Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
80 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Introduction
Karl Fulves Four-Card Leaper KC travels from one half to other, KS in other half is face-up with red kings on either side
Inspired by 2
Karl Fulves Meta-4 AS reversed in deck, travels to "random" number (four), then changes into a Four
Related to 3
Karl Fulves Interlock Placement to small number
Karl Fulves Qube Root two jokers in pocket, Ace through Seven of hearts removed, one of them chosen and reversed, this card transposes with the two jokers
Inspired by 6
Karl Fulves Splitting Double with sound effect
Karl Fulves Hofzinser Problem see note (B)
Karl Fulves Hide Out AC to 9C removed, selection placed among them, all dealt face-up except selection, a club vanishes, selection becomes this club and selection is reversed in deck, "temporary transposition"
Karl Fulves Hide Out à la DCD see final comments
Karl Fulves Moving Target AS in one packet transposes with card in other packet
Karl Fulves Pocket Cards red Twos change place with black Tens and back, two methods, "Tens Routine"
Karl Fulves The Double-Double Lift displaying the top two cards by forming a spread with two double cards
Karl Fulves To The Limit two cards transpose
Related to 18
Karl Fulves Pull-Out Notes double removed openly from under top card
Karl Fulves Heavy Mexican spectator names any ace and selects a card from tabled spread, it's the named ace, featuring mexican turnover switch with card near bottom as spread is turned over
Also published here 20
Karl Fulves Light Heavy
Karl Fulves Slip Lifts using KM move to switch the back card of a double
Karl Fulves Another Order three cards arrange themselves in any order the spectator wishes
Karl Fulves Center Card Switch switching center card of three card sandwich with Slip Lift/KM Move, three methods
Karl Fulves ColorSlip 2&2 with Joker im middle, "This is an odd variation of the color-separation effect."
Karl Fulves Slip Trap red jack between red aces, suddenly red ace between red jacks, other red ace found between black jacks
Karl Fulves Transeven two cards transform, designed as end of transposition sequence
Karl Fulves Bottom Double Drop
Related to 31
Karl Fulves An End To It two cards transform, designed as end of transposition sequence
Karl Fulves Unexpected at end of transposition sequence, cards are torn in half and one half of each card transforms
Karl Fulves Redder Red two cards transform, designed as end of transposition sequence
Karl Fulves Final Phase I at end of transposition sequence both cards change back color
Karl Fulves Final Phase II at end of transposition sequence both cards change back color
Karl Fulves Radio Cards at end of transposition sequence one card changes back color, then the backs transpose
Karl Fulves Song At Twilight three queens and four Kings change places, hotel story
Karl Fulves Song II three queens and four Kings change places, hotel story
Karl Fulves Song III three queens and four Kings change places, hotel story
Karl Fulves Push Transfer two packets are pushed forward, one card transferred
Karl Fulves That Was No Lady four Queens and three Kings transpose, then change into three Queens and four Kings
Karl Fulves A word about small packet tricks
Karl Fulves Reference Note on asymmetric transpositions
Karl Fulves Compared To What four reds and four blacks, two chosen cards transpose
Theodore Annemann Alternate Detection Procedure two cards chosen and replaced in opposite order
Related to 46
Karl Fulves Cross Fire Ace to Four of Hearts and Spades, performer reverses a card in each pile, odd and even values named and they match
Karl Fulves Blanker Blue other cards shown blank
Karl Fulves The Thot Count alternative for Jordan Count
Karl Fulves Kaleidoscope Ace through Four of Hearts removed from two different decks, performer reverses a card in each pile, they're named values and have transposed backs, optional transformation kicker
Karl Fulves Thirty Eight transposition of two cards from red packet to black packet
Karl Fulves Mass Transit spectator choses card from black pile, performer finds it from red pile which turns out to be the black pile
Karl Fulves Transit Notes 5&5
Related to 58
Karl Fulves Floored card on floor transposes with signed selection
Related to 60
Karl Fulves DQ turnover switch handling in which switched-out card is lapped, different variations
  • DQ I
  • DQ II
  • DQ III
  • DQ IV
  • DQ V (one of several is switched)
Table Edge Holdout held with thumb at edge of table
Karl Fulves Finished at end of transposition sequence the two cards transform and original cards are in pocket and wallet
Karl Fulves Double Palm palming top card in right hand and bottom card in left hand
Karl Fulves One Card Isn't two cards place face-down on table, then selection made and signed, one of original cards becomes selection
Karl Fulves Hole-Card Switch see end notes for variations
Karl Fulves Jigsaw JD in quarters placed between two card cases changes into 8S, JD restored under cellophane
Related to 71
Karl Fulves Cremation note
Inspired by 74
Karl Fulves Sphinx Riddled ace of spades changes place with 2S and 3S, two methods
Karl Fulves Interlock Set-Up
Karl Fulves Look Again two selections, card 1 between red aces, then again between black aces and card 2 noch between red aces
Related to 77
Karl Fulves Work Notes
  • Not considered here (mathematical transpositions)
  • Also Not Considered (topological transpositions)
  • Other Areas
Related to 79
Karl Fulves Black on Black spade packet dealt, spectator slaps hand on one spade and it transforms into named joker, no method
Related to 80
Karl Fulves Snark Hunt Aces and Jacks removed, named ones turn over and transpose, posed as problem, see reference for method clue
Related toVariations 80
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