Written by Gary Kurtz
Work of Gary Kurtz
40 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Gary Kurtz
Language: English
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Gary Kurtz Relentless
  • 1.) Four Silver Dollars from the Purse Frame
  • 2.) The Penny
  • 3.) Returning the Penny to the Purse Frame
  • 4.) Double Transposition in Spectator's Hand
  • 5.) Returning the Penny to the Purse Frame (Again)
  • 6.) Interlude
  • 7.) Coins Through the Table
  • 8.) The Bag on the Purse and Four More Coins
  • 9.) The Penny Returns
  • 10.) The Classic Hang Ping Chien Coins Across
  • 11.) The Finale: Returning to the Beginning
Gary Kurtz Producing Four Coins from a Purse Frame
Roger Klause, Gary Kurtz No Shuttle Shuttle Pass
Gary Kurtz Vanishing a Coin in a Purse Frame
Harvey Rosenthal Roll-Over Palm
Mike Gallo The Mike Gallo Reverse climax for coins through table, instead of last coin penetrating the table, all are back in the hand again
Gary Kurtz Four Fisted #2 four quarters turn into four copper coins
Gary Kurtz Trio in Three from 1981, three different coins travel under two cards, from hand to hand and back under the cards, Haden gaff
Also published here 19
Gary Kurtz Accumulation and Breakdown one coin routine, coin transforms to glitter as a climax
Related to 22
Gary Kurtz The Initial Production
  • The Three Stroke Change-Over
Also published here 22
Gary Kurtz Vanish and Reproduction
  • Fingertip Take
Also published here 23
Gary Kurtz Down the Arm coin travels from elbow to hand
Also published here 23
Gary Kurtz The Rebound Pass coin apparently thrown back up in other hand
Also published here 23
Gary Kurtz Down the Arm Vanish
Also published here 24
Gary Kurtz The Fingertip Take and Change-Over
Also published here 25
, Gary Kurtz Through the Pantleg
Inspired byAlso published here 26
Gary Kurtz The Single Coin Repeat
Also published here 27
Gary Kurtz The Breakdown Gimmick thumb tip with attached coin
Dai Vernon, Gary Kurtz G.K. on Vernon's "Silk and Silver"
  • Opening Sequence (Production and Penetration of Handkerchief)
  • The Vanish Sequence
  • The Reproduction / Appearance of Coins in Bag
  • The Final Vanish
Inspired by 30
Gary Kurtz Three to Go three coins are produced and vanished under a handkerchief
Related to 38
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