Written by Albert Lucio

Work of Various

68 pages (Paperback), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Albert Lucio.
Language: English

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Albert Lucio Preface Contributors are from the South Austin Card Group vii
Ron Cartlidge Queen Elizabeth Two red Queens placed into the deck by spectators are found next to black Queens 1
Roger Gorss, Edward Boswell, Brad Henderson Have You Got The Nerve? One ahead trick with two cards chosen 5
Lou Hornung Obscured Matrix Five people each think of a card within a group of five, magician divines cards 11
Carlos Santillan Barely Thought-of Card Miracle Divine thought of card in a packet of eight cards by asking "yes" or "no" questions about whether their card is in one pile or notInspired by
  • "Merely Thought-of Card Miracle" (Paul Gordon, Aldo Colombini's Self Working Packet Tricks DVD)
Terrill Fischer Gemini Squared black Ten placed next to other black Ten, then black Tens magically sandwich red Tens 21
Kent Cummins Kent's Back Palm Change Card vanishes and reappears as a different cardRelated to 25
Kent Cummins Not Your Card? No Worries! Wrong card vanishes, reappears as correct cardRelated to 27
Brad Henderson The Cupid Change King and Queen of Spades (at the face of two packets) change into King and Queen of Hearts 31
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut (Bottom Slip Cut) 32
Michael Brewer Tent Change Card held in tent position changes visuallyInspired by 38
Albert Lucio Low Hanging Fruit Open Prediction type of effect 41
Agustin Tash Pet Trick Ambitious Card routine with pet dog drawn on card 47
J. Stewart Smith To The Top Card loaded to be held in mouth 50
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo KM Move 54
Albert Lucio About the South Austin Card Group 57
Albert Lucio Acknowledgements 59