Written by Al Mann
Work of Al Mann
11 pages (Spiralbound), published by Al Mann Exclusives
Illustrated with photographs and drawings
Language: English
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Al Mann Foreword on sealed message reading
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Al Mann The Sibylline Messages cards in envelopes with questions and messages on it are divined and answered
Al Mann The Preparation constructing The Sibylline Envelope
Al Mann The Voice from the Abyss chosen card or word appears on a blank paper sealed in a signed envelope, Abyss envelope
Al Mann The Legal Tenders serial number is divined, with Abyss envelope
Al Mann The Flight of the Griffins spectator writes a question and drops it addressed to the performer into the mail box, performer does the same with the answer, the next day they find out it is correct, with Sibylline envelopes
Inspired by
  • Spencer Thornton's "Anytime, Anywhere - For Newspaper Publicity" in "Secrets of Mental Magic"
Al Mann Notes ideas and tips for the Sibylline Envelope
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