Written by Bruce Elliott

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200 pages (Hardcover), published by Louis Tannen

Language: English

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King Stevenson Clipped x-ray eyes, seeing through cards and card on the face is divined
101 405
King Stevenson Cigarette Shiner paper clip in cigarette
101 405
Bruce Elliott 142857 with the feature of fractions of seven, see page 412 and 416 for more ideas (Clyde F. Cairy and unknown)
101 406
R. M. Jamison Thumble! short routine with jumbo thimbles
101 407
James G. Thompson Jr. Homing Eagle marked half dollar and english penny change places, with handkerchief
101 407
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Hardin Jr., Audley Walsh, Jay Marshall
101 408
Bruce Elliott (reviewer) At the Table by George Snyder 101 408
Roger Barkann Follow the Leaders routine with red/black effects
  • prediction of red / black relationship (Phoenix No. 1)
  • Out of this World (not explained)
  • Follow the Leader (not explained)
  • Slop Shuffle Color Separation
Related to 102 409
L. Vosburgh Lyons Discus Chinese compass, arrows on circle point always in same direction
Related to 102 410
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Alexander, Nelmar, The Magic Wand, Paul Morris, Jay Marshall, Hardeen Jr., Bobby Bakter, Greer Marechal
102 412
Orson Welles The Town Skryer thought of card is revealed by another spectator while looking into a glass of water
Related to 103 413
Unknown Reversed Fan to force a card, credited to Dunninger
Related to 103 414
John Hamilton Hamilton's Pointer with Aviator design
103 414
Cyril Marriott Facsimile content from billet is reproduced on a slate
103 415
Cyril Marriott Billet Switch with Hat
103 415
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Fu Manchu, John Hamilton, Abracadabra, a riddle by Warner Perry, Richard Himber
103 416
Harvey P. Graham Gut Fold center is stolen later with waxed match, instead of a circle he draws a tic tac toe cluster
104 417
Ronald B. Edwards For the Future two decks, prediction is written on face of a card, free choice
104 419
C. L. Boarde 1001st Location card revelation, spectator does the crimp
104 419
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Sachs, Fleming, Melbourne Christopher, Chet Miller, King Stevenson, Ace Gorham
104 420
Milbourne Christopher Color Code coding colors
Inspired by 105 421
James G. Thompson Jr. Thompson's Discontented Card
105 422
Samuel Berland Pinched pieces are broken of from a half dollar, last piece transforms into a quarter
105 423
Art Lyle Aces Up card is selected, deck dealt in three piles and on top are the other cards of the same value
105 423
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Paul Fleming, John Hamilton, Jean Hugard, Magicana, magazine tricks and salable tricks
105 424
John Scarne Mystery B. C: Pickups picking up coins, which are flat on the table
Related to 106 425
John Scarne Slam It! coin is slapped on the table several times and then vanishes, sound is made with hand
106 426
Joseph Dunninger Coin in Bottle Convincer for the sound
106 426
John Scarne Reverse English coin rolls away and back into the hand
106 427
John Scarne The Eagle Speaks coin whispers the position, where the selection is in the deck, then the coin vanishes and appears above the selection
Variations 106 427
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Le Magicien, Ralph Read, Wilbur Kattner, Burling Hull, Hen Fetsch
106 428
James F. Herpick Inner Tube handkerchief with tube, to produce and vanish coins and small objects
107 429
James F. Herpick Coin Transposition with two "Inner Tube" handkerchiefs
107 430
Cyril Marriott Affinities thought of card and unknown selection in envelope are predicted, with mental masterpiece card case and Pop-Eyed Popper cards
Related to 107 431
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Bat, Paul Felming, Jules Dhotel, H. P. Graham
107 432
C. Steffenson Sherlock Holmes' Card Trick fingerprint appears on selection
107 432
Al Valenti A Top Palm one handed top palm, with ring finger action
107 432
King Stevenson Card on Light Bulb electric light bulb, cards are sprung against the light bulb and the silhouette of the card appears on it
107 432
Alan Barnert Phoney person on telephone knows card three times, three different methods
Related toAlso published here 108 433
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Paul Duke, Al Baker, Dell O'Dell, Dr. Belanger, Alan Barnert, Braue, Orson Welles in the show "Around the World"
108 436
Bruce Elliott No Time Lost back in time presentation, a match is broken in a handkerchief, the other matches are ignited in the box, then everything is back to normal, the match used to ignite the other matches burns a second time
109 437
Harvey P. Graham Slate Plate slate effects using a dinner plate, brief explanation of a living and dead routine, appearance of a writing and a design duplication
109 438
Russell "Rusduck" Duck 32 selection process with square layout
Variations 109 439
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the Pop Up Tie, R. C. Buff, Jay Marshall, John Booth, Audley Walsh
109 440
Mike Shulman Blindfold Idea blindfold with Band-Aids
109 440
C. L. Boarde Vest Pocket Seance seance program with a stack of business cards, coin appears, living and dead test, writing appears
110 441
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on R. C. Buff, Paul Palfrey, Joe Ovette
110 444
Unknown Card in Wallet
110 444
Don Medley Ring A Bell spectator thinks of a card in the fan, then he writes this card among four other cards, card is divined
111 445
The Great Fataque Shock Absorber as Fataque Sanders, vanishing cane treatment so it can be thrown and used for juggling without breaking
111 446
Fred Fletcher Cherry Red Blues same card from red and blue deck are exchanged and put reversed in the other deck, then they travel back to the original pack, red-blue double backer
111 447
John Hamilton All Wet moves and subtleties for coin in bottle
111 447
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Leo Rullman and Stuart Robson, Sorcerer's Serpent
111 448
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Utilitarian move to reposition a card in the deck, while counting cards from hand to hand
112 449
John Hamilton Faro two cards
112 450
John Hamilton Placement placing a card at twenty-sixth position with milk shuffle procedure
112 450
Herb Runge Face Down several times a card is selected and found, spelling, stopped at and with "next card I turn over, will be your card" gag
112 451
Unknown Bottom Card Glimpse pointing on a card on the table
112 451
Bruce Elliott The Back Room
112 452
Bruce Elliott (reviewer) Stars of Magic by Louis Tannen 112 452
Hen Fetsch Spirit Bumps ghost in handkerchief with Pop Up Tie
112 452
R. M. Jamison Ykcowrebbj effect with mirror and the reflection of words
113 453
John Hamilton Bill-Et
113 454
Herb Runge Shorty performer knows how many cards are in spectator's pocket
113 454
Jay Marshall, Russell Swann Half Soled shoes appear on table under handkerchief
113 455
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Bill Gresham, Orson Welles, Richard Himber, Erdnase, Paul Fleming, Jay Marshall
113 456
Ronald B. Edwards Box Fight Prediction with bill tube
113 456
Greer Marechal Jr. Purse Pastry cake in the hat with spectator's purse
114 457
James F. Herpick Safety Wallet wallet gag, noise like opening a safe
114 458
Bert Easley My Key loading a bag with hotel key or money
114 459
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Walter Gibson's "Bunco Book", L. Vosburgh Lyons, Oscar Weigle, Jack Hughes, Dai Vernon, Bob Reinhart
114 460
William Lindsay Gresham Nightmare Allez torn and restored tarot card, with menetekel deck and a way to copy the signature
115 461
Bill Becher Brain Buster with Brema's bill tube, sealed in envelope
115 463
Carl Hunkins Four Ace Routine four aces are put into the deck, four indifferent cards change places with aces
115 463
Dai Vernon Multiple Shift
115 463
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dai Vernon's lecture, Richard Himber, Frank Taylor
115 464
Franklin V. Taylor, Joseph Dunninger Black Magic with playing cards and slit in book
116 465
Ronald B. Edwards Side by Side two spectator's cards are found next to each other
116 466
Ronald B. Edwards Silver Vanish sticky tape
116 466
Dr. William E. Belanger No Rubber Cement three methods for clippo without rubber cement
116 467
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Mike Bornstein, Karrel Fox, Stuart Jules, Martin Gardner, Burling Hull
116 468
Mike Bornstein Zombino as Kolma, floating ball, thumb tip with wire and ball
Related to 117 469
Frederick Mosteller Ambiguous numbers are selected by throwing dice
117 470
Russell "Rusduck" Duck The Gambler five people build a poker hand, after the cards are apparently mixed and the deck cut, all get the same cards again in the next round
117 471
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Silent Mora, Joe Karson, The Great Virgil, Sid Lorraine, Walter Floyd, Bill Grasham, Arnold Grubin, Jamison, J. G. Thompson, L. Vosburgh Lyons
117 472
Harvey P. Graham Fanzee The Kick Fan
118 473
Frederick Mosteller Thesis named number appears on burnt match
Related to 118 475
Ronald B. Edwards Remainder? card is selected and the value used to calculate a result which is predicted
118 475
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Farelli, Jay Marshall, Si Stebbins, Brunel White, W. C. Fields, Russell Swann, Richard Himber, Wilfred Jonson
118 476
Stuart P. Cramer Mortmain book test, word is written by a puppet hand, which moves on its own, thread
Also published here 119 477
James G. Thompson Jr. Hoiman the Spirick comedy presentation for spirit buzzer, spirit bell, rapping hand etc.
119 479
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Bill Larsen, Cecil Lyle, card fans
119 480
Paul Curry New View deck in new deck order, spectator has the deck behind the back and puts one card reversed in the middle of the deck, exactly in order
Variations 120 481
Herb Runge Among Friends routine
Inspired by 120 482
Floyd Jones Key or Coin? key and coin change places
120 483
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dai Vernon, Bill Larsen, E. B. Moore, Greer Marechal, Roy Benson
120 484
Unknown Match Puzzle
120 484
Greer Marechal Jr. 500 Ltd. three digits are named to form a number, ruse to break it down to four possibilities
Also published here 121 485
John Hamilton Top It card is controlled from middle to top
121 487
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Paul Fleming, Paul Curry, L. Vosburgh Lyons, Bill Grace, Richard Himber
121 488
Harvey P. Graham Idea for Cards Across with torn card
Related to 121 488
Harvey P. Graham Idea for Swallowing Needles with straw
Related to 121 488
L. Vosburgh Lyons Inhale This! with benzedrine inhaler, spectator drops amount of different colored candies in the inhaler and performer knows how many from each color
122 489
Herb Runge Duo
Inspired by 122 491
Bruce Elliott One Hand Cop with whispering queens and reversing card to illustrate the move
123 493
Paul Curry Curry Favors
123 496
Paul Curry Cigarette Switch
Related to 123 496
Paul Curry Linked two ropes hanging on performer's shoulder link, see also ring & tape sequence in "Sefalaljia"
Related toVariations 123 496
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Peter Warlock, Jay Marshall
123 496
Clayton Rawson Strip Tease undressing a man's vest without taking off the jacket, then removing someone's tie and shirt, stooge
124 497
Ronald B. Edwards Predic-2 see correction on p. 506
124 498
Howard A. Adams Interstices piece of glass is put in envelope and pierced with pencil and knife, stays unharmed
124 499
Paul Curry Curry Favors
124 500
Paul Curry One Down card is inserted face up in the pack behind spectator's back and divined
Related to 124 500
Bruce Elliott The Back Room
124 500
Dr. Stanley Jaks In the Ring spectator sees selection from an other spectator in a finger ring
Related toVariationsAlso published here 125 501
R. M. Jamison 57 two times performer knows where selection is, when spectator turns up cards and names them
125 502
Jack Potter 3 Jacks Every Time three jacks are laid alternated with indifferent cards and come to the top, as a prelude to "3 Jack & a Pat" by Weisbecker
Related toAlso published here 125 503
Paul Curry Curry Favors
125 504
Paul Curry Two Minutes from Now spectator thinks stop at his selection when performer names the cards, position is predicted too
125 504
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dai Vernon
125 504
Paul Curry Curry Favors
126 505
Paul Curry Do As I Do
Related toVariations 126 505
E. H. Borden Horses - A Number Quickie illogic puzzle, dividing horses under three sons
Related to 126 506
Bruce Elliott Static borrowed bill sticks to other bill, static electricity presentation, gaffed
126 507
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jay Marshall, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Clayton Rawson, Milbourne Christopher, Richard Himber
126 508
Frank Garcia Garcia's Grand two cards are found, with napkin and knife, reinvention of "The X-Ray Knife", see also p. 515
Related to 127 509
Frank Garcia Halvies pass as false cut
127 510
Frank Garcia, Dai Vernon Quick Silver continuous coin production, with coin roll, based on a Vernon idea
127 511
Frank Garcia H2O lit cigarette is dunk into glass of water and then rolled between the hands, transformation into rolled wet bill
127 511
Paul Curry Curry Favors on the Indian rope mystery
127 512
Paul Curry On and Off two ribbon rings threaded through a nut and lowered into a hat, under a handkerchief the selected ribbon penetrates the nut
Related to 127 512
Bruce Elliott The Back Room
127 512
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dai Vernon, Walter Gibson, Bill Woodfield, Cy Endfield, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Richard Himber, H. P. Graham, Ben Braude
128 513
Bruce Elliott Misdirection for Rabbit-From-The-Hat with false finger
128 514
Bruce Elliott Anagram's Awful Aid letters in ABC deck are turned over according to selected words
128 515
Bill Woodfield Attaboy, Jr.
128 516
Phil Weisbecker, Ed Mishell Cosmic Comics with magnets
128 516
Dai Vernon 123
Related toVariations 129 517
Clayton Rawson Everyone Take A Card six or more people select a card
129 519
Paul Curry Curry Favors on Touch and variations of it
129 520
Paul Curry Ripping, Eh, What! while tearing the envelopes open, used for Annemann's Pseudo Psychometry
Also published here 129 520
Paul Curry Thar She Blows! presentation idea for revealing a card
Also published here 129 520
Bruce Elliott The Back Room
129 520
Robert Fairthorne The Malkin voodoo effect, two paper dolls are rolled up and pinched with a needle, at the same places
Related toVariationsAlso published here 130 521
George Armstrong Miracle - Impromptu Book Test with borrowed book and borrowed deck of playing cards
130 522
Paul Curry Curry Favors
130 524
Paul Curry The Perfect Miracle
Related toAlso published here 130 524
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Al Wheately, Paul Curry, Bill Larsen, Vernon, Felix Greenfield
130 524
Dr. Ben B. Braude Tally Ho! spectator write numbers on a pad, under a handkerchief performer feels the numbers and names the total, see also p. 540
131 525
George Sands Gone! signed card travels from case held by spectator to performer's pocket
131 527
Bruce Elliott Changeable three cards, queen in center turns over
131 527
Paul Curry Curry Favors
131 528
Paul Curry The Whispering Jokers card is removed, all card named and removed one named instead of joker, selection is named
Related toVariations 131 528
Bruce Elliott The Back Room
131 528
Louis Tannen Flash Flower match to flower routine
132 529
Louis Tannen No Shoes! producing shoes from a box, everybody recognizes that performer did not wear shoes before
132 529
Louis Tannen Canny Cane! opening, table with cane and hat, gloves are thrown in the air and they come down with small parachutes, then the cain is put into the hat, where it vanishes
Related to 132 529
Louis Tannen, Mac MacDonald Just a Thumb Tip how MacDonald performed the vanishing cigarette with one arm and handling tips for the thumb tip
132 530
Louis Tannen Straight Through! thimble through handkerchief
132 530
Bruce Elliott Dice Tip sort of two in the hand one in the pocket routine, with small dice
132 531
Paul Curry Curry Favors
132 532
Paul Curry Gutter Magic card is found on the street, destroyed and vanished, then found again at the same spot as in the beginning
Also published here 132 532
Paul Curry Think of a Card spectator cuts thought-of card to face of stacked deck and then loses it
VariationsAlso published here 132 532
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Walter Gibson, Clayton Rawson, Bums - Brotherhood of Useless Magicians
132 532
Harvey P. Graham Your Song! pianist plays the songs people select, songs written on white cards
133 533
Edward Clinkscale, Eugene Taylor Gambler's Ghost name of selection appear on card fan
133 534
Clayton Rawson The Force That Couldn't Be Done
133 534
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Frakson, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Hen Fetsch, Max Katz
133 536
Peter Warlock Pieces of Slate writing appears, version without a flap, chalk can write permanent and nonpermanent
134 537
Paul Curry Curry Favors on Ed Marlo
134 540
Paul Curry Haunted Pack Variation
134 540
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on John F. Hamilton, R. C. Buff
134 540
John Scarne Rapid Transit two decks, performer matches selection then both deck change back color
135 541
Bruce Elliott No Skill gaff with a bill
135 542
Paul Curry Curry Favors
135 544
Paul Curry Miscalled
Related to 135 544
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Carl Ballantine, Bill Larsen, Paul Fleming
135 544
Ronald B. Edwards Strong Man Stunt apparently tearing a phone book in two, then holding two books
135 544
John Hamilton Bloomin' Silk silk is produced and vanished several times, then it turns into a rose
Also published here 136 545
Herb Runge Formula cards are divined with a crystal ball, based on Mutus Nomen
136 546
Ronald B. Edwards Predic 222 method for calculating quicker than spectator
136 547
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the Phoenix Prize Contest, James G. Thompson Jr, Jay Marshall
136 548
Harvey P. Graham Jersey Rope idea for cut and restored rope
136 548
Edward Marlo Flight of Time card is chosen by counting procedure, then card travels to top or to other packet
137 549
Edward Marlo Ten Years Ago aces placed reversed in pack, change to kings, aces in envelop, double facers
137 550
Edward Marlo Not Quite Sure card is selected, then all cards of same value turn over
137 550
Edward Marlo That Joker! joker thrown in hat changes to selection
137 551
Unknown Throw Change
137 551
Paul Curry Torn Center Billet Improvement
Related toAlso published here 137 552
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on watching other performers and behaving at the show
137 552
Harvey P. Graham Perfection serial number, free choice of lemon, no switch of bill
Also published here 138 553
Audley Walsh Sleever practical sleeving technique
138 555
Paul Curry Curry Favors on advertising and one way principle
Also published here 138 556
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Roy Benson, Ed Marlo, Blackstone, Audley Walsh, Peter Warlock, H. P. Graham
138 556
Edward Clinkscale, Eugene Taylor Billet Catching thought divination
139 557
Unknown Billet Switch
139 558
Bruce Elliott Match? match book refills
139 559
Paul Curry Curry Favors
139 560
Paul Curry Two Together spectator and performer think of a card in their half and note them on a business card, halves are put together back to back and two cards slipped of together, the noted cards are slipped of at the same time
Related toVariations 139 560
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dai Vernon, Kolma
139 560
Wm. T. Beadles Psychokinesis three card monte, where spectator always finds the card to prove psychokinesis
140 561
John Hamilton Heaps again spectator finds his own card, with just eight cards, sort of Tantalizer
Inspired byVariations 140 562
James F. Herpick Camel Walk camel on cigarette pack moves
140 563
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dai Vernon, Jack Chanin, Al Wheatley, Bert Allerton, Frank Taylor
140 564
Paul Draylin, Mike Bornstein The Impossible Television Frame! card appears in social security card case, wrapped with rubberbands
141 565
Paul Curry Curry Favors
141 568
Paul Curry Mindreading? red backed card is put into blue deck, this card is selected
Related to 141 568
C. L. Boarde Stop Press! letter sent beforehand, never touched again
142 569
Vern Schoneck Spellbound two variations of a speller, spectator thinks of a card in the deck, performer puts cards on by one on spectator's hand, who spells his card in his mind, the last letter is his card
142 570
Harry Solomon Betcha coin appears in match box, then a losing bet is made
142 571
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jean Hugard, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Clayton Rawson, Richard Himber, Roy Benson
142 572
Unknown Monte by "Bertram", told by Dai Vernon
143 573
Milbourne Christopher Decked Out billet switch, while taking cards out of the case
143 574
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on C. L. Boarde, Ronald Edwards
143 576
Howard A. Adams Adams Coins coin is dropped in glass under handkerchief, coin shown again then it vanishes
143 576
Dr. Stanley Jaks Go Fish cards shuffled and placed in hat, selection is fished out
Also published here 144 577
George Blake Time Will Tell with Full Hunter Pocket Watch, gaffed
Related to 144 578
Vern Schoneck Ad-O-Matic playing card is moved over ad section in newspaper, force, prediction
144 579
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on hypnotism books, Jean Hugard, George Karger
144 580
Gerald Kosky Matchaskill miraskill with matches
Related to 145 581
Bruce Elliott The Back Room
145 584
Steve Miaco Tip on Bill in Lemon
145 584
Paul Draylin Double Lite
145 584
Cy Endfield Astounding! with Brema Tube, for prediction
146 585
Jack (?) Larkin Larkin's Throw Palm
146 586
George Blake How' the Time?
146 587
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Peter Warlock, Frank Taylor, Greer Marechal, invisible deck pantomime idea by Frank Taylor
Related to 146 588
Edward Clinkscale, Eugene Taylor The Coin of Chomo Gama coin transforms vanishes and reappears, buddha papers
147 589
Edward Clinkscale, Eugene Taylor Clear Gone! coins vanish from glass, glass belly servante
147 591
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on, the winners of the contest, Bill Larsen, Dariel Fitzkee, Clayton Rawson, Cy Endfield
147 592
Greer Marechal Jr. Clipped Psyche writing appears on paper on clipboard, flap
148 593
Bill Simon Tnuoc two selections, one is found by cutting to indicator card, second reverses in the middle of the deck
148 594
Bruce Elliott Aces??? magician vs. gambler, doing all the moves but getting all four aces, magician's joke
148 595
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Al Baker, Frank Garcia, Lou Tannen, Greer Marechal, Roger Barkann, L. Vosburgh Lyons, C. L. Boarde, Roy Benson, Dariel Fitzkee, Milbourne Chrisstopher, Jack Chanin
148 596
Edward Clinkscale, Eugene Taylor Thru the Looking Glass spectator writes something on paper and the paper is rolled into a ball, that ball is pressed into a mirror and removed again, now the writing of the spectator is backwards
Related to 149 597
Ronald B. Edwards Dis-Illusion
149 598
John Howie Dotty Dice gaffed dice
149 599
Bruce Elliott The Back Room
149 600
Harvey P. Graham Inside Job forcing a page by putting a magazine in a paper bag and stabbing a knife somewhere in it
149 600
Harvey P. Graham Cards Across Tip
Related to 149 600
Harvey P. Graham Needle Trick Tip
Related to 149 600
Tom Fitzgerald Penny Anted coin slide, penetration of a match
149 600
Howard A. Adams Cheap Look into the Future flap
149 600
James G. Thompson Jr. Pocket Seance blank cards, name is divined and message appears
150 601
Bruce Elliott Slate of Mind flap that can be palmed off
150 602
Bruce Elliott Treasure Trail map is crumbled and spectator holds on to it, marked coin is put on a plate and sand is poured on top, coin travels inside the map
150 602
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jarrow
150 604
Ed Heyl Cork Coin coin that swims
150 604