Written by Jim Steinmeyer
Work of Jim Steinmeyer
41 pages (Stapled), published by Hahne
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Jim Steinmeyer Introduction on mathematical tricks
Jim Steinmeyer Wishing & Making it So any card thought of, counting procedure with small packet, over phone
Jim Steinmeyer, Eddie Joseph Chicagoism packet, spelling, also over phone
Inspired by
  • "Jasonism" (Eddie Joseph, Sphinx Sept. 1946)
Jim Steinmeyer, Eddie Joseph Thirty-Fiveism card at thought-of number remembered, second card chosen
Inspired by
  • "Astral Sense" (Eddie Joseph, Card Magic of the Mind, Abbott's, 1952)
Jim Steinmeyer The Whammy ace assembly over phone
The Cowboy Secret number of cards left after long dealing procedure is the same as value of a card on table
Jim Steinmeyer, Eddie Joseph Hacer lo Imposible two selections in two piles show up at same position, hands-off
Inspired by
  • "Impossible" (Eddie Joseph, 1952)
Jim Steinmeyer The Zodiac Wheel sign spelled out on printed layout, final destination known or predicted
Jim Steinmeyer, Eddie Joseph Invoking Margery
Inspired by 22
Jim Steinmeyer, Eddie Joseph Presque Vu card chosen via counting procedure ends up at number previously named
Inspired by 24
Jim Steinmeyer The Treasure Map
Inspired by
  • trick in Mathematical Recreations and Essays (W. W. Rouse Ball, 1892)
Jim Steinmeyer Negative Speller values spelled to in packet, spectator always gets a fun message instead of right value
Also published here 29
Jim Steinmeyer Elementary! cards with victim, weapon and murderer, choice predicted
Also published here 35
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