Written by Karl Fulves
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76 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
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Karl Fulves For Openers on gambling tricks
Jerry K. Hartman Hokum Poker shuffled deck, hand removed and later mated hand is dealt, featuring impromptu stacking, Dead Man's Hand presentation
Also published here 3
Karl Fulves Hokum Notes variations on the impromptu stacking method
Karl Fulves Kannibal Draw
  • Poker Problem #1
poker hand with Jacks, added cards vanish, transformation into Royal Flush, posed as a problem
Derek Dingle Poker Triumph with four named cards from poker hands
Derek Dingle Zarrow Culling
Karl Fulves Notes by Karl Fulves "Poker Triumph" variation, with color changing back kicker for four-of-a-kind
Karl Fulves Recursive Draw spectator repeatedly gets Aces, then changes for a royal flush, funny presentation
Related to 13
Karl Fulves 5 As 5 while hiding one, as stacking
Related to 15
Karl Fulves Mental Stud
  • Poker Problem #2
spectator names any card which turns out to be hole card
Martin Gardner Quant Quirk 4x4 square of 16 cards, some face-up some face-down randomly, with certain allowed turnover moves one has to get all cards in one direction, sucker game
Martin Gardner An Up/Down Bet packet of cards is shuffled face-up/face-down and then cards discarded according to rule, orientation of last card is predicted
Karl Fulves Quant Notes notes on preceding "Quant Quirk"
Karl Fulves, Martin Gardner Rubik Cube Swindles
  • solving cube by touch with marked colors
  • divining thought-of colors with cube ("can you see your color on this side?")
  • mis-colored cube as practical joke
Father Cyprian Rubik Con suggestions without details:
  • Colorvision with mini Rubik's Cube
  • Colorvision with jumbled cube, a duplicate of configuration is drawn
  • mini cube is solved under dice cup, suggestion of (partial) shell
  • to force a color, either with counting procedure or loaded
  • pop-up cube for production
  • stage size cube that twists and person is produced
  • coding information
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Karl Fulves I. Q. Poker after some guessing game performer receives four-of-a-kind from shuffled deck, stacking as other cards are removed from deck
Palm-Spread Glimpse palm-spread glimpse, while deck is face up, buckle
Related to 26
Karl Fulves Elliott's Run-Ups
  • Poker Problem #3
on the incomplete notes in "Elliott's Last Legacy"
Allan Slaight Fourth Down spelling to "THE KING OF HEARTS" into four packets, a King on each pile except one which has an indicator card to find last king, credit information
Related toVariationsAlso published here 32
Karl Fulves, Gene Maze Basic Black
  • Poker Problem #4
black jack handed to spectator and five cards dealt into face-down row, spectator finds Ace to make Black Jack, other four cards are Deuces
Karl Fulves Fourth of Habit four indifferent cards put on table, one changes into selection, then four Kings are dealt, first tricks sets up second
Inspired by 35
Karl Fulves Fake Shuffles fake faro shuffle and fake false shuffle with gaffed red/blue decks
Roy Walton Snap Royalty five cards change into Royal Flush, using Snap-Over Change
VariationsAlso published here 39
Roy Walton Snap-Over Change of a sandwiched card
Also published here 41
Karl Fulves Royal Flash
  • Poker Problem #5
variation of the Card Puzzle with Poker theme, and Ace transposition with poker theme
Karl Fulves Fast Flush five cards change into Royal Flush
Inspired by 45
Coasters betting game with Ace through Seven or seven numbered coaster
Variations 47
Karl Fulves Draw Play two royal flushes shuffled, one turns face-up and when dealt is dealt to performer, except previously value which is transposed, optional color-changing back kicker
Karl Fulves The Right-Hand Pass brief
Related to 50
Karl Fulves Notebook Notes on the Daley/Diaconis Poker Plot and packet variations
Karl Fulves, Paul LePaul Small Packet Spread Pass brief
Father Cyprian Knockout Poker spectator shuffles and gives half the cards to performer, both construct strong poker hand, performer wins
Karl Fulves Notes on Knockout spectator shuffles and gives half the cards to performer, both construct strong poker hand, performer wins
Inspired by 55
Karl Fulves Fifty Dollar Deal
  • Poker Problem #6
spectator constructs any hand from five face-up piles, one card from each pile, magician names this hand
Karl Fulves Hocus Poker four fours with face-down card in middle shown, packet turned over to show "hole card" which is also a four, then other four cards change to aces
Related to 57
Karl Fulves Packet Poker no-deck version of "Hocus Poker"
Related to 59
Karl Fulves 7-as-5 Count
Karl Fulves Hokus Poker Jr. Ace to four of Clubs shown with fifth face-down card, spectator names one of the Clubs and when packet is turned over the face-down card is the named one, it changes back color and the other cards to Aces, posed as problem
Related to 61
Jack Avis Impromptu Mexican monte/twist combo with black aces and black five, then all change to red Aces and red five, then all four Aces
Inspired by 62
Karl Fulves Pentacle Poker
  • Poker Problem #7
stud poker situation and hole card changes several times and then vanishes, rest changes into Aces
Related to 64
Derek Dingle Roll Over Aces
Ron Ferris Roll-Out Move
Karl Fulves The Hired Hand aces exchanged with other poker hand one by one, but still remain in original hand, with weird poker variation presentation
Karl Fulves Automatic Cheat ten shuffled cards dealt out for two players, performer or spectator always know whether a hand is a full house or not
Karl Fulves Baby Face
  • Poker Problem #8
five indifferent cards change into miniature Royal Flush, or jumbo size poker hand, no method
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