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Work of Jeff Busby, Alex Elmsley, Karl Fulves
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Karl Fulves Introduction on mathematical magic
Paul Curry The Disappearing Rabbit
Variations 2
Karl Fulves Rabbit Reunion Curry's effect with 2 rabbits vanishing one by one
Inspired by 6
Karl Fulves Notes By Karl Fulves on Curry's effect
Related to 9
Karl Fulves The Moving Pip pip missing on card that is cut in pieces, when re-arranged pip moved
Related to 9
Karl Fulves Powerdox rectangle puzzle, two pieces one by one removed but still a rectangle
Inspired by 10
Martin Gardner Euclid's Vanish number of objects drawn on a slate changes from seven to six, sliding part
Variations 11
Karl Fulves The Geometric Slate three-way multiple out prediction
Inspired by 12
Karl Fulves Dice on Slate idea in which dice drawn on slate become real
Jeff Busby A Problem And An Interesting Sidelight reflection problem: how to make stay stack with one cut and one shuffle
The Solution: pack(et) torn in half and one half reversed via Klondike Shuffle
Gene Finnell Klondike as Faro Substitute
Related to 13
Jeff Busby Interesting Sidelight dealing stay stack into any number of piles retains stay stack, with tables how to pick up the piles for up to five piles
  • General Rules For Pick Ups
  • Added Notes
Related to 14
Jeff Busby Red-Black Stay Stacks Same Color Reflection, Opposite Color Reflection
Jeff Busby Cyclical Stack <-> Stay Stack
Jeff Busby The Constant Straight Routine straights show up despite shuffling and mixing, seven phases, with packet
Related to 21
Jeff Busby Polar Repulsion Straights "The same as Constant Straight Routine only more so!"
Related to 24
Jeff Busby Double Reflection Stack stay stack in which each half is mirrored in itself, no application
Jeff Busby The Insane Australian packet hidden, card at same position noted in rest
Jeff Busby Klondike & Down/Under Formula see Notes
Related to 27
Jeff Busby No Commercial Potential Klondike Shuffle and Down/Under Deal
Inspired by
  • "Isaac's Law" (Karl Fulves, Magic and Spells Quarterly)
Related to
Alex Elmsley Liar's Matrix 0-1-combinations, 1 bit changed in any line gives a unique line
Alex Elmsley The Octal Pencil Liar's Matrix, spectator selects number column and reads out print color lying on one of them
Alex Elmsley Honesty Test Liar's Matrix, spectator selects word column and reads out print color lying on one of them
Alex Elmsley, Colin Lewry Pack Of Lies Liar's Matrix, spectator selects card column and reads out their colors, lying on one of them, different methods:
  • Mnemonic Method
  • No Memory
  • And Again
  • Lewry's Lie Detector
Related to 33
Alex Elmsley Blind Stud cards are cut and dealt out, things about hands are revealed with back turned, gray code to base 4
Also published here 36
Alex Elmsley Tell Me Three Times three cards chosen and called out, on one of them is lied, stack
Also published here 37
Alex Elmsley Parity Failure some cards from 5x5 cards layout are turned over according to rules, condition is called out and on one card is lied
Related toVariationsAlso published here 38
Karl Fulves Gray Codes
Karl Fulves No Tables, No Charts binary numbers & gray code
Karl Fulves A Four-Bit Trick card in square layout of face-up/face-down cards turned over and divined
Related to 43
Karl Fulves Hex Squared 4x4 layout, spectator moves around according to fixed rules and ends on force card
Also published here 44
Karl Fulves Kreskin's Lost $20,000 Challenge
Karl Fulves Auto Abacus gray code on one way backs
Inspired by 46
Karl Fulves The Auto Abacus Trick gray code on one way backs, "The 52-Card Deck"
Inspired by 49
Karl Fulves Reflection stay stack & gray code
Silk Chain Prediction
Karl Fulves Red Less Black spectator separates colors from back, number of errors are called, performer then names all cards
Karl Fulves A Gray Code Problem turning blocks over followed by faro shuffles, four-card-groups examined regarding uniqueness of face-up/down distribution
Karl Fulves Not Reflected Ace-Five of hearts and diamonds shuffled and dealt, pairs removed, all other cards match, elaboration of red-black-relationship principle
Related to 53
Sam Schwartz Forced March 4x4 layout, spectator moves around according to fixed rules and ends on force card
Inspired by 54
Sam Schwartz, Karl Fulves The Square Ring 4x4 layout, spectator moves around according to fixed rules and ends on force card, only three instructions
Inspired byAlso published here 55
Father Cyprian The No-Name Game deck cut and top four cards distributed, replaced, four blackjack games played and the 4 spectators' cards make perfect hands
Charles Hudson Parity Notes
Inspired by 59
Roy Walton Unstacked Parity no stack version
Inspired by 60
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