Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
60 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Getting Smaller
Karl Fulves Block Exchange Counts as used in Elmsley Count
Karl Fulves MacCount four cards, Ace travels from pocket back to packet, featuring count that shows all cards but changes order
Variations 3
Karl Fulves Dollar Swindle 3&2, dollar bill placed in packet, color separate to either side of bill
Sam Schwartz Interrupted Ices four Aces, four Kings, two cards exchanged, stay separated, and so on
Inspired by 7
Sam Schwartz Interrupted Elmsley Count cards no three and four are counted in reverse order
Karl Fulves Sneak Preview presentational idea for packet trick
Karl Fulves K-Counts order changed and card concealed
Inspired by 11
Karl Fulves K-2 four Kings change to four Queens
Karl Fulves Up The Ladder "swindle count in which any small number of cards can be counted as any larger number, and any number of cards can be concealed"
Karl Fulves Remix three packets with red-black-mixed cards, two are separated but remix, the third separates
Karl Fulves Zebra Count
Karl Fulves Carrousel two reds and two blacks, color named, those two cards turn up one by one
Karl Fulves Carrousel Count four-as-four while concealing two
Karl Fulves The Educated Die Ace through Six, die rolled and card counted to, it's always an ace, two methods
Karl Fulves Demi-Device 2&2, featuring a displacement count
Karl Fulves Option Play aces sandwich one of three cards in a small packet
Related to 23
Karl Fulves Dollar Hofzinser using dollar bill in handling
Karl Fulves Quixote no get-ready, two handlings, credit claim
Inspired by 25
Karl Fulves Cronus Double
Karl Fulves The Starting Four Ace to Three of Hearts and Joker removed from two decks, Three placed in other packet leaves three images, the Two two images, finally Joker vanishes
Inspired by 30
Karl Fulves Fourmula One four Fours, suddenly all red, then two change into queens
Karl Fulves Black Cat four cards, two Jacks turn up and the other two are Aces, "lazy gambler" theme
Karl Fulves Gammatron four-as-four in which all cards are seen but order changed
Karl Fulves Sixtet Ace-2-3 reverses order when second set of Ace-2-3 is reversed
Karl Fulves The Original Method of "Sixtet"
Related to 43
Karl Fulves Bid Six biddle count method of "Sixtet"
Related to 44
Sam Schwartz Quarter Turn a card turns over one quarter at the time
Inspired by 46
Sam Schwartz Torn Up card torn in quarters vanishes, on a blank card in packet of blanks the card reappears a quarter at a time
Inspired by 51
Karl Fulves Hand Out two hands arrange in same order, beginning of "Handicraft" section
Variations 54
Karl Fulves Hands Down coincidence effect when cards from two hands are exchanged
Karl Fulves Red Handed three reds and blacks, one exchanged, spectator also exchanges cards and they're separated again, posed as problem
Karl Fulves Even Handed two poker hands with face-up/face-down cards, spectator exchanges any two cards, when poker hands are examined they're the same, posed as problem
Karl Fulves Back Handed two rows, spectator exchanges two cards which are predicted via backs, posed as problem
Karl Fulves Hand to Hand Ace to Three face-up and face-down, spectator matches them, posed as problem
Roy Walton Strathclyde Solution three mate pairs are matched
Sam Schwartz Order Restored two rows of three cards each (mates), after some exchanges one of each is each row
Variations 58
Sam Schwartz Four Square with two packets of four cards
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