Written by Andi Gladwin, Tyler Wilson

Work of Andi Gladwin, Tyler Wilson

50 pages (Stapled), published by An Andi Gladwin Production
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Andi Gladwin, Tyler Wilson Introduction 1
Tyler Wilson The Shocker! Slow motion color change, card slides through fingers and changes (first published in MAGIC Magazine, Nov 2004) 5
Andi Gladwin Flip Reverse It Alternative to Tenkai Optical Revolve moveRelated to 9
Tyler Wilson Damage Control Sloppy control which simulates a mistake in squaring the deck, cards fall to table 12
Andi Gladwin Road Trip Four Ace productionVariations 15
Tyler Wilson Fluffer Four Ace production 19
Dai Vernon, Tyler Wilson Chinese Second Deal variation "Bastardization" of the Chinese Second Deal for Ace ProductionInspired by 20
Andi Gladwin Variety Bucket Subtlety for Ovette / Kelly Master moveRelated to 23
Tyler Wilson Double Standard free-handed Double Turnover handling 26
Andi Gladwin Dual Reality Fan handling of blank fan force, can show normal fan before the forceInspired by 29
Tyler Wilson Credit Card Change variation on Marc DeSouza's Shapeshifter Change, hold by middle of short edges instead of corners 33
Andi Gladwin Deja Vu Count False display, show same two cards twice (similar to Rhythm Count)Related to 37
Andi Gladwin, Tyler Wilson Find our friends Crossword puzzle, answers are magician's names who have helped with the manuscript 42