Written by Val Andrews

Work of Bobby Bernard

128 pages (Hardcover), published by Magico Magazine
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

(40 entries)

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Val Andrews Foreword 7
Val Andrews A Few Words on the English Language 10
Val Andrews Introducing... Bobby Bernard! 11
Bobby Bernard "Impetus" Coin Production Coin produced on fingertips 14
Bobby Bernard Face-to-Face Vanish Penny sandwiched between two silver coins vanishRelated to 17
Bobby Bernard "Television Coin-Vanish" (or Change) - Handkerchief flourish: coin placed in handkerchief vanishes
- Used as a "Change": coin switched out
Related to 19
Bobby Bernard "Fingertip Folly" Two coins vanished, reappears balanced on top of index finger and thumb 26
Bobby Bernard The "Trouser-Vanish" Coin trapped in material of trousers, spectator can feel it, vanishes 29
Bobby Bernard Coin in Tie "Vanish" Coin folded into tie vanishes 34
Bobby Bernard A Useful Switch Switching normal coin for folding coin 37
Bobby Bernard Bernard Switch Coin transforms into a pair of dice 39
Richard Himber, Bobby Bernard Versatile Coin Move Uses for the Himber Vanish

- Multiple Himber vanish
- Stage Presentation
- As a "switch"
- An Interesting Variation (for ring in wand)
- Vanish in Handkerchief
Bobby Bernard Indian Rope Trick Chinese coin threaded on wand, rises up the wand magically. Coin is removed from wand, and penetrates back onto wand 49
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on "Sleeving" - On Sleeving in General
- "Classic" Sleeving
- As a Coin Change
- Circular Sleeving
Bobby Bernard The "Tourist" Coin Silver coin in one hand travels to join copper coin in other hand 58
Bobby Bernard The Pawrus Coin Coin pushed into fist, vanishesAlso published here 60
Bobby Bernard The "Heads or Tails" Coin-Vanish Coin is slapped out of existence 63
Bobby Bernard Bar-Top Coin Change copper penny spun on table, scooped up and changes into large silver coinAlso published here 66
Bobby Bernard The Hook Coin: Its Value in Sleeving 70
Bobby Bernard "On Being Fawkes" About Bobby Bernard's portrayal of Isaac Fawkes in performance 74
Bobby Bernard A Double Lift 76
Al Koran Al Koran's Top-Change Card held in End Grip, some handling finesses 78
Bobby Bernard The "Logicality" False Cut Related to 81
Bobby Bernard Just a Thought on the "Charlie Chaplin Shuffle" How Bobby uses a false shuffle done by Charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush, same thinking as Ron "Ravelli" WohlRelated to 84
Bobby Bernard A "Sure-Fire" Turnover Top card flips over as deck is dropped from hand to handRelated to 87
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard's "Crimp" Sequence Challenge card location using crimp (card is selected and lost without magician touching deck) 91
Bobby Bernard Oriental Card Divination Chinese coin appears next to selection in the deck 96
Bobby Bernard The "Detective" Card Trick Ace of Clubs vanishes from top of deck, appears next to selection 101
Bobby Bernard The "Opportunist" Card in Pocket Deck placed in pocket, spectator able to pull selection out 106
Bobby Bernard The Sands of the Pharaoh Deck dealt one by one until hourglass runs out, stops at selection 109
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on Misdirection John Ramsay and Max Malini's misdirection skills 112
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on "The Actor in Magic" 113
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on "Sleight-of-Hand" On what he thinks the most useful sleights are 114
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on "The Classics of Close-Up" 115
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on "Conventions" 116
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on Television On the potential of magic on TV 117
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on the Movies How magicians should be portrayed in movies 118
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on Close-Up Presentation 119
Val Andrews Summing Up 120
Val Andrews A Few Concluding Observations 121