Written by Simon Lovell

Work of Simon Lovell

135 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Geoffrey Williams.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Simon Lovell Bibliography 4
Walt Lees Simon Lovell Introduction of the man himself 5
Simon Lovell Introduction 9
Simon Lovell Thinks Some of Simon's pet hates 11
Simon Lovell You And Them 13
Simon Lovell Another Departed Point Card placed under spectator's hand from the beginning is the spectator's signed cardInspired by 15
Unknown Double Lift / Turnover 15
Unknown Riffle Force 16
Simon Lovell Crispy Spectator cuts deck, produces pile of potato crisps. Bag of crisps is opened to find selected card.Inspired by
  • "The Searcher" (Bob Ostin, Magic Mag, vol. 1, no. 3)
Edward Victor, Edward Marlo Tilt 24
Simon Lovell Glassy Card Card repeatedly goes under glass, ends with deck appearing under glass (moves explained in section "Glassy Card Extra" on p. 35) 27
Unknown The Fan Force Handling of the Classic Force 35
Unknown Simple Card Control 35
Unknown Simple Palm 38
Simon Lovell The All Seeing Eye Spectator sit on card, magician looks into their mouth to "see" the card and divine itRelated to 39
Ash-Lee Fantasy in Salt and Vinegar Predict flavour of crisps - when wrong, magician makes flavour change to match prediction 43
Simon Lovell Stopcut Spectator says "stop" at his own card as magician cuts small packets off the deck 45
Simon Lovell The Explod-ing Eyeball Rub eyeball, pretend eyeball explodes with creamer packet 49
Simon Lovell Centre Tear Tip Divine spectator's name (with tips of handling centre tears) 51
Simon Lovell Fingered Wrong card under spectator's finger becomes selection 57
Simon Lovell Assassination Three bullet holes appear in a coin after magician feigns assassinating Kennedy - coin then changes into a bullet 59
Unknown Thumb Palm Switch 62
Keith Charnley Clip Pass Click Pass with stack of coins 63
Keith Charnley Chop Wallet Chop Cup style routine with coin and wallet - final production of ten pound note under the wallet 65
Simon Lovell Four Ace Opener Series of color changes between black and red Aces, end with all four Aces on table 69
Richard Kaufman A Radical Change 70
Harry Baron The Vanishing Moustache Shave the moustache off the Jack of Clubs 75
Simon Lovell, Father Cyprian Really Wild Packet of four Jokers change into four Kings one by one 77
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count 77
Simon Lovell Can Can Magician crush soda can under foot instantaneously 87
Simon Lovell Jack Catch Sandwich routine where two Jacks are used to pull out selection 89
Simon Lovell Squiddle Karate Coin done with cards, but finger is thrust into cards that are thrown in the air, and finger splits a card (selection) 93
Simon Lovell, Eric Mason Open Hand Colour Change Related to 97
Unknown Rear Cop Rear Palm technique 97
Unknown Crumpled Shown to Simon by random guy in restaurant: Magician crumples up large napkin into a small ball the size of a pea 101
Simon Lovell Tongued Magician puts nail through his tongue, then restores tongue 103
Ken Brooke Fifty Quid Biz Single card is torn into two linking rings of cards 107
Simon Lovell Multiple Top Change Lovell's handling 109
Simon Lovell Chinese Ring in Rat Borrowed ring to matchbox, but has long racist interlude where magician wears fake teeth, pretends to be Chinese and speaks in a stereotypical accent and bad English in order to produce a rat 113
Simon Lovell Jazz Magic Some outs and ideas for improvisational magic to locate "freely named" cardRelated to 119
Simon Lovell Jazzing After Story Keith Fields helped Simon to do a deck / cigarette pack transposition 131
Simon Lovell Tipping How to get tips 133
Simon Lovell Endword 135