Written by Karl Fulves

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71 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Introduction on memory work with cards 3
Karl Fulves Newmonics memorizing a string of numbers 5
Karl Fulves The Narrative 6
Karl Fulves The Expert Memorizes Cards on memorizing a string of cards 7
Karl Fulves Newmismatics memorizing a long row of objects 8
Karl Fulves Erdnase Cheats memorizing short sequence of cards 10
Karl Fulves Word Play system for memorizing twelve cards
- The Suit System
- Coding For Value
- Naming The Jacks
- Verbs For Jacks
- Objects For Jacks
- The system thus far
- The System For Kings
- The System For Queens
- How To Practice
Inspired byRelated to 13
Karl Fulves All In A Row exercise for memorizing twelve cards 22
Karl Fulves Kings Over Here twelve picture cards memorized, then sorted from backRelated to 22
Karl Fulves Royal Wedding all court cards named from back, chosen card found 23
Karl Fulves Four Way Memory twelve picture cards memorized, then sorted into suits from backRelated to 24
Karl Fulves Pyramid Poker twelve card layout on table, named type of poker hand build at the end 24
Karl Fulves You Must Remember This commentary on the memory system 25
Karl Fulves Memory Tricks chapter intro 27
Karl Fulves Match Game twelve cards laid out face-down in matrix, match game played (turning up two cards and finding matches), performer winsRelated to 27
Karl Fulves Three-Card Blackjack all Sixes, Sevens, Eights used for blackjack type game, performer gives everyone twenty-one 29
Karl Fulves Pseudo Poker eight cards, four envelopes, two random cards placed in an envelope each, performer divines content 29
Karl Fulves Scales of Justice card pocketed from twelve-card straight is divined 32
Karl Fulves Nu Two Deck picture cards from two decks mated 34
Karl Fulves When It Started twelve picture cards laid out face-down to symbolize months, spectator exchanges one with the joker, performer divines month and card 35
Karl Fulves Dice and Dates three named four-of-a-kinds laid out, spectator choses one with two dice, card and rolled number divined 36
Karl Fulves Blind Key card chosen from 12-card layout predicted 37
Karl Fulves The Rank And File chosen red card ends up in black packet and vice versa
- Memory 101
Karl Fulves Coloratura sixteen cups in three different colors and paper balls of the same colors, random balls put under cups, performer memorizes all 40
Karl Fulves Shifty two cards selected by performer and spectator match 41
Karl Fulves Time Of Day mates in clock layout 44
Karl Fulves Mutus Mnemonic 44
Karl Fulves Sort By Thought $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills, three each, order memorized by performer 45
Karl Fulves Not About Counting twelve court cards, one or two removed, performer divines them 47
Karl Fulves Dice Tracking memorizing string of numbers rolled by dice 48
Karl Fulves Digit Daze memorizing digits 49
Karl Fulves Ace - Deuce - Blackjack with twelve card packet 50
Karl Fulves Missing Link card removed from twelve-card packet is divinedRelated to 51
Karl Fulves Moe-mentous two cards exchanged in twelve-card packetRelated to 53
Karl Fulves No-Touch Card Location spectator cuts near center and remembers card 57
Karl Fulves Definition of "Move" 58
Karl Fulves Moment's Notice 60
Karl Fulves And Don't Forget... non-card situations for the Word Play memory system 64
Karl Fulves The Automatic Mind on memory systems, also for ESP cards 65
Karl Fulves Practitioner practice tips 67
Karl Fulves Suit Pictures practice tips 68
Karl Fulves Learn While You Sleep practice tips 68
Karl Fulves The Even Couple match game problemRelated to 69
Karl Fulves Final Thoughts 70