Written by Gene Anderson, Frances Marshall

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184 pages (Paperback), published by Magic, Inc.

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Gene Anderson Foreword xi
Gene Anderson About Gene Anderson xiv
Gene Anderson Extra! Extra! A Verbal Pantomime With Newspapers (Winner of The Originality Trophy Texas Association of Magicians, 1964) - a full act with newspapersRelated to 1
Gene Anderson The Five-Pointed Star How to tear a star-shaped hole in newspaperRelated to 3
Gene Anderson The Chapeau Newspaper hat that transforms into multiple shapes: Mortar Board, Admiral's Hat, Napoleon's Hat, Hood, Sombrero, Cowboy HatRelated to 3
Gene Anderson The Ship's Wheel and Paper Dolls How to tear a ship's wheel / ring of paper dollsRelated toAlso published here 11
Ken Bowell Squircle Cut a circle, but unfolds into square, see "Gene Anderson - The Book" for credit informationRelated toVariationsAlso published here 11
Gene Anderson Fir Tree Related toAlso published here 11
Gene Anderson Torn Message Finale Tear message into newspaperRelated to 11
Val Andrews Newsprint-Nosegay Tears newspaper up, transform into bouquet of newspaper flowers 25
Val Andrews The Egg Mag Egg Bag with newspaper cone as the bag 26
Val Andrews Nervous Man on the Subway Produce lady behind newspaper 29
Val Andrews Newspaper Tree to Flowers Produce flowers from newspaper 32
Val Andrews A Modern Miss Behind The Times! Stage illusion to produce lady with frame of newspaper 34
Val Andrews Gone To Pot Produce pot of flowers from newspaper 35
Eric Hawkesworth The Curse of the Ju Ju Knife Cut and restored newspaper routine with mystical African knife 37
Eric Hawkesworth Snow White Paper Tear Storytelling routine with newspaper 40
Eric Hawkesworth Symbols of Good Will Christmas themed routine with newspaper 43
Eric Hawkesworth Big Top Paper Tear Circus-themed newspaper routine with storytelling 45
Derek Lawrence Davy Crockett Paper Tear Storytelling about Davy Crockett with newspapers 50
Tom Harris Milk Paper Pour milk into newspaper, milk disappear, then returns. 55
Unknown Egg In Newspaper Crack egg into newspaper, disappear. 58
Bruno Color Ad Pour colored liquid from newspaper, enough to fill a few shot glasses 60
U. F. Grant Silks, Paper & Wrists Newspaper wrapped around wrists, silks disappear, appear around spectator's wrists 67
Glenn G. Gravatt Super Penetration Silk penetrate through glass wrapped in newspaper 68
Gen. Franklin M. Davis Flowers of Fatima Silk transform to bouquet of flowers 68
Johnny Penrose 20th Century in Newspaper Punch hand through newspaper, produce silks from it 73
Roy Baker Jack & The Chocolate Bean Stalk Kid's trick, storytelling about Jack and the Bean Stalk, produce shower of candy/M&Ms at the end 74
Eugene Gloye Bunny In Print Produce spring rabbit from newspaper 77
Keith Clark March of Time Spectator names a time, performer tears newspaper into shape of clock with named time 77
Glenn G. Gravatt Spooky Paper Floating / acrobatic cane with newspaper 80
Billy McComb Again They Rise Deck of cards dropped into newspaper, three selections rise out of newspaper 81
George McAthy How to Balance a Double Sheet of Newspaper on Your Chin 81
W. G. Prunty Simple Newspaper Test 83
Ray Hyman Experiment in Auras Slate duplication effect with newspaper 84
Alfred Herrmann Opium Pipe Newspaper change bag to change opium pipe into fan 86
Jesse Schimmel Strip Tease Torn and restored strip of newspaper, ends in spectator's hands 87
Unknown Burnt & Restored Paper Strip Burnt strip of newspaper restored 88
Unknown Newspaper Stunt Can't fold paper more than seven times, and can't tear up a big newspaper, but magician can 89
Jason McArdle Paper Routine Produce clothing from newspaper, then cut and restored 90
Walt Kaeber Paper Routine II Torn and restored 91
Harold Thomas Thomas Tambo Rings Linking Rings with Tambo rings and newspaper 92
Will De Sieve Clippo Cut and restored newspaper stripVariations 95
Gene Anderson Rubber Cement How rubber cement can be used 97
Edward Marlo Clippo Routines Inspired by 97
Bert Douglas Clippo Repeat Inspired by 98
George McAthy Fish Clippo Clippo routine with a fish cutoutInspired by 100
Sid Fleischman, Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Shoe That Didn't Fit Clippo routine with shoe cutoutInspired by 101
Ali Bongo Bongo Hat Expanding newspaper hat 103
John Braun Indian Headdress Tear newspaper into Native American headwear 106
Unknown Quick Change Newspaper hat transforms from soldier's hat to another solider's hat 109
Unknown Pressman's Hat Transforming newspaper hat, from Printer's Hat to Bishop's Milter to Mortarboard. 109
T. W. Crovney The Soldier's Hat Transforming hat until it becomes a shirt, with poem to recite and tell a story 113
Gene Anderson Afghan Bands Mobius strip routine 119
Francis J. Rigney A New Twist Mobius Strip routine 121
Louis Bertol Chinese Version Chinese Mobius strip routine 123
Martin Gardner Martin Gardner on Afghan Bands History on Mobius strips in magic 125
Tommy Thompson Look! No Twist! Variant of Mobius strip routines 127
Unknown The Fir Tree Classic newspaper produce fir tree 128
Lu Brent Fir Tree Climax Growth 129
Unknown Jacob's Ladder Newspaper into ladder 131
Unknown Strings of Things How to make a newspaper chain 132
Unknown How to Make a Paper Cone 133
Robert Harbin New Life for an Old Bag Newspaper change bag / sugar bag 133
Gene Anderson The Torn and Restored Newspaper Analysis of basic methods 135
Gene Anderson Historical Methods Description of different methods (Al Baker, Slydini, Page, Elmsley, Grant, Neil Foster) 135
Eddie Joseph Sucker Newspaper Tear Torn and Restored newspaper with sucker phase 137
Alton Sharpe Shall We Restore It? Torn and restored newspaper with bag gimmick 139
George McAthy Simplicity Tear Restoring torn newspaper by blatant switching 141
Gene Anderson Gene Anderson's Torn and Restored Newspaper With Flash Restoration Flash restorationRelated to 142
Frances Marshall On Newspapers Talking about newspapers, their importance and newspaper magic 161
Gene Anderson These are the Jokes! One-liners for newspaper magic routines 163
Gene Anderson Making the Most of the Newspaper Tearing Trick Other patter ideas and tips to enhance your routine 165
Gene Anderson Recommended Reading on Paper Magic 166