Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
12 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
10 entries
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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Karl Fulves Hardcore Aces borrowed deck, performer spells to four random cards in various languages, then spectator to all four aces
Related to 1
J. W. Sarles Hindu Control classic sliding block method
Karl Fulves Anytime Poker Aces run up from shuffled deck, two-handed game
Related toVariations 3
Karl Fulves Pseudo Pswitch poker hand transforms into Aces with pseudo move
Karl Fulves Linear A two halves, a card in one half reversed, when counted down a mate is in same position in other half, multiple methods
  • L-A #1 to L-A #8
  • Linear B
  • Linear C
Related to 5
Prepared Bottom Deal card already jogged
Karl Fulves Wrist Turn Misdirection Palm top card palmed as inserted card is shown again with turn of left hand
Karl Fulves The Breaks Ten of Spades to King of Spades placed under case, spectator choses random card, placed under box as well, changes into Ace of Spades to complete Royal Flush
T. Page Wright The Changing Cards reprinted from July 1924 issue of Sphinx
Related to
  • "Transposed Cards" (Searles, Sept. 1931 issue of Sphinx)
Karl Fulves Sole Cannibal single cannibal card on top of one half, another card put on top vanishes
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