Written by Don Alan

Work of Don Alan

48 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Unknown About Don Alan 4
Donna Allen The Four Jacks and the Bouncing Ball the four jacks are in the deck and the performer boasts that they will travel in his pocket, then he removes four toy jacks, the cards eventually are found in another pocket 5
Don Alan Sneaky Card to Pocket two cards selected, the first is not found but mentioned in an insurance policy, the second card appears in a sealed envelope 6
Don Alan "I'll Find It Wich My Slide Rule" name of selected card appears on slide rule 7
Howard Bamman The Impromptu Card on the Wall with tack 8
Don Alan "Wot Hoppened?" 9
Don Alan The Tree of... paper tree appears from rolled card, gag 11
Don Alan It Can't Be... three phase routine
- Aces on table, spectator thinks of Ace, Ace pocketed, it's thought Ace, other aces are also
found in pocket, cards on table are indifferent cards
- MacDonalds Aces, spectator sits on fourth packet
- four Aces in performers pocket change places with four indifferent cards in spectators pocket
Related to 12
Unknown Packet Switch switching double facer cards 13
Edward Marlo Marlo's Secret Card Add 17
Don Alan A Pretty Sneaky Nudist...Routine 19
Don Alan Christine (?), The Sneaky Deck card duck with alphabet cards, producing a message 22
Don Alan Flaming Han Ping Chien (Presentation) with four coins and a match 27
Don Alan A Las Vegas Fairy Tale through spectator's hand, with a cone and small die 28
Don Alan Sneaky Half Dollar in Bottle coin in bottle combined with Anti-Gravico gimmick 32
Don Alan Cut Down to Half a Pack gag, half cigarette pack 35
Don Alan Cut Out this Tonite wordplay gag, with paper cuts 36
Don Alan Ball Point Pen gag, ball appears on pen 37
Don Alan Bits with Exploding Pellets gags with exploding pellets, loaded dice and exploding match 37
Don Alan Bent Pins finish for linking pins, bent and impossible linked 38
Don Alan Reading Palms gag, with rubber hand 39
Don Alan Flash String Ideas - with a coin box
- string puzzle
- deck is bound with flash string, cards fall performer holds selection
Don Alan Saddle Bags for Close Up Workers bags on chair 40
Don Alan Lifesavers and Your Quarter Stack stack of coins idea 41
Don Alan, Russel Walsh Russ Walsh Production Table Bit presentation idea 41
Don Alan It's a Small World gags with a small pencil sharpener globe 42
Don Alan Bowl or Cup Load finish for benson bowl routine, paper napkin wrapped on bowl, production of handkerchiefsVariations 42
Don Alan Ashes... smudge of ashes penetrates hand of spectator and appears in his palm, first shown to Don Alan by Jim Ryan 43
Don Alan Bill, Lemon and Wrapper part of serial number is written down, featuring a floating burning wrapper 44
Don Alan A Darker Shade of Malini lump of coal appears under fezRelated toVariations 46