Written by Ormond McGill

Work of Ormond McGill

30 pages (Stapled), published by Abbott's Magic

Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Percy Abbott Preface 4
Ormond McGill Let the Spirits Manifest 5
Ormond McGill Spirit Communications thread with weight is attached in empty bottle and begins to move, pendulumRelated to 6
Ormond McGill Ectoplasmic Lights luminous paint, two versions 8
Ormond McGill Automatic Slate Writing spectator writes yes or know on a slate, general comments on automatic writing 10
Ormond McGill, Dr. Q Dr. Q's Gyrating Tables table lift 14
Ormond McGill The East Indian Mystery Act 19
Ormond McGill Patter and Routine 19
Ormond McGill Method and Presentation 24
Ormond McGill Blood and Pulse Control stopping and starting pulse at will 25
Ormond McGill Black Death pulse in both arms and heart beat stops 27
Ormond McGill Yogi Anesthetic human pincushion, needles are pushed in arm, needle through the flesh of a spectator 27
Ormond McGill Hindu Introspective Presentation 30