Written by Gary Kurtz

Work of Gary Kurtz

34 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Gary Kurtz.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Gary Kurtz Zero, One, Two, Four four coin production, with Alternate Production Technique for first coin 1
Gary Kurtz Multiple Transfer #2 stack from left hand finger palm to right hand thumb grip 1
Gary Kurtz Multiple Transfer #2 stack from right hand thumb grip to left hand finger palm 4
Gary Kurtz Money Begets Money four coin productionAlso published here 5
Unknown Two for Two Shuttle Pass 5
Gary Kurtz Too Many Coins four coins vanish one by one 7
Mike Gallo Gallo Shuttle Pass 7
Gary Kurtz The Comeback "The Reproduction Sequence", four coins from spectator, two procedures 10
Gary Kurtz Fingertip to Fingertip Drop Shuttle 10
Gary Kurtz G.K. Spectator Coins Across four coins 12
Gary Kurtz Pop-up Steal 13
Gary Kurtz Countering Expectations cups and balls sequenceRelated to 18
Gary Kurtz Maybe I Won't Smoke After All "comedy of errors", routine with cigarettes and a lighter, cigarette rises from pack, lighter appears and changes into squirting lighter, finally lit cigarette turns into chewing gumAlso published here 20
Gary Kurtz The Rivoli Assembly seven cards assembly, repeat phase 23
Unknown Reverse Count Spread 24
Gary Kurtz Psychological Fusion "a.k.a. Two on One", card signed on the back fuses with card signed on the front 26
Unknown Under-the-Spread Load 26
Gary Kurtz Moving to the Inside card travels between two file cards which are first stapled all around in front of spectators 29
Gary Kurtz Inside Pocket Load for loading wallet, pocket, ... 30
Gary Kurtz The Longitudinal Vanish and Transfer retention of vision vanish with a card, transfer from right LTP to left classic palm 31
Gary Kurtz Absence Travels hole travels from paper to paper 32