Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
88 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
44 entries
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Karl Fulves Introduction
Karl Fulves Marked For Death selection first "vanishes" from face, then is found between odd-backed sandwich cards in deck, with "A Finesse Note"
Related to 140
Spread Hide-Out spreading between the hands while hiding bottom odd-backed cards
Line-Up Move at bottom of deck
Karl Fulves Line-Up Move Variation at bottom of deck
Related to 143
Karl Fulves Unsolved Disappearances two cards paper clipped face to face on deck, top half cut and turned over, spread and cards next to clipped cards remembered, they vanish and now are the clipped cards
Karl Fulves Entity a card vanishes from 4-card packet, two methods
Karl Fulves Push-In Steal three outjogged cards stripped out and center card secretly pushed back
Karl Fulves Bloodlines blood writing on paper, chemical
Bloodlines on Arm red writing on arm appears
Related to 151
Karl Fulves Hypodermic Needle Gag actually a pen, comedy prop
Karl Fulves Next of Kin no extra card
Karl Fulves, Sam Schwartz Blood Brothers spectator's birthday divined (actually only the month) with clock type layout
Also published here 157
Karl Fulves Pulse Stopping with small skull that is produced afterwards
Karl Fulves Escapism indifferent card in hand changes into JS just inserted in a packet
Karl Fulves Out Of Body indifferent card in hand changes into JS just inserted in a packet
Karl Fulves At Stake four jacks and paper clip in envelope, spectator names any jack and this has clip on when removed
Karl Fulves Clip through Card effect problems in which a straightened paper clip penetrates a cased card or impales a card
Related to 168
Karl Fulves Vampire Slayer Ace of Spades with paper clip is used to turn Four of Hearts over on table, Four of Hearts now is duplicate Ace of Spades with another clip on, with alternate gaff
Karl Fulves Igor two packets, card chosen in one matches up with vampire in other packet when counted simultaneously
Inspired by 173
Karl Fulves The Dark Force
Inspired by 175
Karl Fulves Bite Out Of Crime two sandwich cards in box, first selection appears between, then second selection but with corner torn off
Karl Fulves Quartered four jacks on table, selection placed under one, it magically quarters itself and one quarter is found under each, posed as problem
Karl Fulves Fast Food two ordered ace through ten piles, card chosen from one, then counted simultaneously, card in other pile at same position changes to Jack of Spades and comes out in pieces from container (cauldron)
Karl Fulves Stealth seven red cards, spectators eliminate 6, the last one changes into JS
Karl Fulves PATEO Variation force done by two spectators, magician's choice on final decision
Inspired by
  • PATEO (Roy Baker, Baker's Bonanza, p. 38)
Related to
Karl Fulves A Non-Sleight Additive
Karl Fulves Among Us card in new pack order, a card is removed and after some spectator cuts replaced, no card is out of order afterwards
Related to 187
Karl Fulves One Handed Top Palm Handling tapping side on table
Tony Corinda Paradox card from new pack order removed, spectator cuts exactly where the card came from, without method
Karl Fulves Inter Alia new pack order, isolated card placed in deck where spectator cut, it's in its numerical position
Related to 189
Karl Fulves Hunt To Kill two piles, red and black, one card moved from one pile to other and vice versa, position determined by die, exchanged cards are instantly sandwiched
Karl Fulves Night Flight cardboard piece rides along as spread is flipped over on table, in center selection rises out sideways, for credit information see p. 139B
Related to 194
Karl Fulves True Colors five cards in envelopes, one selected, its card changes into vampire card
George Sands Prime Force
Related to 202
Karl Fulves Chance By Choice two cards selected from packet, one changes into vampire card and other travels to envelope
Karl Fulves High Stakes square layout with four Jokers and four Jacks, values are spelt and object moved from card to card, spectator always ends on a jack
Related to 206
Karl Fulves The Good Book four jacks sticking out of book, numbers called an added, one of the jacks suddenly is at this page number
Karl Fulves Add-a-Number Pad Handling
Karl Fulves Covered Elmsley Count cards sticking out of book during count
Karl Fulves Over Exposed four queens in envelope, two card selected, those turn over and become blank
Karl Fulves Strange Gods basically the backs of two cards with different-colored backs transpose
Karl Fulves Fade Out card changes gradually, front and back
Karl Fulves The Apparatus listing of gaffs that came with deluxe edition
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