Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
80 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
49 entries
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Karl Fulves Part One material in all three parts dated to 1965
Related to 1
Karl Fulves Monte Opener using 2 queens and 1 ace, giving spectator twice the chances
Karl Fulves Misdirection Lapping bottom card of left hand double lapped as right hand turns over tabled card
Karl Fulves Covered Slip Cut for riffle force, possible with stranger card
Related to 4
Karl Fulves Speed Trap mates face-down on top, selection dropped on top and instantly trapped
Karl Fulves Slip Not two cards transpose, but only one of them shown, repeat with other card, third card vanishes and turns over in rest of deck
Karl Fulves Downs Change with Triple
Karl Fulves Time Framed odd-backed joker vanishes and reappears in deck next to selection
Related to 8
Karl Fulves Unload Vanish card in right hand is secretly unloaded on deck
Karl Fulves Red/Black Mystery 4&4 alternated, separated in four and four, a fifth card added to each group makes whole group red and black
Karl Fulves Mental Triumph without shuffle, more faced-deck with some cuts, bridged deck
Karl Fulves Half Tilt black aces with sandwiched selection in center, red aces as well, red card with selection appears in hand via throw production
Karl Fulves Tilt Credit Information with claim that Conrad Bush coined the term "Depth Illusion"
Karl Fulves Double Lift From The Center
Karl Fulves One Hand Tilt Get-Ready
Karl Fulves Half Tilt multiple cards inserted, some go in center and some in break
Karl Fulves No-Gaff Wild Card top few cards of deck change into duplicates, those then into royal flush, wild card changes back color
Karl Fulves Hole Wild Card Note C., packet of cards becomes holes, posed as problem
Karl Fulves Pirouette Center Pull-Out, with extra card
  • The Basic Switch
  • Second Method
Karl Fulves Without A Trace sandwiched card changes, then sandwich cards
Karl Fulves You Have 3 Chances two red Deuces and black Four, transpositions between a Deuce and Four, then change to two black Fours and red Deuce, then Three black Fours
Karl Fulves Reverse Zarrow sliding-block model, pen-and-paper notation for Zarrow shuffle problems
  • Terminology
  • Subtraction Shuffle, Zarrow Analogs, Sliding Blocks
  • First Block Form
  • Second Block Form
  • Fourth Block Form
  • The Three-Shuffle Problem
  • The Stock Problem (rearranging order of top cards)
  • Reverse Zarrow
Karl Fulves Shuffle Cut running cut
Karl Fulves Gamblers Don't Gamble bottom card of one half travels to top of other half, betting patter, interlock
Karl Fulves Sidejogged Interlock
Related to 38
Karl Fulves Impromptu Elmsley two methods
Karl Fulves Three In The Hand two card monte, third card appears, double facer openly shown as finale
Karl Fulves Solid State torn card quarters used for matrix, coins from hand to hand, then card restores
Karl Fulves Envelope Solid State previous trick with pay envelope instead of card, or with full card appearing from torn envelope
Karl Fulves 2-Card Ambitious two cards used for ambitious card routine in which bottom card travels to top, then shown that neither is the card
Karl Fulves Condition Red five black cards counted face-down on table, four of them change to red except selection
Karl Fulves Deal Cop top card apparently dealt to table and turned over, really palmed in Tenkai palm (with optional lapping) and second card dealt
Karl Fulves Alternate Application Deal Cop for clean switch
Karl Fulves Reference Note on the Deal Cop
Karl Fulves King's Row two kings dropped on top of deck, top card instantly trapped
Related to 56
Karl Fulves Revised Prophecy joker turned over at beginning turns out to be later selection
Karl Fulves Like A Bandit gaffed card with rubber band around its length, used to steal/drag card along secretly
Bob Nelson Nelson Quickie no credit
Related to 60
Karl Fulves Stretch Rise when deck is dropped in case, gaffed card with rubber band around its length
Karl Fulves Flying Clipper joker with paper clip and aces in case, chosen ace penetrates table with clip on, case with slit
Related to 62
Karl Fulves Mechanical Switch using card case with slit
Related to 64
Karl Fulves Open Ended Prediction card placed in half envelope so it sticks out and is seen for half its length (as gag), wrong card chosen, when prediction is removed it changes into selection, two methods
Karl Fulves Novelty 4-Ace Production an ace is sandwiched between indifferent cards and placed in deck, another ace rises sideways, it's turned perpendicular, pushed in an rises out as different ace
Karl Fulves He Relocated card jumps from black aces to red aces and changes from black to red itself
Karl Fulves The Shadow Knows deck spread face-down, jokers slapped on spread and selection appears trapped between them
Karl Fulves Shadow Steal top card of tabled spread slid under hand
Karl Fulves New Twist some cards of a packet secretly reversed in through-the-fist flourish, two methods
Related to 75
Karl Fulves Restoration Four of Spades cut in quarters and pieces placed between transparent plastic sheets, Seven Spades next to it, they transpose, pips glued to plastic, "Basically the same routine as the above appeared in Abra a while back"
Karl Fulves Return Trip
Inspired by 79
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