Written by Al Mann

Work of Al Mann

28 pages (Spiralbound), published by Al Mann Exclusives
Illustrated with drawings by Al Mann.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Al Mann Foreword mentalism with newspapers
Al Mann The Code spectator choses a column of a newspaper, performer divines content, dit-dah Morse-type codingRelated to 1
Al Mann Jaks' Secret several spectators circle words on a sheet of newspaper, performer divines themInspired by 4
Al Mann Power of the Press newspaper is torn and a piece selected, performer divines contentRelated to 8
Al Mann The News Force newspaper torn into 16 squares, one is selected and content predictedInspired byRelated to 10
Al Mann The Chain of Thought from three pieces of newspaper, performer divines three words 14
Al Mann Public Notices prediction printed in newspaper 15
Al Mann Five-Star Headlines selected card is found on the headline of a newspaper, or selected word 16
Al Mann The Want Ad Mystery word from a want ad section is selected and divined 18
Al Mann The Longest Word how to make fake want ad sections for thought divination 19
Al Mann The "Impact" Ad Mystery want ad pages are torn and put in a bowl, three spectators select a piece and think of a word, all are divined 20
Al Mann The Clip Line variation on Albert Spackman's "Clip Line"Inspired byRelated toVariations 20
Al Mann, Max Andrews Coded Headlines coding a card with a newspaper 22
Al Mann Haunting Headlines newspaper page is selected and headline is circled, prediction in envelope 23
Al Mann Easy-Do Tele-Thought Related to 25
Al Mann Pegasus Page first selected page of a newspaper is predicted then it vanishes and appears in envelope, two versionsRelated to 26