Written by David Britland

Work of David Britland

28 pages (Stapled), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with drawings by David Britland.
Language: English

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David Britland Introduction 1
David Britland The Angel Card Rise cased deck, rubber band gimmick, faro loading
- The Gimmick
- Performance
- Loading and Unloading the Gimmick
- More Ideas
- Final Notes
Related toVariations 2
Unknown Double Cut 5
David Britland A Simple Prediction re-deal force 9
David Britland More Ideas deck rises from case, then selection from deck 10
Jeff Hughes Jeff Hughes Routine rubber band gimmick 11
David Williamson Center Deal Demonstration rising card rubber gimmick 13
David Britland Shoot-Out rubber-band gimmick 13
David Britland The Topological Angel card with folded cornerRelated to 15
David Britland The Big Squeeze presentational ploy for holding deck with both hands 19
David Britland Daedalus animation of perpendicular card, sympathy presentation, devano 20
Bob Ostin Twisting Twins card turned over, mate in deck turns over in sympathy 20
Henry Christ Henry Christ Force 20
David Britland Poor Man's Aga card perpendicular in deck rises, devano 23
David Britland Techno-Rise paper pulled in deck via devano, selections rise 24
David Britland Fallen Angel card shoots from banded deckRelated toVariations 26