Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
82 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Introduction
Unknown Mutus Nomen "The Classic Effect"
Karl Fulves You're How Old? "The First Layout", Ace through Nine of two suits, spectator remembers pair with her age, in the end birth year announced
Karl Fulves Stolen Numbers "The First Layout", telephone number presentation, ten cards (Ace through Ten) are laid out in which spectator's indicate their rows
Inspired by 7
Karl Fulves A Muted Nomen "The First Layout", spectators each remember one card in poker hand
Karl Fulves Fragments "The First Layout", poker presentation
Karl Fulves, Stewart Judah Crime Time "The Second Layout", using Judah shuffling sequence to set for the deal
Karl Fulves Bar Room Poker "The Second Layout", shuffling sequence to set for deal, nine pairs
Variations 19
Sam Schwartz Back Room Poker shuffling sequence to set for deal, nine pairs
Inspired by 21
Karl Fulves Count Without Words "The Second Layout", blackjack memory demonstration
Karl Fulves Mumbles "The Second Layout", ten value pairs, joker put between any pair, this pair later divined, anti-faro version
Inspired by 28
Karl Fulves, Stewart Judah Notes on a Shuffle "The Judah Shuffle", analyzing the distribution shuffle, "Quatrate?" term explained
Karl Fulves Shadow Land "The Judah Shuffle"
Karl Fulves Twin Effect "The Judah Shuffle", three visible and three invisible spectators
Karl Fulves The Card Counter "The Judah Shuffle", Tens through Aces used for blackjack presentation, three spectators
Karl Fulves Speechless "Without Words" (meaning without word codes in layout)
Karl Fulves Close Packing "Without Words"
Karl Fulves Family Reunion "Without Words", done with twenty borrowed photos
Karl Fulves Body of Evidence "Without Words", non-card version with twenty doll-house furnishings, murder mystery presentation
Karl Fulves Personal Effects "New Maps", rectangle torn from newspaper is divided into grid, spectators circle words in the ads, performer later divines them
Related to 52
Karl Fulves Paper Folding Note
Related to 54
Karl Fulves Date Certain "New Maps", up to eight spectators fill in birthdates in grid which is cut apart and rearranged before it is divined
Sam Schwartz Map of the Mind "New Maps", paper with grid filled with card values that are later assigned to spectators
Karl Fulves His & Hers "New Maps", two papers with sixteen squares filled out with names by girl and her boyfriend and cut into loose squares, their own names are in same position
Karl Fulves Anything Squared "New Maps", mutus nomen with random words on paper square
Inspired by 64
Karl Fulves Letters of Intent Mutus Nomen with alphabet cards
Karl Fulves The Odd Location spectator choses two cards and cuts them together into packet, other spectators as well
Karl Fulves Murder at Midnight with triplets instead of pairs
Sam Schwartz A Weight Problem with triplets, presentation about weight of spectator
Karl Fulves Psycho nine spectators write day and month of birth on papers, later assigned to spectators with short readings
Karl Fulves Bibliography selective
Karl Fulves A Coincidence two cards in mutus nomen layout have odd backs, posed as problem
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