Written by R. Paul Wilson
Work of R. Paul Wilson
20 pages (Paperback), published by unknown publisher
No illustrations
Language: English
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R. Paul Wilson Ingrained Reaction card appears written on a grain of rice
R. Paul Wilson Absolute Zero spectator cuts shuffled deck into three piles, shuffles all, selects a card and assembles deck which the performer locates, divided deck
Variations 2
R. Paul Wilson Gypsy's Monte kind of Quick-Three-Way
R. Paul Wilson (Spell)Bound To Please
R. Paul Wilson Natural Switch
Roy Walton Pass At Red spectator selects three red cards from black half
Also published here 6
R. Paul Wilson Zulu Sandwich three cards appear one by one between isolated sandwich
R. Paul Wilson Crowded Coins
Also published here 8
R. Paul Wilson Hailstones (CD) spelling with repeat
Also published here 9
The Double Deal Turnover shown to Wilson by Sadowitz
R. Paul Wilson Wild With The Ladies ungaffed
Also published here 10
R. Paul Wilson Julie's Number four cards change while reversed in the pack at different positions
R. Paul Wilson Mark of the Gambler "marked cards" as a presentation, Aces turn over, are lost and come to top again, four Royal Flush cards turn over as well
Also published here 13
R. Paul Wilson Mr Spoons spoon bending
R. Paul Wilson Schrodinger's Cat number on bill predicted
Also published here 16
R. Paul Wilson Lean Chop practical Chop Cup Routine
Also published here 17
Steven Hamilton In The Hands Wild Card
Also published here 19
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