Written by Stephen Hobbs
Work of Jack Carpenter
27 pages (Paperback), published by Dan and Dave Industries, Inc.
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Stephen Hobbs Welcome to Jack Carpenter's Ultimate Hold 'Em Demonstration
Jack Carpenter Ultimate Hold 'Em Demonstration spectator shuffles and deals, yet straight flush is received
  • Audience
  • Texas Hold 'Em Basics
  • Performance Overview
  • Background
  • Set-up
  • The Wager
  • The First Shuffle and Deal
  • The Second Shuffle & Deal
  • The Elimination Procedure
  • The Burn & Turn Sequence
  • The Revelation
  • Notes on Jack's Presentation
  • A Swindle
  • Hard Prediction
  • Big Chops
Inspired by
  • "The Best Hand Ever" (Jay Jayaraman, Hold 'Em Magic, Frame, 2011)
Jay Jayaraman Beginner's Luck presentation for "Ultimate Hold 'Em Demonstration"
Jog Shuffle to Retain Top Stock
Jog Shuffle Stack to distribute a stock to two places
Bobby Bernard Optical False Cut swing cut (uncredited)
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Jack Carpenter A Completely Self-Working Method of the "Ultimate Hold 'Em Demonstration"
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