Written by Father Cyprian, Karl Fulves

Work of Father Cyprian, Karl Fulves

24 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
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Language: English

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Karl Fulves JNH Revisited Fr Cyprian "devised over sixteen dozen methods" (= 192) 1
Karl Fulves Hofzinser's 4-Ace Problem formulation of problem, in parts reprinted from referenceRelated to 2
Father Cyprian Open Muk Aces performer doesn't know order of Aces 3
Father Cyprian Alternate Handlings performer doesn't know order of Aces 7
Karl Fulves Notes By Karl Fulves credit information 14
Karl Fulves First Method 14
Karl Fulves Second Method gaffed 15
Karl Fulves Third Method 16
Karl Fulves Fourflinger Ace with matching suit changes into selection, other Aces in matching value 18
Karl Fulves Covered Slip Cut briefRelated to 19
Karl Fulves Single Card Add briefRelated to 20
Karl Fulves Hofshuffle Aces reversed in deck, riffle shuffle version, posed as problem 20
Karl Fulves A Scanner Darkly any four cards, one is agreed upon by three spectators, they all note position of the card in packet one by one, then it is divined, application to Hofzinser Ace ProblemRelated to 21