Written by Bruce Elliott

Work of Various

197 pages (Hardcover), published by Louis Tannen
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Bruce Elliott Annemann Issue anecdotes of Ted Annemann 151 605
Roger Barkann Parallels two decks, two predictions placed in books, as well as selections of spectatorAlso published here 151 606
Unknown Criss Cross Force 151 606
L. Vosburgh Lyons Triphecy triple card prediction with three different colorsRelated to 151 607
Dr. Stanley Jaks Pendle with male/ female and a pendulumVariationsAlso published here 151 608
Bruce Elliott Lu-Site box to exchange cards 151 609
James G. Thompson Jr. XX one of four cards is selected and packet wrapped with a rubber band, medium divines card 151 610
Dr. Theodore Sack Sack's Spotted Sorcery three phase routine with dice, pips on dice changeRelated toVariationsAlso published here 152 615
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dr. Jaks, Finley-Jordan controversy 152 618
Paul Draylin Tip on Tonguing eating a cigarette, tip on paper 152 618
Al Baker Sugar Cube quickly unwrapping a sugar cube, bar bet 152 618
Bob Somerfeld Serial Number Prediction 152 618
John Howie + or - ? using two four of a kinds, transformation kickerRelated to 153 611
Trevor H. Hall, John Howie FKO Sleight turnover switch on packet, face up card under top face down card, double lift 153 611
Bob Somerfeld Telepaphone phone numbers are written on billets, one is selected, person at other end divines chosen cardInspired by
  • Howard Savage's "The Phantom Phone" in "The Sphinx", June 1929
Related to
153 612
Franklin V. Taylor Looped telephone book test, where card is put in book to chose page, method that extra card does not fall out 153 613
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Roy Benson, the Jarrow dinner, Dr. Jaks and a bar bet by Ron Edwards 153 614
Bruce Elliott The Back Room 154 619
Russell "Rusduck" Duck No Misdirection trick to play on people who want to show performer a trick, heckler gag 154 619
Tommy Dowd Two For Three two coins, sort of han ping chien move 154 620
Bob Somerfeld Dead Letters on business cards, cards are not touched again, using assistant 154 620
Bruce Elliott Cut Up method to cut bottom card to top, cards on the table, small trick, where several cards come back to the top as a gambling demo 154 621
John Hamilton Top Force card is exchanged while removed 154 622
R. M. Jamison Half Dollar in the Bottle coin starts in bottle 154 622
Herb Runge Arranged 154 622
Aage Darling Tele-Hypnose girl sits on one of seven chairsAlso published here 155 623
George Braund Stout Fella content of two beer bottles change places, then glasses are covered with handkerchiefs and both become the same kind of beer 155 624
Milbourne Christopher Where There's Life torn and restored cigarette paper 155 624
Bruce Elliott The Back Room story of a Rupert's drop, on Milbourne Christopher, Roy Benson, Orson Welles, Lloyd Jones, Dr. Jaks 155 626
Roy Benson It's Magic Benson bowl routineRelated toVariationsAlso published here 156 627
Roy Benson Spongeball Vanish with a wand 156 627
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Roy Benson, Audley Walsh, Dr Stanley Jaks 156 630
James G. Thompson Jr. Specious Specie lengthy coin transposition routine, then multiple coin production and vanish, with handkerchief 157 630
Unknown Coin Steal heel clip steal 157 632
Bruce Elliott The Back Room an idea for a transformation of a ball into an egg, and a haunted deck idea by Ed Cannon 157 633
J. B. Bobo Bobo Switch 157 651
Dr. Kolma, Bruce Elliott Po-She-Lo cards in basket, rope rises with chosen card attached 158 634
Dr. Kolma, Bruce Elliott Poor Man's Snake Trick snake in basket finds selection 158 635
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Eeny-Meeny see also p. 757Inspired by 158 636
Bruce Elliott The Back Room letters from Bruce Elliott to Lloyd Jones, Art Lyle, Johnny Platt and Bob Nelson 158 637
Bill Simon Minicam image of card appears on little "photographic paper"Also published here 159 638
Bill Simon Simon-Ease simple cut controlAlso published here 159 639
Bill Simon Two Blades with two knivesRelated toAlso published here 159 640
Bill Simon Tabled single card through tableAlso published here 159 640
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Clayton Rawson, Bill Simon, Jay Marshall 159 641
George Braund Swallowing Razor Blades 159 641
Unknown Pin through Coin more a bar bet 159 641
Felix Greenfield Brained! spectator divines a phone number from another spectator 160 642
John Hamilton Folder! coding a card by a folded sheet of paper 160 643
Bob Spencer E-Z! gaffed envelopes 160 644
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Kruger and Starke, Dr. Jaks, Martin Gardner, Roy Benson, Paul Draylin, Hal Haber, Bill Simon 160 645
Harvey P. Graham, Bob Somerfeld Future Minus sum divination with slates, flap 161 646
James G. Thompson Jr. Pip Pip cutting at a thick card, pips 161 647
Fred Fletcher Bottoms Up off-beat card at small number 161 647
Ronald B. Edwards X-Spell-I-Mental mental speller 161 648
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Hen Fetsch, Frank Taylor, Karrel Fox, Paul Fleming, Milbourne Christopher 161 649
C. L. Boarde 50-50 or 9 Out of 10 162 650
C. L. Boarde, Theodore Annemann Magician's Choice with books 162 651
Herb Runge Hi-Lo as Herb Rungie, prediction of two amounts of cards and selection is found 162 652
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jay Marshall, Phil Upton on "ghoti", Tom OsborneRelated to 162 653
Ronald B. Edwards ScissorAction rubberband on scissors 162 653
Art Lyle Cock-Eyed card to breast pocket , visible/ invisible ploy 162 653
Dr. Stanley Jaks Locked Room handkerchief is ripped out of locked tube, bill tubeAlso published here 163 654
Martin Gardner Hand to Hand two card location, similar to Hofzinser's two card catch, deck half face up, half face downAlso published here 163 655
Franklin V. Taylor Shoulder Card card to inside pocket or wallet, no palmingAlso published here 163 656
Karrell Fox Jam Auction one dollar bill to five dollar bill, then five transforms into a dime 163 656
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jay Marshall, Senator Crandall 163 657
"Senator" Clark Crandall Nothing At All! gag prediction, no card seen, blank card 163 657
Karrell Fox Loaded Dice loaded dice gag, die explodes 163 657
Hen Fetsch Not Far Fetsched ideas for the pop up tie
- Pop Bell (spirit bell)
- Pop Spots (luminous paint)
- Pop Brush (spectator feels ghost brushing on face)
164 656
Audley Walsh Hold Out card vanish and reproduction, needle hold out gimmick 164 657
Martin Gardner Die-Vination two dice, sum divintion 164 658
Kenny Grosse Flashpaper idea 164 658
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jay Marshall, Robert Harbin, Martin Gardner 164 659
Bill Simon Cig-Card-Rise from cigarette case 164 659
Steve Eskow Eskow's Act long routine, cut and restored rope, handkerchief penetrates rope, bill travels into knot of handkerchief and torn of corner into a rope, see p. 690 for tips and ideas by Hen FetschRelated toAlso published here 165 660
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Newton Hall, Roger Barkann, Dr. Jaks, Bobby Baxter, Bill Woodfield and reviews in magic magazines 165 663
Hen Fetsch Fetsch's Grandpopper ideas with Popper
- Popper Silk
- Three Silk Popper
- Popper Blendo
- Popper Color Change
- Popper Expanding Silk
- Popper Card Silk
- Popper Cig to Silk
- Popper Gloves to Flower
- Popper Gloves to Silk
- Popper Flash Silk
- Popper Flash Flowers
Inspired by 166 664
Karrell Fox Sucker!! buddha papers joke for magician's 166 665
Dr. Ben B. Braude De-Sleever coin on half of the deck is sleeved while other half is put on top 166 666
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jay Marshall, Roy Benson, Dai Vernon 166 667
"Senator" Clark Crandall Four Pips gag prediction, blank cards and pips in pocket 166 667
Will Spoof Predict-Die sum prediction, with rolled die 166 667
Wally Dean FANciful egg on fan 167 668
Bruce Elliott Joker spectator sees selection from other spectator on a joker, punched card 167 669
Lee Noble Click card vanishes and appears in cigarette case 167 670
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Ricciardi Jr., Wally Dean, Roger Barkann, Kuda Bux 167 671
Dai Vernon, Paul Curry, Martin Gardner, John Scarne, Audley Walsh Ten Card Deal jonah cardRelated toAlso published here 168 672
Hamid Sayani HJS single card rise from book 168 673
Karrell Fox Tip 168 674
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Maurice Fogel, Hubert Lambert, Arthur Helliwell 168 675
Bill Simon Again! in spectator and performer's pocket, signed, duplicateInspired byRelated toAlso published here 169 676
Fred Fletcher ABC three cards, falsely credited to Rusduck, see p. 687 169 677
Ken Krenzel, Don Costello Miracle named card turns over 169 678
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jimmy Herpick, Fred Keating, Max Katz, Martin Gardner 169 679
Bruce Elliott (reviewer) Cyclopedia of Magic by Henry Hay 169 679
Lee Noble Watch the Birdie! disappearing bird cage 170 680
Martin Gardner, Edward Marlo, Bert Allerton Ten Card Deal P.S. further ideas on the ten card poker dealRelated toAlso published here 170 681
Clayton Rawson Under the Table cards under table, one selected, shuffled and found, three methodsRelated toVariations 170 682
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dante, Milbourne Christopher, Audley Walsh, John Scarne, Dr. Stanley Jaks 170 683
Edward Clinkscale, Franklin V. Taylor Shades of Houdini selection is put back and deck hidden in other room, performer is tied to a chair and lights turned off, after some seconds the spectator gets the hidden deck and found the selection reversed and signed by the performer 171 684
Unknown Stabbing Force with cards 171 685
Unknown Deck Switch 171 685
Art Lyle Cigarette Through Pocket 171 685
Art Lyle Pocket Location four card location, two thick cards 171 685
Ken Krenzel, Don Costello Another Miracle ungaffed method 171 686
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Maurice Fogel, Arthur Helliwell, Hubert Lambert, Dante 171 687
Dr. Wiener Not At All! rope is cut twice and knotted togetherAlso published here 172 688
Tony Lopilato Baker's Dream bread is produced from a box, baker 172 689
Hen Fetsch Tearing the Corner From Two Bills making identical corners with two bills 172 690
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jay Marshall, Richiardi, Jr., Russ Walsh's appearing cane, Dr. Jaks 172 691
Dr. Stanley Jaks, Bruce Elliott Mortell selected card appears on a paper under skull, flash paperAlso published here 173 692
Harry G. Franke Rise!! ball with a hole rises and sinks on a strawAlso published here 173 693
Vern Schoneck Pursepose bill wrapped in a paper and put in envelope transforms into stage money 173 694
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Russel Swann, Lee Noble, Dai Vernon, Walter Gibson, Frances Ireland 173 695
Cy Endfield Time Must Tell using natural imperfectionAlso published here 174 696
John R. Boyko Snap two coins 174 697
George Blake Under More! Table several methods for finding a card selected under a tableRelated to 174 698
Bruce Elliott The Back Room 174 699
Bob Hummer Hot Head with flash paper under cover of a hatAlso published here 174 699
John Howie Pyromaniac with two paper matches and flash paper 175 700
William Ruesskamp 15 to 30 175 700
Bob Somerfeld Flipper! under handkerchief cut force, clever gimmick 175 701
Howard A. Adams Burn billets are burnt, name divined at the end 175 701
Harvey P. Graham Bagged! poker routine for stage, with a stand 175 702
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Devano's rising card, Jay Marshall, Frank Taylor, Wally Dean 175 703
John Hamilton Diamond Mystery card with hole in envelope, ribbon penetrates card and ends up threaded on card 176 704
Edward Clinkscale, Franklin V. Taylor Djinn's Journal divination of selected word 176 705
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dai Vernon, John Boyko 176 707
Ronald B. Edwards Subtlety-Fuge 176 707
Bruce Elliott Fate male and female names are selected, one by sliding a paperclip on a list, second by rolling the dice, the names match and represent a famous pair from historyRelated toVariations 177 708
John R. Boyko Snap II 177 709
John Hamilton Of the Phoenix 177 710
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jay Marshall, Dante, Bobby Baxter, Carl Balantine, Bill Nord, Wally Dean, Tony Slydini 177 711
Herb Runge Fifty-Two to One 177 711
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Ken Allen, C.B. Yohe, Richard Himber, George Jason, Ballantine, Ted Anneman, Robert Harbin, JinxVariations 178 712
Fred Fletcher Lexicon-Found alphabet cards, selected cards form a name 178 712
Stuart P. Cramer Parlour Yoga - pulse stopping
- blood flow
- hand turns white
- pin smashed in table with palm
- hand removed from skunk trap
Related to 178 713
John R. Boyko Cards Up the Sleeve Presentation 178 714
Robert Lund Grub Street Telepathy with thesaurus books 179 716
Cy Keller Shmoology ideas for comic figure "Shmoo", imp bottle, sponge rabbits 179 717
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Fred Braue, Dai Vernon, Jack Crimmins, Carl Ballantine, Stewart Judah, Norman Jensen, hand caring 179 719
John Murray Take Ten finale for ten card poker deal, all cards are put in separated envelopesRelated toAlso published here 180 719
Peter Warlock Rhinegold by spectator, with card stand and envelopes 180 720
John R. Boyko Catch catching a ball between two fingers 180 721
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jay Marshall, Lee Noble, Carl Ballantine, Mike Bornstein, Jerry Cohen, Dai Vernon, Cy Endfield, Milbourne Christopher 180 722
U. F. Grant Lady Luck multiple prediction, coins heads and tales, sum of thrown dice and selected card, tossed out deckRelated to 181 723
Ronald B. Edwards Spellcast spelling to named card 181 724
Harvey P. Graham X prediction of selected word from a newspaper, torn piece on clipboard marked with an X 181 725
James F. Herpick Ropelbow 181 725
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Max Holden, Joseph Dunninger, Richard Himber, Jay Marshall 181 726
John Howie Eyes Right spectator writes his name on a paper and balls it up, performer divines name but written reversed and when the paper is opened the spectator's name is also reversed with his handwritingRelated to 182 727
Fred Fletcher Telexicon spectator cuts to several ABC cards and forms a word with them, performer divines it 182 728
Unknown Cut Deeper Force 182 728
Bruce Elliott Falsie! draw shift variation 182 729
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Clayton Rawson, Jerry Lukins. L. Vosburgh Lyons, Lu Brent, Tony Kardyro, Oscar Weigle 182 730
Dr. William T. Palchinas Skill-Nil! combination of several routines, here as Palchanis
-Pay Off (Walter Gibson)
- One Good Trick (Walter Gibson)
- A Total Mystery (Tony Kardyro)
- Total Mystery / Sensational Sensitive Finger Tips (Tony Kardyro)
- Card-Incidence (Charles Terraneau)
Related to 183 731
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Fred Keating, Ralph Read, Jay Marshall 183 734
Howard A. Adams A Penny For Your Thoughts! performer is blindfolded divines date of a coin and two selected words from a dictionary 184 735
Tony Lopilato Vegetable & Mineral razor blade switch with a carrot, for blade swallowing 184 736
Carroll Darnay Mixup spectator shuffles a suit, suit is then again in order 184 737
Unknown Packet Switch small packet, lap 184 737
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Medium Margery, Fred Keating, Aleister Crowley, Ouspensky, Roy Benson, Jay Marshall, Kuda Bux 184 738
Dr. Stanley Jaks Pinned ripped page from magazine is pinned, word is divined, see p. 762 for ideas by Al BakerRelated toAlso published here 185 739
Bruce Elliott See Saw slap vanish with two coins, one coin vanishes 185 740
Stewart Judah The Hard Way coin in handkerchief, ends threaded through a ring, coin penetrates ringAlso published here 185 741
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on James Bartlett, Arthur Helliwell 185 742
George Schindler Tic-Tac-Toe prediction of a field 186 743
Robert Lund A Story Goes With It one of four match boxes is predicted 186 744
Alan Barnert Dead Man's Chest trick with the "15 Puzzle", impossible arrangement 186 745
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Norman Jensen, Cardini, Vinn Boyar 186 746
Audley Walsh Rubber Finger Mike one handed flourish, dealing the cards 187 747
Audley Walsh Cut Up one handed cutting the aces, aces face up 187 748
Audley Walsh Brush It 187 748
Audley Walsh Off Hand 187 749
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Lee Noble, Roy Benson, Robert Lund, Dante 187 750
Gerald Kosky Outwaited Related to 187 750
Bruce Elliott Fillip! card production, looks like a precursor of Jerry K. Hartman's Popover MoveRelated toVariationsAlso published here 188 751
Cy Keller Say it with Music!!! record is selected and medium divines it, interesting presentation 188 752
Roy Walton ABC 188 752
Leon M. Dick Boy Meets Girl four queens and four jacks 188 753
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dai Vernon, Steve Miaco, Richard Himber, Robert Harbin 188 754
Martin Gardner Beery salt spilled in beer rises to top, see also p. 758 188 754
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Build Up (Streamlined) Inspired by 189 755
Gilbert Wolk Monte Climax pips end up on a coin and card is blank 189 756
George Schindler Newspaper Test carbon paper in newspaper 189 757
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Bill Woodfield, Jay Marshall, Dr. Jaks illustration 189 758
Louis Tannen Squeeze 'Em two of diamonds turns into ace of diamonds 189 758
Tom Fitzgerald ABECEDARIAN stunt where alphabet is written alternately forwards and backwards 190 759
Vynn Boyar Blind! blindfolded card location 190 760
Charles Lantz Spook Silk handkerchief penetrates other handkerchief 190 761
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Martin Gardner, Erdnase, Al Baker, The Great Jasper, Clayton Rawson 190 762
Dai Vernon, Jack McMillen Just Injog plunger aces, handling 191 763
Paul Curry, Bill Woodfield Pocketed card to watch pocket, with reflex beginningRelated toAlso published here 191 764
John Hamilton Cant angly 191 765
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Robert Harbin, John Ramsay's Cylinder and Coins, Lee Noble, hamsters and the atom bomb 191 766
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico Push Through Failure face up cards shuffled in face down cards, open push-through, selection is reversed in other half, three versions, see p. 773 for correctionsVariations 192 766
George Blake Imp-Ossible bill travels from under handkerchief into a bill tubeRelated to 192 767
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Martin Gardner, Bert Allerton, Bob Hummer 192 769
J.C. Whyley Elusive Lady with three cards, see p. 781 for credit information by Sid LorraineRelated toVariationsAlso published here 193 770
George Blake Imp-Aled Brema bill tube with holes, threaded on a needle, bill travels insideRelated to 193 771
John Hamilton POP card jumps from top of the pack up in the air 193 771
C. B. Yohe Number Divination 193 772
Gerald Kosky Letter from Gerald Kosky to Bruce Elliott ideas on PocketedRelated to 193 772
Bill Woodfield Seconds one-handed second deal 193 772
Edward Marlo Card Thru Table lapping a short card method 193 772
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dai Vernon, Jack Chanin, Bill Simon, Milbourne Christopher, Bob Hummer, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Robert HarbinRelated to 193 773
Verne Chesbro Half a Butt is Better Than One 193 773
Jack Chanin From the Private Files of Chanin paper napkin bursts into flame and restores again, three variations 194 774
Jack Chanin Paddled with paddle, rubberband and coins 194 775
Jack Chanin Jap Jape cigarette and two drawer boxes, bill to cigarette finale 194 776
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jack Chanin, Dai Vernon, Clayton Rawson, George Karger, Wally Dean 194 777
Slydini Knots Also published here 195 778
Jack McMillen, Charles Nyquist Pimpernel 195 779
Frank Shields Card Switch 195 779
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Tony Slydini, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Jay Marshall, Sid Loraine letter on Elusive Lady, Milbourne ChristopherRelated to 195 781
Ed Mishell Mishell's Move hidden bill packet is transferred from one hand to the other behind second billRelated to 196 782
Clayton Rawson In One Second Flat saliva, two cards are found 196 783
Murray Sumner Torn Bill Trick 196 784
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Frank Garcia, Puzzle by Charlie Arbuthnot, Dunninger, Carlo Menotti, Fred Keating, Martin Gardner, Bill Simon, Jean Hugard, Robert Harbin, Art Lyle, Frank Joglar 196 785
George Schindler Lights Out lit cigarette goes outAlso published here 196 785
Franklin V. Taylor Double Stop two cards, see p. 793 for additional ideas by Al ForsytheAlso published here 197 786
Fred Fletcher Mystery card put between red threes, ends up between black threes, in the pack 197 787
George Blake Your Deal 197 788
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, Jean Hugard, C.L. Boarde, Jay Marshall 197 789
Harris Solomon Solomon's Minds in envelope, psychology of the divination 198 790
Ed Mishell Mishell's Mite get ready for Tom Osborne's "Passing the Buck", with billsRelated to 198 791
Audley Walsh After Sach after a move in Edwin Sachs' "Sleight of Hand" 198 792
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, Jimmy Herpick, Jackie Flosso, Jay Marshall, Jean Hugard 198 793
Dai Vernon 12 Outs court card is found 199 794
Cy Endfield Tacked Extra Corner-Piece. Variation with specially printed cardRelated to 199 795
Martin Gardner, Bill Simon It's A Natural with matches, seven outsVariationsAlso published here 199 796
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, Hubert Lambert, Frank Taylor pendulum experiment 199 797
Nepomuk Nepomuk's Necromancy two coins penetrate cigar boxAlso published here 200 798
Nepomuk Nickleplated bending spoon convincerRelated toAlso published here 200 799
Nepomuk Banger wire coat hanger vanish, wrapped in paper, see also p. 849 200 800
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Russell Swann, Cy Endfield, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Martin Gardner, Dai Vernon, Lee Noble, Richard Himber 200 801