and reversed in the deck, card is revealed
  • prediction of a selected card
Trionic 1981 71
Philip T. Goldstein Diveswitch
Trionic 1981 83
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
Trionic 1981 86
Thomas Alan Waters Omnimancy essay on fortunetelling, Q&A, cold reading
Omnimancy 1981 89
Thomas Alan Waters LeNormand's Legacy question is written on a blank tarot card, card lost in the deck and a reading is given
Related to
  • T. A. Waters in "Genii" Vol. 28, No. 1, 1963
Omnimancy 1981 99
Thomas Alan Waters LeNormand's Legacy II question is written on a blank tarot card, card lost in the deck and a reading is given, different handling
Omnimancy 1981 101
Thomas Alan Waters MuTarot Mutus Nomen with tarot cards, start for a reading with several people
Related to Omnimancy 1981 103
Thomas Alan Waters MuTwo ten spectators write initials and a word on half of a business card, Mutus Nomen, start for a reading
Omnimancy 1981 106
Thomas Alan Waters IndexRay spectator writes word and initials on folded card, start for a reading
Omnimancy 1981 108
Thomas Alan Waters Palmystic muscle reading technique, hidden as palmistry
Related to Omnimancy 1981 110
Thomas Alan Waters Coda on fortunetelling, cold reading and mentalism
Omnimancy 1981 112
Thomas Alan Waters Suggested Reading general publications suggested for fortunetellers
Omnimancy 1981 113
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
Omnimancy 1981 114
Thomas Alan Waters Psychometry on psychometry and presenting mentalism
Psychometry 1981 117
Thomas Alan Waters Presentation essay on presentation for psychometry
  • Selling the Psychometry Effect
  • Performance Situations - Good and Bad
  • How Many Items?
  • Single Object Readings
  • Concealed Items (Unknown Objects, Known Objects)
  • Blindfolds
  • Locating the Participants
  • The Psychometry Act
Psychometry 1981 121
Thomas Alan Waters General Technique
  • Object-Reading (Deduction & Observation)
  • Object-Linking (Marking Systems)
Psychometry 1981 131
Thomas Alan Waters Eraser's Edge method to mark an envelope
Psychometry 1981 137
Thomas Alan Waters Stampede method to mark an envelope
Psychometry 1981 137
Thomas Alan Waters Post Facto method to mark an envelope
Psychometry 1981 137
Thomas Alan Waters Cornered method to mark an envelope
Psychometry 1981 137
Thomas Alan Waters Branded method to distinguish different envelopes
Psychometry 1981 137
Thomas Alan Waters Printsiple objects are wrapped in pieces of newspaper
Psychometry 1981 138
Thomas Alan Waters Seequence objects wrapped in paper and scotch tape
Psychometry 1981 138
Thomas Alan Waters PsychomeTryst card is put in envelope as well, system to relate the envelopes to the owner
Psychometry 1981 138
Thomas Alan Waters Bagatelle special bag to distinguish form, shape and object without opening it
Psychometry 1981 140
Thomas Alan Waters Tray Chic objects are collected on a tray, performer is blindfolded
Psychometry 1981 141
Thomas Alan Waters Quantum with business cards and the Quantimental stand
Psychometry 1981 141
Thomas Alan Waters Subsidiary Technique
  • Locating the Participants
  • The Last Two Items
  • Clipboard Readings
  • Combinations with other Effects
Psychometry 1981 143
Thomas Alan Waters Ringkle combining Psychometry and Ring Flight, other ideas what could happen with the objects
Psychometry 1981 146
Thomas Alan Waters Miscellaneous Notes
  • With A Medium
  • In The Dark (in a Seance)
  • Trayce (method to see in the dark)
  • GiveAway Collecting Box (by Edmund Rowland)
  • Contact Mindreading)
Psychometry 1981 147
Thomas Alan Waters Afterword
Psychometry 1981 149
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
Psychometry 1981 150
Thomas Alan Waters Scrypt on Billet Technique and Maurice Fogel
Scrypt 1981 153
Thomas Alan Waters Switches
Scrypt 1981 157
Thomas Alan Waters Hand to Hand No. 1 with a paper clip
Scrypt 1981 157
Thomas Alan Waters Hand to Hand No. 2 with a paper clip
Scrypt 1981 158
Thomas Alan Waters Pad Switches billet switches with the aid of a pad
  • The Takeaway
  • The Tearaway
  • The Flipaway
  • Bill-ette
Scrypt 1981 158
Thomas Alan Waters Mechanical Switches
  • Padded (with Wax)
  • Flipover Wallets
Inspired by Scrypt 1981 160
Thomas Alan Waters Steals
  • Annemann's steal from a cup
  • Jack Yates' steal from a cup with a paper clip and a magnet
  • Annemann's steal from an envelope with a thumb tip
  • other ideas by T. A. Waters
Related to Scrypt 1981 163
Thomas Alan Waters Center-Tear analysis and handling
Related to Scrypt 1981 166
Thomas Alan Waters, Jack Avis The Occultear secretly tearing the center
  • Writing Materials
  • The Area of Writings
  • The Fold
  • The Tear
Related to Scrypt 1981 171
Thomas Alan Waters Routine No. 1 (Close-Up) q&a for one person
Scrypt 1981 174
Thomas Alan Waters Routine No. 2 (Close-Up) handling variation
Inspired by Scrypt 1981 175
Thomas Alan Waters Variant Routine answer appears on slate, Double-Locking Addition Slate
Scrypt 1981 176
Thomas Alan Waters Routine No. 3 (Stage) with a bulldog clip
Scrypt 1981 177
Thomas Alan Waters Variant Routine (With Dobrin Slate) flap to hide center
Scrypt 1981 178
Thomas Alan Waters Triton a red, white, and blue billet are in a bulldog clip, which select a category each, aspectator selects one of three categories and choses a word from that category, which he writes down, the word is predicted on one of the three billets
Inspired by
  • Jack Avis' "Chronokinesis" in Peter Warlock's "Pentagram", Vol. 8, No. 4. P. 25.
Scrypt 1981 178
Thomas Alan Waters Concluding Remarks
Scrypt 1981 179
Thomas Alan Waters The Double Routine different routines, based on the same handling, on indexes and pocket writing
Scrypt 1981 180
Thomas Alan Waters No. 1: Great Minds Still Think Alike spectator writes a number on a piece of paper, performer writes the same down
Scrypt 1981 181
Thomas Alan Waters No. 2: On the Wired Thought random person phoned, name divined and the person names a year which is divined too, combination of two Annemann effects
Related to Scrypt 1981 183
Thomas Alan Waters No. 3: The Prediction Reading for one person, stock answer index to basic questions
Scrypt 1981 183
Thomas Alan Waters No. 4: Card Reading card prediction, with tarot or playing cards, in context of a reading
Scrypt 1981 183
Thomas Alan Waters No. 5: Name Coincidence both write down the same name
Scrypt 1981 184
Thomas Alan Waters Additional Notes variations and ideas on the switch, pocket writing and indexes
Scrypt 1981 184
Thomas Alan Waters Geometear two objects are written on two pieces of paper, one is selected and the word divined
Related to Scrypt 1981 184
Thomas Alan Waters Trinkle birthday and zodiac are written on paper and divined
Inspired by Scrypt 1981 186
Thomas Alan Waters Afterword
Scrypt 1981 189
Thomas Alan Waters Addendum on Maurice Fogel and mentalism
Scrypt 1981 189
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
Scrypt 1981 192
Thomas Alan Waters Deckalogue on playing cards in mentalism
Deckalogue 1982 195
Thomas Alan Waters Clubble stopped at and thought of card are found
Inspired by Deckalogue 1982 197
Riffle Force brief
Deckalogue 1982 197
Thomas Alan Waters Daisection thought of card is put in pocket, inspired by Vernon
Related to Deckalogue 1982 200
Thomas Alan Waters Talismanacle spectator selects a card, presentation with ring or amulet which is able to pick ab vibrations from the card
  • Variation One: Memorized Deck
  • Variation Two: Stripper Pack
  • Variation Two-and-a-Half: Stripper Pack
  • Variation Three: Stripper Pack
Related to Deckalogue 1982 203
Thomas Alan Waters Decideal outcome is predicted
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here Deckalogue 1982 206
Gene "Phantini" Grant, Nathan Stark Gene Grant - Nathan Stark Subtlety prediction can be read as eight of hearts or four of spades
Inspired by Deckalogue 1982 207
Thomas Alan Waters Imposition assistant does not have to know the stack
Inspired by
  • Spaulding's "Audience Rapport" in "The Linking Ring" Vol. 22, No. 7. P.21.
Deckalogue 1982 209
Thomas Alan Waters Hoydle spectator remove their cards later from the deck
Deckalogue 1982 212
Thomas Alan Waters Automanticard spectator turns a card over behind his back, a second spectator is blindfolded and by automatic writing on a slate divines the card
Deckalogue 1982 214
Thomas Alan Waters Twinkey named card is shuffled face up in the deck, same card is reversed in second pack and the card above the reversed card is the same as well as in the shuffled pack
Deckalogue 1982 216
Thomas Alan Waters Tetrance prediction in envelope in wallet
Deckalogue 1982 218
10-20 Force cut and then cross total of the amount
Deckalogue 1982 218
Thomas Alan Waters Coincideck two decks, three cards from one deck are put face up at random places into other deck, next to the same cards
Deckalogue 1982 220
Thomas Alan Waters Insight Straight performer takes one card out and puts a poker chip on it, then sixteen cards are laid out in a matrix and a spectator can put four chips on cards, those four cards added to the card put away earlier form a straight Ten-Ace
Inspired by
  • Larry Becker's "The Little Black Book" in "Mentalism for Magicians"
Deckalogue 1982 222
Thomas Alan Waters Matrix Number Force with cards
Related to Deckalogue 1982 223
Thomas Alan Waters Seller's Markcut prediction in index card is in a window envelope, spectator selects a card which comes in the envelope too, then the deck is shuffled and cut and the performer names a card, he puts the envelope somewhere in the deck, under it is the named card and the prediction inside matches the card chosen earlier
Deckalogue 1982 226
Thomas Alan Waters Envelope Card Switch
Deckalogue 1982 227
Tom Sellers Adding Card with Envelope
Deckalogue 1982 229
Thomas Alan Waters, Bill Murata Waikikut spectator cuts third on table, next third face up on it and the rest on top, spectator decides which cards performer has to divine, face up card or two face down cards, Bill Murata's Waikiki Location
Deckalogue 1982 231
Thomas Alan Waters Narrowzarrow simplifying the shuffle with narrow short cards
Deckalogue 1982 232
Thomas Alan Waters Outstrip envelope, two-way out, holding card back by stripper principle
Deckalogue 1982 232
Thomas Alan Waters Charliersatz two false cuts, with charlier cuts
Deckalogue 1992 233
Thomas Alan Waters Afterword
Deckalogue 1992 235
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
Deckalogue 1982 236
Thomas Alan Waters Grymwyr on bizarre magick
Grymwyr 1982 238
Thomas Alan Waters SOREcery blister appears on thought of finger
Grymwyr 1982 245
Thomas Alan Waters Pinance doll drawn on paper is pinched by a needle performer divines where
Inspired byRelated toVariations Grymwyr 1982 247
Thomas Alan Waters Billet Switch on Needle
Grymwyr 1982 248
Thomas Alan Waters Elementeerie the four elements are written on a slate by spectator and the slate put in an envelope, three elements are chosen and found to be crossed out on the slate, clear flap
Grymwyr 1982 251
Thomas Alan Waters Pastell past life presentation for a Swami Test, no method
Related to Grymwyr 1982 254
Thomas Alan Waters (P)ocean amulet in water bottle with names held behind, sinks and rests in front of the dead name
Grymwyr 1982 257
Thomas Alan Waters Alexicon name of named dead person appears on card, four ABC cards, spelling "DEAD"
Inspired by
  • Alex Elmsley's "What Card?"
Grymwyr 1982 260
Alex Elmsley Elmsley Count
Grymwyr 1982 261
Thomas Alan Waters Hallowgram name of dead celebrity appears on one of four ABC cards, one side of the cards spells "DEAD" the other "NAME"
Inspired by
  • Alex Elmsley's "What Card?"
Grymwyr 1982 263
Thomas Alan Waters Zodiaxis medium on the other end divines zodiac from spectator
  • Tarotell (for Tarot card)
Inspired byRelated to Grymwyr 1982 265
Thomas Alan Waters Two-Way Fishing between two astrological signs, stoping sentence and waiting for reaction
Related to Grymwyr 1982 267
Thomas Alan Waters Mailefactor postcard with picture of the performer is sent to spectator, when he receives the card, the picture is gone
Inspired by Grymwyr 1982 269
Thomas Alan Waters Amorte sitter in seance feels as getting a kiss
Inspired by Grymwyr 1982 272
Thomas Alan Waters Pointalism a knife is stabbed in tarot book and one in a tarot deck, page describes card
Grymwyr 1982 274
Knife Force
Related to Grymwyr 1982 275
Peter Warlock Knife Force with Book
Inspired byRelated to
  • Peter Warlock in "Pentragram" 1946, P.2.
Grymwyr 1982 275
Thomas Alan Waters Tarotate a knife is stabbed in tarot book and suspended by two fingers of two spectators, tarot deck is dealt and on some point the book and knife turn, the deal is stopped and the card matches the tarot card described in the book
Grymwyr 1982 277
Thomas Alan Waters Quintasense some tarot cards are selected via the matrix force, reading, written on paper matches the selected cards
Inspired byRelated to Grymwyr 1982 279
Thomas Alan Waters Chronomadic "impromptu" seance at staged party, picture transforms and guest vanishes
Grymwyr 1982 282
Thomas Alan Waters Keystome book with lock
Grymwyr 1982 287
Thomas Alan Waters Chromantic with different colored talismans, to find out what question sitter has
Grymwyr 1982 287
Thomas Alan Waters Candelabra Quantimental stand with candles
Related to
  • Eric Lewis' "Whosgotwot Plus One" in "The Crowning Miracles" p. 203
Grymwyr 1982 288
Thomas Alan Waters Shelfish book switch in shelf
Related to
  • J. F. Orrin in "Magic Wand" No. 195. 1942. P.145.
Grymwyr 1982 288
Thomas Alan Waters Backhand switching an object behind a cloth, fake third hand
Grymwyr 1982 289
Thomas Alan Waters Pentally on stacking Tarot cards
Grymwyr 1982 290
Thomas Alan Waters Demon Key demon appears in the dark, monkey
Grymwyr 1982 290
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-References
Grymwyr 1982 292
Thomas Alan Waters Octasm on mentalism
Octasm 1982 292
Thomas Alan Waters Tapinage ten cassettes with different songs, selected one is predicted
Inspired by
  • Joseph M. White's "Tape Transmission" in "Magic Sounds" No. 33
Octasm 1982 297
Thomas Alan Waters Adamsmyth blank cards with numbers on both sides, two spectator's think of one each, total is divined
Related to
  • Sidney Lawrence's "It's In Your Pocket" in "Ten Self Working Card Tricks"
Octasm 1982 300
Thomas Alan Waters Doublet two predictions, one in an envelope a less free prediction outside of it, here for cards
Inspired by Octasm 1982 303
Thomas Alan Waters Optionail three spectator's count their change, name and amount of the one who has the most is predicted, other applications of the principle
Inspired by
  • Sam Dalal's "Magical Musings" in "Swami" Vol. 3, No. 30.
Octasm 1982 306
Thomas Alan Waters, Sam Dalal, James G. Thompson Jr. Indiair method for two-phase prediction, window envelope
Inspired by Octasm 1982 309
Thomas Alan Waters Blackard fair single card prediction, in glass in front of the blackboard
Octasm 1982 311
Thomas Alan Waters Spyhole mask prediction / revelation, word on a card is chosen and prediction is another card with holes on it, when held on a text it reveals the chosen word
Related toVariations Octasm 1982 313
Thomas Alan Waters Indivasion envelope for two outs
Octasm 1982 317
Thomas Alan Waters Outlander
Inspired by
  • Gene Grant's "Phantini's Mental Key" p. 22.
Octasm 1982 319
Thomas Alan Waters Choption cards with words, selection is predicted, Velleda principle
Octasm 1982 321
Thomas Alan Waters Wheelie forcing a number with a roulette wheel
Octasm 1982 324
Thomas Alan Waters Flipout prepared Himber Wallet for prediction and as a peek wallet
Octasm 1982 327
Thomas Alan Waters Selectrick typewriter rings bell on command
Also published here Octasm 1982 330
Thomas Alan Waters Revelleda spectator writes a word on a board with a Velleda pen, the word is then erased and divined by the performer
Octasm 1982 332
Thomas Alan Waters Thinky seven glass vials in envelopes, spectator finds the one filled with ink
Inspired by
  • Orville Meyer's "Think Ink" in "Magic in the Modern Manner"
Octasm 1982 334
Thomas Alan Waters, Philip T. Goldstein Anagramarye selected word from a text is divined, with ABC cards
Inspired by
  • Sam Schwartz' "Anagramatic" in "Linking Ring", Vol. 43, No.1. 1963
Octasm 1982 336
Thomas Alan Waters Keyknow combination of Koran's "Gold Medallion" and "Flying Ring", message on key
Inspired by Octasm 1982 342
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
Octasm 1982 347
Thomas Alan Waters Mindscript 1: The Book Test
Mindscript 1: The Book Test 1983 351
Thomas Alan Waters Riffle No. 1
Mindscript 1: The Book Test 1983 353
Thomas Alan Waters Riffle No. 2 (Impromptu) playing card is put in book by spectator, words are predicted
Mindscript 1: The Book Test 1983 359
Thomas Alan Waters Riffledex selected word from a book is predicted in envelope, spectator can change his mind
Mindscript 1: The Book Test 1983 362
Thomas Alan Waters, Richard Himber Peekquivalent spectator hold envelope with prediction, synonyms
Mindscript 1: The Book Test 1983 367
Thomas Alan Waters, James G. Thompson Jr. Jato word from book is predicted in envelope
Inspired by Mindscript 1: The Book Test 1983 370
Thomas Alan Waters, Tony Corinda, Tom Sellers Dubbook x is marked somewhere in the book, then a page is torn and again a x drawn on it, two words are divined, one by telepathy and one by clairvoyance
Inspired by Mindscript 1: The Book Test 1983 373
Thomas Alan Waters Miscellanea book test ideas
Related to Mindscript 1: The Book Test 1983 376
Thomas Alan Waters SideSidAl combination of Lorraine's and Baker's book tests
Related to Mindscript 1: The Book Test 1983 376
Thomas Alan Waters Final Notes general notes on book tests
Mindscript 1: The Book Test 1983 378
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
Mindscript 1: The Book Test 1983 380
Thomas Alan Waters Mindscript 2: The Newspaper Test torn newspaper, prediction of words, general comments
Mindscript 2: The Newspaper Test 1983 383
Thomas Alan Waters Duplicities prediction on slate, several methods to add duplicate force pieces and switching pieces
Mindscript 2: The Newspaper Test 1983 385
Thomas Alan Waters, Edmund Rowland, Fred Lowe, Robert Harbin X-Positions page is torn in sixteen parts and a piece selected, analysis , ideas on headline predictions
Related to
  • Edmund Rowland in Warlock's "Pentagram" Vol, 7. No.2. P. 11.
  • Fred Lowe in "New Pentagram" Vol. 4, No. 1. P.1.
  • Robert Harbin in "Abra" Vol.7, No. 181. P. 387.
Mindscript 2: The Newspaper Test 1983 392
Thomas Alan Waters Mindscript 3: The Symbol Test
Mindscript 3: The Symbol Test 1983 407
Thomas Alan Waters Parity two cards divined, symbol cards / picture cards
Mindscript 3: The Symbol Test 1983 409
Thomas Alan Waters Grayven 32 design cards, divination, sound reading and gray code
Mindscript 3: The Symbol Test 1983 413
Thomas Alan Waters Graydation cards with pictures and words are selected and divined
Mindscript 3: The Symbol Test 1983 416
Thomas Alan Waters Grayce spectator selects one picture card, which is divined later
Mindscript 3: The Symbol Test 1983 418
Thomas Alan Waters, Bob Hummer Grayze divination of a card, five cards on the table, covered with a handkerchief
Related to Mindscript 3: The Symbol Test 1983 420
Thomas Alan Waters Trisonic design cards, three are divined
Inspired byRelated to Mindscript 3: The Symbol Test 1983 424
Thomas Alan Waters Pairception symbol chart with 25 designs, designs are selected and divined
Mindscript 3: The Symbol Test 1983 427
Thomas Alan Waters Chartruse divination, symbol chart is folded, reading direction of gaze
Inspired by
  • "Silent Thought Reading" (Tom Sellers, The Gen, Vol. 11 No. 2, June 1955, p. 52)
Mindscript 3: The Symbol Test 1983 430
Thomas Alan Waters On the Color-Counting Frame color forcing chart based on Stanley Collins and Ernest Noakes color-counting frame
Related to Mindscript 3: The Symbol Test 1983 435
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
Mindscript 3: The Symbol Test 1983 437
Thomas Alan Waters Hellaphone spectator choses a number on a telephone, name is divined, not real phone numbers, first published in "New Invocation" No. 31, 1986
Magazine Miscellanea 1993 441
Thomas Alan Waters Albertest prediction of a word is written and signed by performer and finally put in the book, first published in "New Invocation" No. 54, 1989
Inspired by Magazine Miscellanea 1993 443
Thomas Alan Waters In2ition card is predicted then unknown question answered
Also published here Magazine Miscellanea 1993 446
Cut Deeper Force
Magazine Miscellanea 1993 446
Thomas Alan Waters Dell-Epathy spectator writes four-letter word on slate, performer divines it by reading definition from a dictionary
Also published here Magazine Miscellanea 1993 448
Thomas Alan Waters Auroracle word is written on index card and divined, hight-tech version of Dell-Epathy
Also published here Magazine Miscellanea 1993 450
Thomas Alan Waters Kystic named card has a kiss on the back
Also published here Magazine Miscellanea 1993 452
Thomas Alan Waters No/No. named number is predicted in sealed envelope, with No gag, carbon envelope
Related to
  • Gene Grant's "Vision of the Future" in "Phantini's Incredible Mental Secrets", 1960
Also published here
Magazine Miscellanea 1993 454
Thomas Alan Waters Touché with card stand
Also published here Magazine Miscellanea 1993 457
Thomas Alan Waters Signse astrological sign divination
Also published here
  • "New Invocation" No. 39, 1987
Magazine Miscellanea 1993 460
Thomas Alan Waters Ultratest twelve zodiac cards, card with the sign of the spectator is turned over and the back is colored matching a chart in which quarter of the month she is born, first published in "New Invocation" No. 47, 1988
Magazine Miscellanea 1993 463
Thomas Alan Waters Heartbreaker name prediction, cards with half hearts and half names are selected and a name is build, first published in "Genii" Vol. 54, No. 5, 1991
Inspired by Magazine Miscellanea 1993 465
Thomas Alan Waters The Crimson Count prediction of a number between one and ten, numbers on cards predicted one is red, first published in Burt Sperber's "Miracles of My Friends" 1982
Magazine Miscellanea 1993 470
Corvello The Eleven Card Count multiple out count
Magazine Miscellanea 1993 472
Thomas Alan Waters Cartomanic multiple spectator's think of a card from five shown, all are divined, first published in Burt Sperber's "Miracles of My Friends", 1982
Inspired by Magazine Miscellanea 1993 473
Thomas Alan Waters Countact prediction of a thought, index cards
Magazine Miscellanea 1993 476
Thomas Alan Waters Psychl
Psychl 1983 481
Thomas Alan Waters Tricessive one behind triple prediction, ESP Symbol, vowels and one of five cards
Psychl 1983 483
Thomas Alan Waters Namewave
Psychl 1983 487
Thomas Alan Waters Janussum two person write down a number, sum prediction on a slate (Rashomon Principle)
Psychl 1983 489
Thomas Alan Waters Alpharoah word prediction with ABC cards, two variations
Psychl 1983 491
Thomas Alan Waters Trancescript approach to Q&A
Psychl 1983 493
Thomas Alan Waters Handbook five ESP cards are insert in a book, performer is blindfolded and five spectator select a card each and put them in the pocket, all cards are divined
Psychl 1983 496
Thomas Alan Waters Windecks card is selected and number written on it, in a second deck the card is found reversed and the number is written on it
Psychl 1983 499
Thomas Alan Waters Hexchange inside pocket
Related to Psychl 1983 501
Thomas Alan Waters 4ce with cards and boxes
Related to
  • George P. Sanderson's "The Feminine Influence" in "Right Under Their Noses"
Psychl 1983 504
Thomas Alan Waters Psychographitti four routines where writings or pictures appear on alphabet cards
  • Cardworm
  • Meow
  • Velleda Baby
  • Blast-Off
Inspired by Psychl 1983 507
Thomas Alan Waters Symbo-Chart off beat revelation of a chosen ESP sign, 1089 force
Psychl 1983 510
Thomas Alan Waters Quindary cards with words on it are selected and divined
Related to Psychl 1983 512
Thomas Alan Waters RoTarot tarot card is selected and divined
Psychl 1983 513
Thomas Alan Waters Geminight tape recorder prediction of named star sign, several other versions:
  • Headlines
  • Foot(crystal)ball
  • Poker Phase
Psychl 1983 515
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
Psychl 1983 519
Thomas Alan Waters Cardiact on cards and mentalism
Cardiact 1984 523
Thomas Alan Waters Pierception with box, thought of card
Cardiact 1984 527
Thomas Alan Waters Attaploy cards put in breast pocket, with Jack Hughes' Attaboy
Cardiact 1984 530
Thomas Alan Waters Hallmark shuffled deck, spectator thinks of a card she sees, card is divined
Cardiact 1984 533
Thomas Alan Waters Disposition two decks in one box, thin cards
Cardiact 1984 535
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
Cardiact 1984 540
Thomas Alan Waters Mynd
Mynd 1984 543
Thomas Alan Waters, Maurice Fogel Flamulet five envelopes hanging on a stand, attached with a bulldog clip, spectator finds amulet (coin)
Mynd 1984 545
Thomas Alan Waters Clockout twelve cards with clocks on it with different times, prediction of selection
Mynd 1984 549
Thomas Alan Waters Cashseer box with rolls of bills, amount of bills is secretly removed and divined by performer, other variations:
  • Poison (with small liquid bottles)
  • Mr. Ree (murder mystery, clue)
  • Essencery Perception (with five vials of perfume)
  • ReMarkerable (color match)
Inspired by Mynd 1984 553
Thomas Alan Waters Threesum triple prediction on selected playing cards, with Bingo chart (Stover's "irrisistible Force")
Inspired by Mynd 1984 557
Thomas Alan Waters Staballoon prediction in ballon handling, Jaks billet knife
Mynd 1984 561
Thomas Alan Waters Wipeout before your eyes as a multiple out
Inspired by Mynd 1984 562
Thomas Alan Waters Sellerbrity off-beat prediction, word from puzzle book is selected
Inspired by
  • Tom Seller's "New Age Book Test" 1933
Mynd 1984 562
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
Mynd 1984 564
Thomas Alan Waters Spyryt on being real, and audience perception and believe
Spyryt 1984 567
Thomas Alan Waters Bellsamo self-ringing bell, divination of a tarot card
Spyryt 1984 571
Thomas Alan Waters Palimptest subtlety for appearing message on a slate
Spyryt 1984 576
Thomas Alan Waters Trayf tray to make a hand tapping, a skull clicking the teeth, a spirit buzzer, spirit bell, dancing shoe, an alarm clock spinning its hand
Spyryt 1984 579
Thomas Alan Waters HCI tarot cards haunted deck in a handkerchief, two versions, glorpy, plate-lifter gimmick
Related to Spyryt 1984 584
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
Spyryt 1984 587
Thomas Alan Waters Thynk on presenting mentalism
Thynk 1984 591
Thomas Alan Waters Tri-Beaut sign, birthdate and selected tarot card are divined, with envelopes
Thynk 1984 595
Thomas Alan Waters Zodiaccent medium on the other end divines zodiac from spectator
Related toAlso published here Thynk 1984 600
Thomas Alan Waters Verball different colored balls are in a bag and drawn, remaining one is predicted
Related to
  • "Eliminator" (Ken DeCourcy, marketed)
  • "Kurotsuke" (Max Maven, VideoMind 1, 1997)
Thynk 1984 602
Thomas Alan Waters, Sydney Bergson Glowsure spectator finds container with object, in the dark
Thynk 1984 604
Thomas Alan Waters Glowsout mixture between Verball and Glowsure
Thynk 1984 606
Thomas Alan Waters Speakay six people write something on a piece of paper, performer thinks of one of the words and claims that one spectator will have the urge to step forward, one does and it is the one who has written the word the performer holds
Related to Thynk 1984 607
Thomas Alan Waters Cardblanche off-beat prediction of a birthdate, on a blank card, brainwave
Also published here Thynk 1984 609
Thomas Alan Waters Synsign two couples, according to their star signs, they select a king and a queen of the same suit each
Thynk 1984 612
Thomas Alan Waters Courtship four women chose a queen each, four envelopes with four kings, husbands select the matching king
Related to
  • Basil Horwitz's "No Chance At All!" in "New Pentagram" Vol.3, No.3, 1971. P. 22.
Thynk 1984 614
Thomas Alan Waters Groupease five packets are cut, bottom card remembered shuffled and all five cards are divined
Inspired byRelated to Thynk 1984 616
Thomas Alan Waters Twinner card is secretly written down, deck dealt and position of card predicted
Related to Thynk 1984 619
Thomas Alan Waters Twindow two decks, one is cut and card turned over, both deck are dealt until face up cards, same card on same position in other deck, position is predicted
Inspired by Thynk 1984 621
Thomas Alan Waters Twinsome number is secretly written down, card is peeked at, deck dealt and both spectator shout at the same time stop
Thynk 1984 623
Thomas Alan Waters Tranceplant hallucination theme, spectator writes word on a slate, word is selected from a book and it matches word on slate but spectator complains, that this is not the word he wrote down, both words are found on a prediction
Thynk 1984 625
Thomas Alan Waters Chronologic two phased routine with pocket watch, first selected time is divined, then predicted
Inspired by Thynk 1984 628
J. B. Bobo Bobo Switch with a pocket watch
Thynk 1984 629
Thomas Alan Waters Chronogram Koran medallion with a pocket watch, initials on the watch
Thynk 1984 632
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
Thynk 1984 634
Thomas Alan Waters Myxtyr on the perception of being real as a mentalist
Myxtyr 1985 637
Thomas Alan Waters, Gerard Croiset Chairvoyance prediction of a person, description of her and short reading, row and seat number, in envelope, multiple strategies discussed
Myxtyr 1985 639
Thomas Alan Waters Trivese three card location
Myxtyr 1985 643
Thomas Alan Waters Trivarication three people put three different objects under cups and exchange them, liar and truth-teller presentation
Inspired by Myxtyr 1985 645
Thomas Alan Waters Pentab multiple out prediction in envelope
Inspired by Myxtyr 1985 647
Thomas Alan Waters Longwave ten cards, selected one is different to the other
Inspired by Myxtyr 1985 649
Thomas Alan Waters Blockhead one ESP card is put between two plates the rest in an envelope, performer divines the card between the plate
Myxtyr 1985 652
Thomas Alan Waters Standout spectator finds a card, which another spectator wrote down, faded deck
VariationsAlso published here Myxtyr 1985 654
Thomas Alan Waters Boxcards prediction of a ESP card, jumbo ESP cards with a box
Myxtyr 1985 656
Thomas Alan Waters Qwhite question is written on a card and sealed in an envelope, answer given ans message appears on another blank card
Related to Myxtyr 1985 660
Thomas Alan Waters Mutattle question written on a card is put inside two envelopes and is sealed, performer answers the question and when the envelopes are open, the question is gone and a spirit message is found on the card
Myxtyr 1985 663
Thomas Alan Waters Backdate three-digit number is predicted, pined on performer's back
Related toVariations Myxtyr 1985 665
Thomas Alan Waters Folderoll method for unfolding a paper, appears as writing was inside the folds
Myxtyr 1985 669
Thomas Alan Waters Quinsation five signed card (after a psychometry act) are numbered by the performer, spectators name a number each and they match with their signed cards
Myxtyr 1985 671
Thomas Alan Waters PAct structure for a seemingly impromptu show
Myxtyr 1985 673
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
Myxtyr 1985 676
Thomas Alan Waters Mystyx on credits, originality and copying
Mystyx 1985 679
Thomas Alan Waters Tridonym three people write an alias on a piece of paper
Related to Mystyx 1985 683
Thomas Alan Waters Psidentify spectators chose a James Bond villain, divination who chose which one
Also published here Mystyx 1985 685
Thomas Alan Waters Circlet two cards, one with female and one with male symbol, prediction of two cards for a man and a woman, written on the fitting cards
Variations Mystyx 1985 688
Thomas Alan Waters Synchrowave two decks, same card is selected
Inspired by Mystyx 1985 691
Thomas Alan Waters Spywave word and alphabet cards, word is selected and fitting letters reverse in alphabet deck
Inspired by Mystyx 1985 694
Thomas Alan Waters Turnary three packets, three spectators select a card in different ways, packets contain deck of cards with selections reversed, different methods
Inspired by
  • Peter Warlock's "Double Double" in "Pentagram" Vol. 13, No. 5. 1959- P. 35.
Related to
Mystyx 1985 696
Thomas Alan Waters Bluecue two spectators select the same card individually, difference to Standout, second spectator choses a card face down
Inspired byRelated to Mystyx 1985 699
Edward Marlo Transposition of Two Rough-and-Smooth Cards
Mystyx 1985 700
Thomas Alan Waters Carousell three card divination, with clocking version, see Max Maven reference for credit information
Related to
  • "Roundabout" (Max Maven, Kayfabe DVD Set, 2017)
Mystyx 1985 701
Thomas Alan Waters Cut Force cards under table
Mystyx 1985 702
Hugh Johnston Hugh Johnston Shuffle
Mystyx 1985 702
Thomas Alan Waters Increditable two routines with credit cards
  • Creditouch (by sense of touch, number of card is divined)
  • Creditell (four credit cards put in envelopes and allocated correctly)
Mystyx 1985 707
Thomas Alan Waters Pentamoney spectator distribute envelopes and last one to blindfolded performer, only he has money with local currency
Mystyx 1985 709
Thomas Alan Waters Pyrotica with three books
Related to Mystyx 1985 711
Thomas Alan Waters Symbold divination of two thought of symbols, plastic clock dial with symbols
Mystyx 1985 713
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
Mystyx 1985 716
Thomas Alan Waters Fynys on wanting success and believability
Fynys 1985 719
Thomas Alan Waters Sublimagery with Ishihara color plates, spectator sees a correct number where he cannot see one
Also published here Fynys 1985 723
Thomas Alan Waters Glimpression page is torn from book and a word circled, word is divined
Inspired byRelated to Fynys 1985 725
Thomas Alan Waters Swindow presentation and method for a prediction sent to a member of the audience beforehand
Fynys 1985 728
Thomas Alan Waters, E. Leslie May Cue-Bic two lists of words, medium erases same as spectator
Inspired by
  • Leslie May's "Double-Deletion" in "Pentagram" Vol. 5, No. 12 1951. P. 91.
Fynys 1985 730
Thomas Alan Waters Decivision ten questions in envelopes, blindfolded
Related to Fynys 1985 732
Thomas Alan Waters OManation on the OM Billet Switching Box
Inspired by Fynys 1985 735
Thomas Alan Waters Zodiaccount approach to a book test, two persons, opened page by adding numbers is a compatibility reading for spectator's two star signs
Fynys 1985 737
Thomas Alan Waters Synwitch with Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cars
Inspired by
  • Leslie May's "Its On the Cards" in "Pentagram" Vol. 11, No. 6 1957. P. 45.
Fynys 1985 739
Thomas Alan Waters Pagency word is selected from a book and named to the performer, he names correct position in dictionary
Related to Fynys 1985 741
Thomas Alan Waters Cutout two cards
Inspired byRelated to Fynys 1985 743
Thomas Alan Waters Pholder prediction of a celebrity
Inspired by Fynys 1985 745
Thomas Alan Waters, Stanley Collins Kineslate gag divination, won turns into one on a slate
Fynys 1985 748
Thomas Alan Waters Trinitial triple prediction, three envelopes where spectators initials are written on, carbon envelope
Fynys 1985 751
Thomas Alan Waters Quintastic spectator cuts deck and places top cards in five different pockets, performer shows that he did the same beforehand, cards match
Fynys 1985 753
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
Fynys 1985 755
Thomas Alan Waters T.A.R.O.T. on tarot cards
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 759
Thomas Alan Waters Reads
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 761
Thomas Alan Waters Stuckup question written down on blank tarot card, answered, with handkerchief
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 762
Thomas Alan Waters Coverup question written down on blank tarot card, answered, with handkerchief
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 764
Thomas Alan Waters Encounter question written down in circle on blank tarot card, answered
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 766
Thomas Alan Waters DemiJohnsson question written down on blank tarot card and put into envelope
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 768
Rick Johnsson IBGTH Switch
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 768
Thomas Alan Waters TaroTwo answering question and predicting tarot card
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 771
Thomas Alan Waters Layout Concepts
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 773
Thomas Alan Waters DoubleChek with normal cards and miniature cards, tarot layout
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 774
Thomas Alan Waters DeaLull tarot layout
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 775
Thomas Alan Waters Effecs
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 777
Thomas Alan Waters Pyratarot thought of tarot card matches selected one and prediction
Inspired by T.A.R.O.T. 1987 778
Thomas Alan Waters Astraspeculum spectator divines tarot card while looking in glass disc
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 780
Thomas Alan Waters Stableau with tarot cards, two spectators stab two knives in deck, signed cards
Inspired byAlso published here T.A.R.O.T. 1987 782
Thomas Alan Waters Staboo finding selected tarot card
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 784
Thomas Alan Waters Gypsee position of chosen tarot card is predicted
Inspired by T.A.R.O.T. 1987 785
Thomas Alan Waters Trumpery variation of Gypsee
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 787
Thomas Alan Waters, Dr. Stanley Jaks Trumpwave brainwave deck with tarot cards
Related to T.A.R.O.T. 1987 788
Thomas Alan Waters Spiritrump unseen tarot card put in envelope, divination with automatic writing
Inspired byRelated to T.A.R.O.T. 1987 790
Thomas Alan Waters Spooks two version on haunted deck with tarot cards
  • Hauntkerchief
  • Pullbox
Related to T.A.R.O.T. 1987 792
Thomas Alan Waters Stacks tarot stacks
Related to T.A.R.O.T. 1987 794
Thomas Alan Waters One-Way Decks tarot cards
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 798
Thomas Alan Waters Marked Decks for tarot cards
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 800
Thomas Alan Waters Bibliography books on tarot, magic and general
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 801
Thomas Alan Waters Cross-Reference
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 802
Thomas Alan Waters Afterword
T.A.R.O.T. 1987 803
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