Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

92 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Death and Taxes booklet on the half pass 1
Karl Fulves The Masked Pass 3
Karl Fulves The Concept of Cover cover techniques for the masked passRelated to 8
Karl Fulves Applying the Move 14
Karl Fulves Frontorback 14
Karl Fulves Establishing Shots enhancing the initial conditions 16
Karl Fulves Snap Shots convincer condition that all cards are face down 17
Paul LePaul The LePaul Spread Related to 17
Karl Fulves Spread Variations LePaul Spread variationRelated to 19
Karl Fulves Choice Triumph with two selections, duplicate 20
Karl Fulves Feet Notes additional ideas for the Choice Triumph 22
Karl Fulves The Masking Effect two cards turn over in the deck 22
Karl Fulves Milennium Aces aces turn over one by one in the deck 25
T. Nelson Downs Slip Cut 26
Karl Fulves Technical Knockout two selections, first becomes reversed and trapped between two twos, the other between the other twos, then selections change places between the twosVariations 31
Karl Fulves Workshop Methods 36
Karl Fulves Touched Heart hearts are face up in the center of the deck, named card vanishes 36
Karl Fulves Shoot Out deck is wrapped with a rubber band, deck dropped on the table and the four aces shoot out 38
Karl Fulves Alter Ego same gaffed case as in "Nightmare in Black" 39
Karl Fulves Over Pass 41
Karl Fulves Under Pass while cutting the deck, seated 43
Karl Fulves Gaffless Brainwave sorted red/black stackRelated to 44
Karl Fulves Cull Substitute cutting action, ungaffed 45
Karl Fulves Joker Thot joker is cut face down into the deck and changes into named card, also back changes 46
Karl Fulves Scoring card game is played, score is predicted printed on a card 47
Karl Fulves Pass Key named card is produced with a keyInspired by 47
Karl Fulves Pass Partout system of notation 50
Karl Fulves Little Trix eight cards, joker is reversed in the middle, one of the eight cards is named and the joker changes into selection 52
Karl Fulves Final Effects 52
Karl Fulves Pass Generators on half passes 52
Karl Fulves The Right-Hand Pass with outjogged card 53
Karl Fulves Half Ambitious 57
Karl Fulves The Left Hand Pass 58
Karl Fulves One Hand Half Passes 1. Charlier Cut
2. The Jordan Half Pass
3. Fan Pass
4. Single Card
5. Table Pass
6. One-hand Cut
7. Thru-The-Fist Flourish
Related to 59
Neal Elias The Elias Half Pass Variations 61
Neal Elias Note on Evolution 65
Lin Searles, Jerry K. Hartman Lin Searles' Half Passed Turnover not described, ideas by Jerry K. HartmanRelated to 65
Karl Fulves Foolzum with the Neal Elias half pass, variation with twenty-six double backers 67
Karl Fulves Flip Over openly done 69
Bob Taylor, Neal Elias The Jiggle Pass Related to 70
Bob Taylor, Neal Elias The Jiggle Pass and Variations 70
Bob Taylor, Neal Elias The Jiggle Pass 71
Bob Taylor, Neal Elias The Riffle Pass based on the Jiggle PassRelated to 75
Bob Taylor, Neal Elias Peek Pass Related to 76
Bob Taylor, Neal Elias The 'Passless' Pass applying Jiggle Pass to Display Bluff Pass type, Modern Magic referencedRelated to 77
Karl Fulves Turncolors four reds and four blacks are shuffled and four cards of the same color turn over one at a time 79
Unknown The Mechanical Reverse 81
Karl Fulves Instant Aces 83
Murray Bonfeld The Bonfeld Half Pass swing cut coverAlso published here 86
Karl Fulves Playback Poker two cards from two poker hands turn over and change places 88
Howard Lyons One-Speed Reverse 91