Written by Lewis Ganson

Work of Various

114 pages (Hardcover), published by Unique Magic Studio

Language: English

(64 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Lewis Ganson Foreword 1
Punx The 100% Prediction geometrical figure and number are predicted on a billet 5
Unknown Billet Switch 8
Gerald Kosky Total Prediction clever prediction of a sum on back of the card where numbers are written 11
John Rice The Direct Prediction triple prediction, different colored pens 12
Tom Sellers Note and the Jar bill travels into sealed jar 14
Jack Cook Phenomenal Forecast sum prediction, envelope is hanging from stage, switch with chair 16
Ken De Courcy The One-man Full-Vu Prediction triple prediction in envelope, with carbon paper in envelope 17
Dr. Stanley Jaks Mental Flashes triple prediction, huge cards with numbers from 1-3 predictions are written on the back of the cardsVariationsAlso published here 18
Peter Warlock The Patient Telepath prediction written on big file cards, initialed by the spectators 20
Tom Sellers Novelty Dice Prediction prediction of sum of several sides of dice 25
Tom Sellers Predicted from the Papers word on a newspaper cutting is selected and predicted, with box 26
Cyro Super Forethought card prediction with card stand, envelope index 27
Harry Stanley Unique Book Test flap index 30
Ali Bongo Magazine Test prediction, with riffle page force 31
Ted Danson Danson's Book Test word index on blackbaord 33
Eric Grause A Telephone Directory Test two methods 34
Dr. Raymond L. Beebe My Favourite Living and Dead Test spiralbound block marking 38
Ken De Courcy This Person is Dead with Cecil Keech's bottomless tumbler 40
George Armstrong Living or Dead? rough smooth cards 41
Len Belcher Turn in your Grave 42
Delvin Alive or Dead with cigarette paper pellets 43
Jack Shepherd The Second Seer performer divines two selected card from crystal ball, then thought of card is divined by spectator 46
Peter Warlock Down in the Meadow two card prediction, gaffed card stand 48
Lewis Ganson Brainwave by Telephone performing idea for the brainwave deck 50
Malcolm Davison You can tell Fortunes reading card trick, with kings kicker 51
Les Vincent Vinchento's Card Prediction 53
Tom Sellers An Unusual Prediction prediction of a card and a town 54
Hans E. Trixer Telephone Brainwave invisible deck over phone 56
Cyro Think of a City several cities are written on a slate, one thought of and performer divines it by marking an X next to it, moving part 60
Len Belcher Some Total sum prediction 61
Len Belcher Radiopathy writing duplication on slates by medium, slates in bags 62
Tom Sellers A Pseudo Memory Feat cities and numbers, on cards, when spectator names city performer knows number 66
Tom Sellers One Ahead Number Effect five spectators write a number and their initials on cards, cards are put in a box performer divines all 67
Corvello Mentalism in Numbers three bills folded and put in a handkerchief 68
Tom Sellers Discs of Diabolo prediction of three digit number, six spectators write a number and paper is put in a box, selected box matches prediction 69
Gerry Findler Lucky Bag numbers from one to twelve are put in a bag, named numbers are drawn by performer, egg bag with index 72
Hen Fetsch Bag O' Locks seven locks, seven keys in bag, selected keys open locks, index bag 73
Corvello Caught Thoughts thought is divined, written on cigarette paper, carbon in cigarette box 75
Malcolm Davison Finding the Lady is Easy three signed blank cards, two are found by performer and third one turns out to be the blank card held by spectator since the beginning 76
Len Belcher Predilexo four letter cards are selected and word predicted, gaffed card stand 78
Len Belcher Enclosed Thoughts five selection sealed in envelopes and one removed, performer knows all cards also missing one, gaffed envelope 79
Frank Potts Triple Test blindfolded medium finds selected card and reveals thought of number and color 81
Len Belcher Control Board medium duplicates patter on a board, which a spectator has build before 83
Rupert Gilbert Precognition sixteen designs on a board, number is chosen and selected design has already been predictedRelated to 86
Len Belcher Mesmerental chosen design is predicted, several designs on several cards 88
Len Belcher The Spirit of the Letter prediction with ABC cards, more a joke 90
Gerry Findler Mystic Signs medium divines selected design card 90
Gerry Findler Clip Board Substitutes several methods to code a small number to the medium 93
Hedley Wilcox More Mystic Signs marking a paper, to code a number from 1 to 8 to the medium 94
Gerry Findler Those Mystic Signs Again eighteen signs, with easy number mnemonics 95
Malcolm Davison Handling Billets umbrella moveRelated to 98
Malcolm Davison Lucky Dip three billet routine 99
Malcolm Davison Billet Hold-Out under bow-tie 100
Malcolm Davison The Two Handed Billet Switch 100
Malcolm Davison The One Handed Billet Switch 102
Tom Sellers A Torn Centre Idea tape on note padRelated to 105
Harry Stanley Spectral Writing paper put in glass of water, message appears 106
Harry Stanley Ghost Writing writing appears on side of a slate 106
Harry Stanley, Otis Manning The O.M. Switch Box Related to 107
Will Dexter Mentalist's Holdall holdouts for nail writer 108
Bert Linnell Colour Easel stand to force a color 109
Fred Crowson Colour Counting Frame frame to force a color, mathematical principle 112
Corvello The Stolen Centre tip, when to read the center 114