Written by Steve Reynolds

Work of Steve Reynolds

76 pages (Stapled), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jon Racherbaumer Introduction 7
Steve Reynolds Finely Final Aces Ace Assembly based on Final Aces (Bro. John Hamman), without gaffsInspired by 9
Edward Marlo Secret Card Add Related to 10
Steve Reynolds, David Michael Evans Jumping Flash Transpo Sandwiched card between two Jacks transposes with tabled cardInspired by
  • "Jack-Flash Transpo" (Daryl Martinez & Jon Racherbaumer, At The Table, 1984)
Jack McMillen Slip Slide Sleight (Modified) 18
Steve Reynolds A Trist on Twost Twisting the Aces with only spreads, no counting actions. Ends with Dr. Daley's Last TrickInspired by
  • "Twisting the Aces" (Nick Trost, marketed)
Robert Walker, Jon Racherbaumer Wiley Turnover Variation Inspired by 27
Steve Reynolds Unsigned Card Reworked handling of Hamman's Signed Card plot 31
Jon Racherbaumer Shadow Drop 33
Lin Searles The "So Simple" Force 34
Steve Reynolds Fireback Aces Ace Assembly where they go in reverse, before collecting in performer's packetInspired by 36
Edward Marlo K.B.V. Move Biddle Steal type of moveRelated to
  • "Discourse on a Move" (Edward Marlo, M-U-M, Dec 1959)
Steve Reynolds Day Time Visitor Larry Jenning's Visitor plot, done with only a packetInspired by 42
Steve Reynolds U-Turn Twisting routine with a gambling themeInspired by 47
Steve Reynolds Ace, x, x, x, x, Ace Two Aces distribute in the deck to find two selectionsInspired by 52
Jerry K. Hartman Blocked Simple Simon Move Displacement move for sandwich cards using the cullRelated to
  • "Shifting Sandwich" (J.K. Hartman, Trickery Treats, 1999)
Steve Reynolds, Allan Ackerman The Splits Four Kings distribute to find four selections next to themInspired by 56
Edward Marlo, Steve Reynolds Layered Bold ATFUS Inspired by 57
Unknown Hidden Face-up Cards in Face-Down Reverse Fan cards inserted next to them 58
Steve Reynolds A Spin on the Color-Changing Deck Find four Aces from the deck, rest of deck changes color 60
John Benzais Benzais Spin Cut Related to 62
Neal Elias A Cutting Discovery Misspelled as Neil Elias 63
Steve Reynolds Mr Fogg Tracked Down Travelers with a minimal-palm approachInspired by 65