Written by Lewis Ganson

Work of Cy Endfield

54 pages (Paperback), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

(23 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Lewis Ganson Introduction 4
Cy Endfield The Three Card Monte Basic Moves 5
Cy Endfield Preparation of the Cards. (a) The Bridging 6
Unknown (b) The False Throw 7
Cy Endfield The Bent Corner 9
Cy Endfield The Pencil Mark on the Card 11
Cy Endfield The Tacked Card Extra Corner-Piece. Variation with specially printed cardRelated to 13
Cy Endfield The Routine incl. Bent Corner, Pencil Mark, Tacked Card 15
Audley Walsh Paper Clip Climax 17
Cy Endfield Card Selection and Control general comments 20
Cy Endfield The Spectator's Glimpse Fingertip-Grip for Demo 21
Cy Endfield Handling the Pack. 1. The Riffle after-peek context 22
Cy Endfield 2. Transfering the break to the right thumb 23
Cy Endfield 3. The Greek Break after-peek context 23
Cy Endfield The Performer's Secret Glimpse two methods 25
Cy Endfield The Side Steal somewhat delayed 27
Cy Endfield Glimpse of Thought one of five, card is thought of as pack is riffled, card named or brought from pocket, OOSOOM 30
Cy Endfield Sub Aqua image of card appears on little "photographic paper" 35
Cy Endfield Card Penetration and Change card placed in handkerchief "penetrates", in its place selectionAlso published here 37
Bob Hummer Change kind of one-handed second deal, Downs ChangeAlso published here 38
Cy Endfield, Charlie Miller, Dai Vernon The "Hofzinser" Top Change Variations 41
Cy Endfield, Bill Simon There's Five Aces! four Aces are counted as five as a gagRelated toAlso published here 44
Stanley Collins, Cy Endfield Aces for Connoisseurs Collins AcesVariations 46