Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
92 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
55 entries
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Karl Fulves Introduction presentations based on vampire theme, material dated 1970-1975
Karl Fulves Night Life unknown face-down card placed in new pack order, when spread the card at that position is missing, repeated with other position, unknown card is this second missing card
Related to 4
Karl Fulves Buried Alive four card packet, bottom card rises to top
Alignment Move
Karl Fulves Transfigured card put among three jacks and left in sight changes into fourth jack
Karl Fulves Lady Is A Vamp "Nigh Life" spin-off where unknown card changes into queen when put with other queens
Related to 14
Karl Fulves The Chosen unknown sandwiched card cut in new pack order deck, card selected, in its place appears a blank card with X and sandwiched card is selection
Variations 16
Al Leech Sandwich Cut Exchange in deck, credit information, see also p. 76
Related to 17
Karl Fulves Dr. Acula unknown sandwiched card, selection on deck, sandwich placed on top and deck cut, sandwiched card now is selection
Karl Fulves Dr. J unknown face-down card is placed in face-up deck where spectator cuts, the card he cuts to is then the face-down card, SBS deck
Related to 20
Karl Fulves Jekyll-Hide six red and 6 black cards, a black card chosen, but it isn't among the 6 black cards suddenly but among the 6 reds (identified by spectator with special glasses on)
Karl Fulves Night Moves card in center of tabled deck, covered with handkerchief, movement, card now on top
Karl Fulves Red Moon card second from top in hand, covered with handkerchief, movement, card now on top, gimmick with two hinged cards
Karl Fulves The Summons card in center, deck in hand, covered with handkerchief, spectator's palm on top, movement, card now face-up and perpendicular on top
Karl Fulves Second Methods sandwich cards and selection cut into deck, covered with handkerchief, then sandwich on top with selection
Karl Fulves Night Stalker - El Cheapo Rapping Hand stuffed glove in box moves when selection is near
Karl Fulves Walk By Night sandwiched card in card case is placed in transparent box, case moves around inside, then card is turned over when removed
Karl Fulves Silver Kiss card on pile moves up against spectator's hand, hole in cards
Karl Fulves Necromancer three selections rise to the top one by one, last one into the case, packet with cut-out hole
Karl Fulves Gold Rush coin travels from inside packet to card, packet with cut-out hole, with additional ideas
Karl Fulves Jacula deck covered, movement takes place, then card is reversed
Flourish Turnover with first finger around front edge
Karl Fulves Blue Trap deck covered with handkerchief, movement takes place, selection now inside handkerchief folds, see also p. 138 in "The Vampire Papers" for additional credits
Flourish Turnover with little finger around back edge
Karl Fulves Cristabel card signed on back and lost, deck covered with handkerchief, movement, mark now on other card outside deck
Karl Fulves Breathless two cards sandwiched, sandwich on top of deck, one of the cards vanishes
5-as-4 Jordan Count
Karl Fulves Necroscope with handkerchief
Inspired by 49
Karl Fulves Nosferatu card travels from sandwich into case, case suddenly jumps to vertical position on hand
Paul R. Semple Rising Card on Palm Effect card rises on hand to stand upward, reprinted from Sphinx, March 1913
Rising Pencil pencil moves to stand upright on hand, brief
Karl Fulves Crossed Destinies card changes with story presentation
Karl Fulves Capture by Ritual Ace through 7, named value is captures by black jacks
Karl Fulves Power of One pyramid layout with cards, orientation is reversed and values reverse with it, two methods
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Paranoiac Pyramid" (Shigeo Futagawa, Jan. 1992, Genii)
Karl Fulves The Convert four cards all become bite marks
Karl Fulves Mirrors Never Lie card vanishes from packet but remains visible in mirror, card with mirror surface
Related to 63
Frederick Braue Braue Reverse
Karl Fulves Zoltan
Karl Fulves Vampire Cull any Seven named, four Sevens outjogged and pushed in again, named one rises to top
Karl Fulves Polidori Principle one of four jacks transforms into selection, only visible in mirror
Karl Fulves Vampire Cull Strip-Out Addition
Karl Fulves The Invaders sandwich cards on top and bottom, four-of-a-kind named and upjogged, suit named, all squared and cut, named card sandwiched
Karl Fulves House No. 5 four deuces, one named, it's the only one face-down, it's placed in case, then four cards removed from case - they're the jacks
Related to 71
Karl Fulves I, Vampire blank sandwiched card becomes chosen card, sandwich in deck, impromptu handling of "The Chosen", two methods
Inspired by 74
Karl Fulves Ace of Diamonds as Blank Card
Karl Fulves While You Sleep four queens in case, jack added, it vanishes, "HELL"-paper-fold, story presentation, "For a long time, at parties, this was a requested effect."
Karl Fulves Dracula's Secrets "sampling of vampire lore"
Karl Fulves Vampire Humor lines
Karl Fulves Blue Blood no-force version of "House No. 5", using two-compartment wallet or envelope
Related to 85
Karl Fulves Silent Knight four queens, one placed in case, suit named, other three queens shown and named one is missing, in case are only the four Jacks, version of "House No. 5"
Related to 88
Karl Fulves Hocus Poker Handling
Related to 89
Karl Fulves 4-Card Brainwave Handling
Karl Fulves Two-Story Castle named queen, which is never seen, changes into a jack, two card cases used in presentation, using Quartet gimmick
Karl Fulves Stapled 3-Card Catch sandwich is stapled together after Müller's "Three-Card Catch", posed as problem
Karl Fulves Undead Ends suggestions of non-card vampire themed effects, e.g. Drinking Bird (physics toy)
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