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130 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Psychology 101 on spectators who wouldn't suspend disbelieve
Karl Fulves You, Babe after counting procedure with birthday a card with value Nine is selected, ninth item on a list matches spectator in humorous way
Related to 5
Karl Fulves One Of Us Is Lying counting location
Karl Fulves DU/Process thirteen-card packet distributed via down/under deal, two four-of-a-kinds and a royal flush come out
Karl Fulves Sacked deck sprung into paper bag and cards removed singly unter stopped, that card matches prediction
Related to 8
Karl Fulves Sacked Notes multiple cards variation of "Sacked", problem of having named card in paper back with odd back
Related to 12
Karl Fulves Centralism black aces put on piles, AS is on pile it is not expected and AC between red aces
Karl Fulves Center Pull-Out
Related to 13
Karl Fulves Practicing Push-Off Count see box
Karl Fulves Strip Search paper strip folded and cut into deck and used to locate selection when pulled
Related to 15
Karl Fulves Power Eject packet moves out of banded deck, mate found
Related to 18
Karl Fulves Cleaver performer removes red and black cards, performer forms two packets behind back with same number of reds and blacks each
Bob Hummer The Magic Separation face-up/face-down mixed packet behind performer's back, two piles formed with same number of up and down cards, brief
Karl Fulves No Fidget Add handling of the Vernon Strip-Out Addition
Karl Fulves Bug Holdout Load bug holdout below table
Karl Fulves X's Are Aces four random cards are openly stacked for two and then become aces when dealt
Karl Fulves Blue Moon blackjacks chosen despite random cuts and then counting to twenty-sixth card, spectator's blackjack changes back color
Karl Fulves Double Time riffle shuffle control, shuffled and two piles formed and top cards named
Karl Fulves Sandbagged blue- and red-backed deck sprung in paper bag and shaken, performer then reaches in an produces one color until all are separated
Inspired byRelated to 31
Karl Fulves Psychic Self
Karl Fulves Psychic Triumph weird procedure, two-step revelation, first all face-down, then selection
Karl Fulves Day One date chosen by choosing some face-up and face-down cards from grid layout, looked up in diary, card noted there predicted, tapestry
Variations 35
Karl Fulves Triumph With Math tapestry layout and foldover
Karl Fulves Foldover Notes
Related to 40
Karl Fulves Techni-Trap duplicate sandwich card, also with odd-backed sandwich cards
Karl Fulves Trapped By Strangers odd-backed sandwich cards
Karl Fulves Strangers Call odd-backed sandwich cards, two selections
Karl Fulves Rome and Juliet Theme making drawing over two cards, presentation idea
Karl Fulves In Captivity signed card trapped by odd-backed sandwich cards, then the sandwich cards have regular back and selection an odd back
Alignment Move
Karl Fulves Red Square guessing color of next card, spectator has chance score, performer all correct
Karl Fulves Dextral Draw spectator thinks of card in five-card-packet
Karl Fulves Odd Number Theory five odd-valued cards, one thought of and performer removes four cards from pocket that are missing thought-of card to complete straight flush
Karl Fulves Isolation Add packet a bit isolated during add on
Karl Fulves Isolationist Poker five random card change into 5 (!) kings
Karl Fulves Remember This shuffled deck apparently memorized, one riffle shuffle, performer checks and then names cards at 3 different positions, "Spread Correction"
Inspired by 59
Karl Fulves Cutting Corners two decks, pocketed by performer and spectator, each removes a card, corners torn off, rest exchanged in decks, cards and corners match
Inspired by 64
Dr. Stanley Jaks, Karl Fulves Jaks Two Deck Trick commentary by Fulves
Related to 65
Karl Fulves Escapist king and queen packets, a card travels over
Karl Fulves Astral Aces four odd-backed aces cut into deck, suddenly they're together in deck, they change into 5-card royal flush
Karl Fulves Sub Text dealing procedure with cut-off part of envelope resulting in a card transposing with a card inside envelope part à la sub trunk, posed as problem, Tantalizer
Karl Fulves No Pre-set four random cards, one turns over, it changes into selection
Karl Fulves Add-On Reverse strip-out addition in which added cards are reversed
Related to 71
Karl Fulves Up & About two cards selected and lost, then four random cards indicated, two of them change into selections
Karl Fulves Add-On Move very short bibliography for Vernon's move
Karl Fulves Alpha Matrix 6x5 grid of cards, rows and columns selected via values from other deck until 1 card remains, it's odd-backed
Karl Fulves Matrix Notes
Karl Fulves Unthought cards chosen by spectator in 4x4 layout find color-matches, other cards don't
Karl Fulves Unpaired Poker value matchings in 4x4 layout
Karl Fulves Erdnase's Envelope signed cards, in nested envelope is odd-backed prediction which then has signature
Karl Fulves Bottom Deal Load loading card under envelope
Related to 80
Karl Fulves Thelma Thelma & Louise story trick with QC and QS and "stolen" diamonds
Karl Fulves Jury Rigged card to cereal box, "cereal killer" patter
Related to 84
Karl Fulves Covered Top Palm second from top, "Nottop Palm"
Related to 84
Karl Fulves Gambler's Switch Method simplified "Jury Rigged", card to cereal box
Related to 86
Karl Fulves Pendax one of five cards selected is divined, marks for long distance reading, three marking methods
Karl Fulves Top Secret aces lost via tabled shuffles without crimps, then back on top
Frank Thompson Frank Thompson's Method top stock riffle control
  • Thompson Ace Cutting
Karl Fulves Red/Black Shuffles red-black order which unmixes with faro combination, posed as problem
Karl Fulves Trapper Keeper Triumph in which two cards are reversed at end that sandwich selection
Variations 96
Karl Fulves Speed Counts clocking with stacked deck, posed as problem
Karl Fulves Sub Plot card in case transposes with sandwich card in deck, "Sub Trunk Info", two methods
Inspired by 99
Karl Fulves Transpo Info credit information on "double cut used in conjunction with a transposition effect"
Karl Fulves Vertical Addition deck held vertically
Inspired by 102
Karl Fulves Mitts card to glove
Karl Fulves Who Calls? face-up/face-down mixed cards called to medium over phone who then names selection
Karl Fulves Jonah & Jaws card placed in rubber banded deck vanishes and is brought in from waiter, card shoots away secretly
Karl Fulves Auto Predict application of "Self Cutting Deck" problem to business card prophecy prediction
Related to 108
Karl Fulves Repossessed
Inspired by 110
Karl Fulves Black Widow background notes on effect
Related to 111
Karl Fulves Transport Palm from deck to wallet
Tony Bartolotta Tony's Wallet temporary placement of card on sticky tape on shirt before later wallet load
Karl Fulves Hofzinser's Wallet odd-backed Aces from wallet placed on deck, one changes into signed selection (now odd-backed)
Karl Fulves Count & Aces false count when removing from wallet one by one
Inspired by 115
Karl Fulves Logical Links starting and ending position is logical and what comes in between falls under the radar
Related to 116
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Delight
Karl Fulves Interior Logic explanation of term
Karl Fulves Transgression Pass "false-false cut", interrupted
Karl Fulves Open Ended with transposition angle
Inspired by 119
Karl Fulves Double Lift from Center
Related to 120
Karl Fulves, Dai Vernon Devious
Inspired byRelated to 121
Karl Fulves Top and Bottom Keys getting known cards to top and bottom
Karl Fulves Parallel Offset automatic rear jog claim
Karl Fulves Pile-Up six-card pyramid layout, top card switch consecutively downwards to base, total of bottom row predicted "with reasonable accuracy", inspired by Drop Case carnival con game
Variations 124
Karl Fulves Passe Partout after seemingly fair cut & shuffle procedure spectator ends up with some face-up cards, this number is used to count down in second odd-backed deck, there is a card from first deck and its duplicate is found in original deck
Related to 127
Karl Fulves Passe Part Two notes on Passe Partout, like retaining a stack
Related to 128
Karl Fulves Overload variation of Vernon Strip-Out Addition
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