Written by Andi Gladwin

Work of Various

112 pages (Hardcover), published by An Andi Gladwin Production
Illustrated with drawings by Rosie Rings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jack Parker Apéritif 11
Jack Parker The Cause Description of Anthony Nolan Trust, proceeds from book will go to leukaemia research 13
Andi Gladwin Ingredients 15
David Acer The Immiscible Eight 4&4, three phases, only first phase is Acer's and is described hereRelated to 19
Frederick Braue Invisible Turnover Pass 20
Allan Ackerman Rapid Exchange Four Jacks transpose with four Aces previously placed in different pocketsInspired by
  • "Student of a Student's Exchange" (Steve Reynolds, Under the Radar, 2004)
Bob Veeser Veeser Concept 24
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety 27
Allan Ackerman Pocket Mechanical Second Inspired by 28
Jason Alford A Cunning Odyssey Pseudo memory demonstration, match number of cards cut off by spectator, then able to find mates / four of a kind, PenelopeInspired by 31
Mark Aspiazu The Imp Stack Way to memorise 14 cards quickly for pseudo-memory routinesVariations 35
Mark Aspiazu Mission IMPossible Pseudo-memory routine, name missing cardInspired by 36
Mark Aspiazu It's Mark's Prediction! Two selections predicted by two matesInspired by 37
Jamie Badman Friday Night Curry Spectators select two cards, turn out to be matesVariations 40
Edward Marlo, Paul Curry Breakless Curry Change 41
Jamie Badman Bring Your Wallet to the Curry Night Variation of Friday Night Curry, but with wallet secret preparationInspired by 43
Tomas Blomberg Filling the Void Cards Across with eccentric "card sandwich" theme 46
Doug Conn Cooking with Conn & Daley Variation of Dr. Daley's Last Trick with Aces changing to Queens as a climax 49
Unknown Le Temps Switch Multiple Top ChangeRelated to 50
Paul Cummins Personal Slop Revisited Standard slop shuffle type of Triumph routine 53
Sid Lorraine Slop Shuffle 53
Paul Swinford Flip Over Undercut Related to 55
Luke Dancy Going Dutch First selection rises to top, second reverses in deck. Selections transpose, and second selection transforms into four of a kind. 57
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal 58
Steve Draun Chicago Sandwich Card placed between black Jacks in deck. Selection vanishes visually, sandwiched card turns out to be selection. 61
Bill Malone Malone Shift 62
Peter Duffie Travel Agent Signature transfers from back of one card onto selection's back 64
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Wild Card Switch 66
Andi Gladwin Spellace Red Aces spelled to and placed aside. Black Aces spelled to, but find red Aces (transposition). 68
Robin Gunney Ever Queen Switch Red backed selection vanishes between blue backed Queens, appears in blue deck. Corresponding blue card appears in red deck. 71
Jerry K. Hartman Poker Face-to-Face Multiple card Triumph under guise of gambling demonstration 74
Tenkai Ishida Optical Revolve 76
Joshua Jay Swinging Sandwich Clean-looking simple sandwich routine 80
Edward Marlo Deuce Sandwich Load 80
Joshua Jay Swing Force Force a card that is sandwiched on top of deck 80
Nathan Kranzo Standing Up to Ray & Bill Triumph with visual restorationInspired by 83
Dai Vernon Creeping Reverse 83
Patrick Page, John F. Mendoza One Handed Face Change 84
Anthony Miller Skrood Again! Spectator names a card, performer fails to cut to it, but predicts the failure accurately with prediction on back of card 87
Jack Parker Simply Mental Card selected via eliminating face down cards in face up-face down deck matches previously made prediction (selection process similar to that of using double-headed coin)Inspired byRelated to 90
Francis Carlyle Mishmash Force 90
Unknown Mexican Turnover 91
Michael Powers The Spectator Collects Collectors routine, spectator cuts Queens into middle of deck, instantly collect three selections 94
Edward Marlo A.T.F.U.S. 94
Jon Racherbaumer Hull Scam Magician divines selected card and thought of card 98
David Solomon Double Open Open Prediction effect with two cards predicted correctly 101
R. Paul Wilson Memory Can Pseudo-memory routine - performer can name three cards at three named numbers, followed by naming selection's position 104
Tyler Wilson Slacker Spectator and magician both do a trick at the same time for two other spectators, but each performer finds selection of the other spectatorRelated to 106
Andi Gladwin Dessert 109
Unknown Still Got Room For More? Bonus clock trick that is integrated into book cover design 112