Written by Mike Caveney
Work of Mike Caveney
28 pages (Stapled), published by Magical Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Paul Butler
Language: English
11 entries
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Mike Caveney Ground Rules on the selection of props and the stage persona
Mike Caveney, Merlin Eifert Impromptu Linking Coathangers two coathangers and gimmick
Mike Caveney A Transposition red ball wrapped in red handkerchief and put in a glass transposes with blue ball in a blue handkerchief put in a second glass
Inspired by
  • a trick (?) from "Rupert Howard Course in Magic"
Mike Caveney Billard Ball Switch
Mike Caveney Triple Penetration nest of glasses, spectator's ring vanishes on top of the biggest reversed glass which is covered with a handkerchief and found in the smallest one
Mike Caveney Bag-It objects vanish in a paper bag, concept
Mike Caveney A Coin Vanish
Inspired by
  • a vanish in T. Nelson Downs' "Modern Coin Manipulation" (?)
Mike Caveney Flying Deuces boomerang card transforms into jumbo card
Mike Caveney The Toilet Tissue Issue five pieces of toilet paper are torn and restored
Mike Caveney The Powers of Darkness Come Out of the Closet with coathangers, three phases
Inspired by 21
Mike Caveney More Powers with a rope
Inspired by 27
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