Written by Bruce Elliott

Work of Various

200 pages (Hardcover), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Emlyn Williams, Cbarles Dickens, Bobo, Senator Crandall, Jimmy Drilling, Tommy Vanderschmidt, Wally Dean, Jay Marshall, Cardini, Dr. Jaks, Rezvani 251 1002
Gershon Legman Lotus and Bow-Tie bill folded to bow-tie and LotusAlso published here 251 1003
Peter Warlock Pavane for a Pagan three balls of paper, red black and white, color of chosen card is named and the colored ball opened. Part is missing and forms the card on the white ball 251 1005
Hal M. Greenberg Hal's Halucination numbers written on billets, performer tries to find selection and removes two cards, one for suit other for value, card is found at number on selected billet 252 1006
Unknown Criss Cross Force 252 1007
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Will De Sieve, Jay Marshall, Leslie Barrie, Friday Night Sodality, Frank Joglar, Martin Gardner, Bill Larsen, Lou Tannen 252 1009
Paul Curry Fourth Dimensional Turning idea for S.S. Adams money printing machine, performer and spectator write names on both sides of a paper, when put in machine paper turns inside out and back 252 1009
Martin Gardner Where Does the Easter Bunny Go? puzzle 252 1009
Dai Vernon The Unambitious Card card travels down from top one card at a time, for magicians 253 1010
Ronald B. Edwards Upsy Downsy 253 1011
Unknown Leg Reverse as double lift substitute 253 1011
Dr. Ben B. Braude It's the Humidity pips fall of from aces, leaving blank cards 253 1012
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Ralph Read, Dr. Kayton, John Scarne, Cy Endfield, Lewis Ganson, Frank Garcia, Friday Night Sodality, Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller 253 1013
John Murray Murray's Muse - putting a bill tube into an ice cube
- on glasses for the shrinking quarter to dime trick
- on haunting a house
253 1013
Bill Simon Harnessed ring penetrates handkerchief 254 1014
Hamid Sayani Wire-Less recorded prediction, radio 254 1015
Martin Gardner Cubism sugar cubes travel from one hand to the other and back 254 1016
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Bill Larsen, pseudonyms an criticism 254 1017
Walter Essman Matchic match book with two matches, match is broken and restored, then burnt and new again, the second match is found burnt in the match book eventually 255 1018
Fred Fletcher Mentalexicon word is divined, with alphabet cards and a range of sixteen words 255 1019
Herb Runge Go! closing trick, spectator choses word "go" from a book and performer does just that 255 1020
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Spades Hearts Clubs Diamonds variation on the Si Stebbins / Galasso Stack 255 1020
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Bob Orben, publishing books 255 1021
Frank Garcia Garcia's Bow Geste using bow-tie to steal fake cigarettes for manipulation routines 256 1022
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Rotator prop to write down the order of a shuffled deck and use it as a memorized deckRelated to 256 1023
Norman Jensen Date presentation idea for paper torn and restored, with sheet from a calendar 256 1024
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Lewis Ganson, Rusduck, Orson Welles, Frances Ireland, hypnotism 256 1025
Jack Miller Invisible Water glass of water appears behind wine list, see also p. 1097 for ideas by Jack Miller 257 1026
Bill Simon Dope! card to wallet, off-beat, no-palmVariations 257 1028
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Hen Fetsch, Keith Clark, Stars of Magic, Dr. Jaks, Frank Garcia, Norman Jensen, Fred Keating, George Karger 257 1029
Gustave Bollag Further Out of this World with rainbow deck 257 1029
Kirk Stiles Hard Way two dice are thrown, one has seven spots the other is blank, as Kirk Styles 257 1029
Norman Jensen Cigarette on Flashpaper 257 1029
Frank Garcia Garcia's Clip It monte, card marked with paper clipAlso published here 258 1030
George Blake Smoking Sailor sailor on picture smokes real cigarette 258 1032
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Long Tack Sam, Robert Orben, Paul Le Paul, Jackie Flosso 258 1033
Jackie Flosso The Easiest Monte card vanishes and appears face up in deck 258 1033
Ricki Dunn The Juicy Card selection found in a can which was found in a grapefruit 258 1033
John Howie P.R.P coins rolled on pool table obey the directions given by the performer 259 1034
John Hamilton Force force of a color, several pieces of colored paper in different envelopes 259 1035
Walter Essman Squashed coin appears and vanishes from two rubber suction cups 259 1036
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jay Marshall, Frank Garcia, Dilmer, Frank Taylor 259 1037
William Larsen Peek Stab with napkin 260 1038
Gerald Kosky Under-Hand Coin spectator puts some coins on the table and starts turning them over one by one then one coin is hidden and performer turns back, he reveals which side is up on the hidden coinInspired byRelated toVariations 260 1039
Bruce Elliott Elliott on Ellis ring off handkerchiefAlso published here 260 1040
Bruce Elliott The Back Room discussion of Bruce Elliott and Fred Keating on the Friday Night Sodality, part 1 260 1041
Hen Fetsch, Cy Keller Hexappeal pseudo psychometry with names of famous people 261 1042
Cy Keller, Hen Fetsch Hole the Coin coin transforms in processInspired by 261 1043
Cy Keller, Hen Fetsch Cheap Faro! ideas for Rusduck's RotatorInspired by 261 1043
Hen Fetsch, Cy Keller Mind Your Future! two decks, selection is divined and predicted 261 1044
Hen Fetsch, Cy Keller Double sequence, card is half red and half black 261 1044
Bruce Elliott The Back Room discussion of Bruce Elliott and Fred Keating on the Friday Night Sodality, part 2 261 1045
Lu Brent Out of Print cigarette steals from newspaper after torn and restored newspaper 262 1046
Edward Clinkscale, Franklin V. Taylor Extra Sensory Prestidigitation three phase ESP routine, matching with ESP signs drawn on pieces of paper, mind reading of one as climax 262 1047
Bruce Elliott The Back Room discussion of Bruce Elliott and Fred Keating on the Friday Night Sodality, part 3 262 1049
Al Baker, Dai Vernon Al 'n Dai Again stranger card, sandwiched, see p. 1061 for more detailsRelated to 263 1050
Unknown Sandwich Switch 263 1051
Frank Garcia Garcia's Interlude sucker sequence, side slip fake 263 1051
James Torry Buttonholed string is tied on button hole of a jacket, ring penetrates string 263 1052
Bruce Elliott The Back Room discussion of Bruce Elliott and Fred Keating on the Friday Night Sodality, part 4 263 1053
Franklin V. Taylor Try-Fly with 15 cards each, separated in reds and blacks, three double facer 264 1054
Milton Tropp A Coin Tipp simplified version of Under-Hand CoinInspired by 264 1055
Clyde Cairy Cutting Reverse so-called Braue ReverseRelated to 264 1055
Walter Essman Light(er) lighter gag, with fake lighter 264 1056
Dick Piser Flash on the Glass piece of paper napkin bursts in flames and vanishes 264 1056
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on John Mulholland, Bob Lund, Eddie Joseph, Jay Marshall, Gen Grant, puzzle by Max Katz 264 1057
Hugh Carroll Solitaired! solitaire stacking 264 1057
John Hamilton Re V Eyes D 264 1057
Howard A. Adams Prescience prediction of card and sign 265 1058
Arthur Hastings D.F.C Inspired byRelated toVariations 265 1060
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the Friday Night Sodality, Dai Vernon, Dr. Jaks, Ray Hyman, Keith Clark, J.B. Bobo 265 1061
Walter Essman It Floats match floats in front of hand 265 1061
Ray Hyman Concepts Never Die center tear handlingVariations 266 1062
John Murray Wired cigarette balanced on thumb 266 1064
John Murray Die-Lie dice on cards, idea 266 1064
John Hamilton Magnagrip coin is magnetized, gimmick 266 1064
Howard A. Adams Tri-Lie three peeked cards 266 1064
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Goodliffe, Stars of Magic, magic for magicians, silhouette cutting of Bruce Elliott's daughter by Dai Vernon 266 1065
Vic Koehler It's My Move chosen / poisoned glass is foundInspired by 267 1066
Franklin V. Taylor Thumb Fun ring vanishes and appears on spectator's thumb which was covered by a handkerchief, see also p. 1093VariationsAlso published here 267 1068
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the Friday Night Sodality, Gen Grant, Bill Simon, Maurice Zolotow 267 1069
John Howie Spirits in Camera 268 1070
Unknown Coin Flourish two coins are switched openly 268 1070
Kenneth H. Becker Fan It! reverse based on Barnhardt's Fan StealInspired by 268 1072
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on John Scarne, Ade Duval, John Mulholland, Keith Clark's Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks 268 1073
Dai Vernon Vernon on Taylor on Ellis Inspired by 268 1073
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Jinx-Ed eights and aces dealt in poker handInspired by 269 1074
Kirk Stiles Slip Clip coin through table 269 1075
Frank Garcia Coin Vanish 269 1075
Dudley Fossum Tough Trough coin through handkerchief 269 1076
John Scarne Scarne Puzzle logic puzzle, solution to puzzle from p. 1073 269 1076
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Arthur Godfrey, Fred Keating, Ed Becker, Friday Night Sodality 269 1077
John Murray Surrealistic Sorcery card with pin in center is spinned on table and transforms into selection 269 1077
Audley Walsh Audley's Best 270 1078
Audley Walsh Snap-Aroo with a Die sleeving a die 270 1080
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Arthur Godfrey, Carl Rosini, Fred Keating 270 1081
Martin Gardner Fir You! making a christmas tree from paperRelated to 271 1082
Kirk Stiles Spun! coin transformation, coffee fumes apparently change color of a dime 271 1083
Paquette Paquette's Baguette! ring on wand, with handkerchiefVariationsAlso published here 271 1084
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the Friday Night Sodality, performing in t.v. 271 1085
Wally Dean, Bruce Elliott The Miser's Dream Come True! in a wine glassAlso published here 272 1086
Unknown Downs Palm Production 272 1087
Bruce Elliott The Back Room reprint of chapter 25 of Martin Gardner's "In the Name of Science" 272 1089
Milbourne Christopher Bases Loaded selected name of a vip is divined, performer writes names on billets and one is selected, see also p. 1115 for ideas by Vin Carey 273 1090
Gershon Legman Lingam and Yoni origami figures 273 1091
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Okito 273 1093
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Conceit! ring travels under tube then penetrates wand 274 1094
Walter Essman S.R.S. prediction of two selected words, forcing device, paper with hole is moved on longer paper with words written on it 274 1095
Wally Dean Beerie full glass of beer on a tray covered with handkerchief vanishes 274 1096
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the Friday Night Sodality 274 1097
Bruce Elliott Heat Transference two balls of tin foil, one touched by a cigarette, then heat is transferred to ball held by spectator 274 1097
Jack Avis Loops Entwined under handkerchiefInspired byAlso published here 275 1098
Austin Dulin Dulin's Drink chosen / poisoned glass is found 275 1099
Vern Schoneck Personality Plus spelling gag, horse card ends up 275 1100
Jim Reneaux Tipped cigarette vanishes from burning napkin 275 1100
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the Friday Night Sodality, Frank Garcia, Tommy Vanderschmidt, Martin Gardner, Bob Somerfeld, Audley Walsh, Jim Reneaux 275 1101
Jack Avis Demented Dice 275 1101
Martin Gardner Poker Problem open drawing of cards, solution on p. 1104Related to 275 1101
Don Tanner, Dr. Stanley Jaks Don Tanner's 4 Items - miniature deck from sealed cigarette pack
- selection rises from cigarette pack
- card stabbing, wrapped in paper
- tie gag
276 1102
Gerald Kosky Tricky Mentalist thought-of card is spelled to 276 1103
Walter Essman Clipped Thoughts impression device, clipboard 276 1104
Bruce Elliott The Back Room solution to Martin Gardner's problem from issue 275, Friday Night Sodality, Orville Meyer, Arthur Buckley, Chic Schoke, Paul LePaul, Lou Tannen 276 1104
Peter Warlock Warlock's Thumb Tip handling detail for Thumb FunInspired by 276 1105
Bruce Elliott A Lesson in Magic selection is produced with variation of Leipzigs twirl CutAlso published here 277 1106
Dai Vernon Follow the Leader, Jr. five blacks and five redsRelated toVariations 277 1107
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Ricky Dunn, Bill Gresham, Don Alan, Chic Schoke,George Jason, Jack Chanin Frank Jogglar 277 1109
Ronald B. Edwards Two Quickies - transposition of two cards
- forcing a number with coins
Variations 277 1109
Bill Simon Simon Eyes! one of three cards is thought of, selection ends up sandwiched between two reversed cards 278 1110
Unknown Packet Cut Force 278 1110
Tommy Vanderschmidt Gone Ball ball vanishes from under cup and appears in pocket, then ball penetrates handkerchief 278 1111
Ronald B. Edwards Weird Control two suits are shuffled match in order 278 1112
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Martin Sunshine, Ed Marlo, L. Vosburgh Lyons, Dr. Jaks, Bill Woodfield, Charlie Miller 278 1113
Gene "Phantini" Grant Next Card is It spectator finds selection in face down fan 278 1113
R. M. Jamison Yogi Tells one from four, card is spelled to 278 1113
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Hope, Joglar, Jay Marshall, Friday Night Sodality 279 1114
John Murray Murray's Muse ideas for Herpick's Phantom Pencil 279 1115
George Schindler Radar Magnet idea for the radar pencil 279 1115
Vin Carey Boxed gag, pencil does not write on paper 279 1115
Bil Baird Bil's Bell imitating the sound of two dice with a hidden bell, dice vanish 279 1116
Ronald B. Edwards Ron's Ramblings idea for magazine test 279 1116
John Hamilton Annemann's Slates and Aces in Miniature prediction of an ace, slate in envelopeAlso published here 279 1116
Dick King Peppery pepper appears, with salt shaker and two tubes 279 1117
Howard A. Adams Trilemma three phase routine
- two mentally selected cards change places
- two mentally selected cards end up in performer's pocket
- five mentally selected cards are found
Variations 280 1118
Max Katz Tower of Hanai puzzle with playing cards, based on Tower of Brahma 280 1120
John Howie Ghost Thimble four phase thimble routine, with pencil and tin foil shellAlso published here 281 1122
Mark Fitzgerald Sword Play with plastic sword from drinks 281 1124
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, Jay Marshall, Fred Keating, Wally Dean, Wilfried Johnson 281 1125
Frank Garcia, Dai Vernon Topper Garcia's topper mover, two handed bluff display on top, Vernon's variation one handedRelated to 282 1126
Walter Essman Made Match piece of wood is transformed into a match, in two steps 282 1127
Milton Kort Kort Coin coin vanishes repeatedly and appears in spectator's various pockets four timesInspired byRelated toAlso published here 282 1128
Unknown Spectator Jacket Side Pocket Coin Load 282 1128
Unknown Spectator Jacket Side Pocket Coin Load 282 1128
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Max Golden, Friday Night Sodality, George Karger, Al Walsh 282 1129
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Poker + 283 1130
Alex Elmsley Effort for Follow the Leader ideas for Vernon's Follow the Leader, Jr.Inspired by 283 1131
Alex Elmsley Failure Also published here 283 1131
Alex Elmsley Effort for the Ultra Close-Up Worker torn and restored pencil lead 283 1131
Alex Elmsley Melbourne position and card at that position are thought of, card turns up with down-under-dealRelated toAlso published here 283 1131
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Rusduck Run-Up dealing again after poker demo, to have the deck back in order 283 1132
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, Dudley Fossum, Eddie Joseph 283 1133
Walter Essman Restoration signed piece of paper is torn and restored 284 1134
Ben Franklin Up Your Sleeve cards to pocket, last three wrapped in handkerchief 284 1136
Milton Kort Kort Klink while performer slides coin on table towards spectator, it vanishesRelated to 284 1136
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, Peter Raven 284 1137
Fred Keating Carrousel variation on thumb funInspired by 284 1137
Robert Orben (reviewer) On Richard Himber's Show and Lecture by Richard Himber 284 1137
Dai Vernon Fadeaway! two handkerchiefs, knot opensRelated toAlso published here 285 1138
Frank Garcia Hoy! ball floats upwards from hand to hand 285 1140
Kirk Stiles Kirk's Quirk die on cup, both are thrown into the air and turn, die lands inside the cupVariations 285 1140
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dai Vernon, Gerald Kosky, Friday Night Sodality, Martin Gardner, Peter Warlock 285 1141
Walter Essman Bones miniature skull on chain, like ring and string 286 1142
Walter Essman More Bones skull with ring attached on piece of wire, like ring on stick 286 1143
Walter Essman Migraine powder transforms into pills /aspirin 286 1144
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Bill Larsen, Frances Ireland, Hank Simon 286 1145
Milton Gitlin Eeny, Meeny, Miny two in the hand one in the pocket patter 286 1145
Dr. Jacob Daley Rouge et Noir five red cards and five black cards are shuffled, spectator separates the cards by colorVariations 287 1146
Unknown Strip Out Addition 287 1146
Tommy Vanderschmidt In the Suit thought of card is reversed, spectator selects a paper with a suit and writes value inside 287 1147
George Blake Olla Podrida - ambitious card with two cards, as a magician's gag
- rabbit from hat joke
- torn & restored paper, magician's gag
287 1148
Unknown Packet Switch 287 1149
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Paul Morris, Frank Joglar, Jay Marshall, Frank Garcia, Fred Keating, Lou Tannen 287 1149
John R. Boyko A Twist Thru the Wrist string through spectator's wrist, string loop with two paperclipsVariationsAlso published here 288 1150
Don Tanner Trio Plus One four selections in four envelopes, fifth card torn and pieces put in fifth envelope, when spectators open their envelopes they find a piece and the selections are all together in the fifth envelope 288 1151
Milton Kort Color Change & Follow Up Two red decks, one changes to blue, and then a Chicago Opener style routine is performed (blue card placed in red deck, spectator picks it out from face up spread), red/blue cardRelated to 288 1152
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Display show all cards to have same back 288 1152
Unknown Snap Over Change carp flipped over quickly with a snap on sleeve 288 1152
Unknown Bottom Reversal Control control card to bottom, reversing it in process (pass-like action) 288 1152
Bruce Elliott The Back Room 288 1153
Milton Gitlin Premonition Idea 288 1153
Dr. Ben B. Braude Ben's Cone milk pitcher idea 288 1153
Unknown The Torn and Restored King 288 1153
Al Honeycutt Honeycutt's Honeycutter Aces transpose with Kings, à a follow the leaderVariations 289 1154
John Hamilton Nameology giving people seven-figure numbers, being able to name them again years later 289 1155
Tommy Vanderschmidt Thru coins through table, with a tube 289 1156
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on John Boyko, Dai Vernon, George Blake 289 1157
Maurice Howarth Tarantula pips from four card vanish step by step and appear on strip of paperRelated to 290 1158
Art Lyle Bottom Bottom Deal Related to 290 1159
Art Lyle Papered Half coin vanishes from piece of paper 290 1159
Art Lyle Midair Cigarette Vanish 290 1159
Max Katz Switch! 290 1160
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, The Friday Night Sodality, E. Brian Mc Carthy, Fred Keating, Sid Lorraine, Bill Simon 290 1161
Dick Piser Supreme Salt salt vanishes and appears, loop ball gimmick 291 1162
Tommy Vanderschmidt No Rivet coins through hand, covered by match box drawer, cap and pence variation 291 1163
Don Tanner Mental Opener brainwave deck with number cards, thought number is reversed 291 1164
Gerald Kosky Lapelled coin produced under spectator's lapel, then it vanishes and is fairly produced from the same spot agai 291 1164
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Norman Jensen, George Karger, Bob Nelson 291 1165
Unknown Bar Bet verbal trap 291 1165
Art Lyle Cute Cut 291 1165
Bruce Elliott The Die is Cast invisible die is thrown and outcome predicted with a matchbox, see p. 1185 for additional ideas by Frank HuckVariations 292 1166
Walter Essman Drop It! paper tube with staple in the center, coin penetrates staple 292 1167
Gerald Kosky Tricky Mentalist without Cards twenty signed cards are returned later to correct persons, Gibson's Super Memory with business cards, see p. 1177 for correctionsInspired by 292 1168
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, Bill Simon, Max Katz, Jay Palmer 292 1169
Art Lyle Swing Cut - Slip Cut 292 1169
Bill Simon Water & Oil 4&4 293 1170
Don Tanner Let's Bury the Dead living dead test mixed with haunted pack 293 1171
William Zavis Footnotes on Rouge et Noir different card switchesInspired byRelated to 293 1172
Bruce Elliott The Back Room mon Peter Warlock, Max Katz, Norman Jensen, Martin Gardner 293 1173
Milton Kort The Travelers (Lazy Man's Style) no palm, duplicatesRelated to 293 1173
Dr. Ben B. Braude Simplex Card Stab 293 1173
Audley Walsh The Perfect Deck Switch pseudo deck switching, presentation 294 1174
Walter Essman Tube Teaser coin travels in closed plastic tube which is filled with a liquid, under handkerchief 294 1175
Unknown Coin Vanish 294 1175
Dick Piser The Fifth Card selected ESP card is predicted on piece of paper 294 1176
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Bruce Elliott, Friday Night Sodality, Richard Himber 294 1177
Walter Essman Stacked six phase routine 295 1178
Walter Essman Switch-Back one of two dice is controlled 295 1179
Walter Essman Single Control dice change color 295 1180
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Don Alan 295 1181
Hubert Lambert No Brainwave Brainwave gag version, ungaffed 295 1181
Edward Marlo X-Deck named card has an X on backRelated toVariationsAlso published here 296 1182
John Howie Howie's Reward two coins are produced from handkerchief, then they are wrapped in hank and held in place by a rubber band, coins transform in other coinsRelated toAlso published here 296 1183
George Mackenzie Coin Switch with handkerchiefRelated to 296 1183
Don Tanner The Invisible Card in the Cigarette thought-of card to cigarette 296 1184
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on ending The Phoenix, Jay Marshall, RIchard Himber, Gordon Beck 296 1185
Franklin V. Taylor Brema + Taylor brema nut, nut off rope, with handkerchiefAlso published here 297 1186
Roger Montandon Die and Cup Jugglery Inspired by 297 1187
Bruce Elliott, William Lindsay Gresham The Back Room written by Bill Gresham, on Annemann 297 1187
Maurice Howarth Bi-Le-Temps prediction of two cards on business card 297 1188
Unknown Le Temps Switch while turning card over on table 297 1188
John Hamilton The Deuce You Say! 298 1190
Harvey P. Graham, George Starke, Milbourne Christopher 1 & 50 cent to 50 cent, gaffed 298 1191
Russell "Rusduck" Duck 3 'n' 1 solitaire stacking 298 1192
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on George Karger, Jay Marshall 298 1193
Franklin V. Taylor Frank's Vanish card vanish under handkerchief, scotch tape 298 1193
Dr. Stanley Jaks Billets Deux billet in glass, covered by handkerchief is divinedAlso published here 299 1194
Harvey P. Graham Foiled! gaffed blades 299 1195
William Zavis More Footnotes on: Rouge et Noir with two royal flushesInspired byRelated to 299 1196
Bruce Elliott The Back Room 299 1197
Audley Walsh All Gone finish for homing card 299 1197
Ronald B. Edwards Just A Half magician's joke, tearing up a folding half 299 1197
Kirk Stiles Whirlaround boomerang card, then card vanishes and appears again 299 1197
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Frank Joglar, on the last issue of Phoenix 300 1199
Franklin V. Taylor Apport three crumbled paper balls, one is selected, objects on cards selected on appears in paper 300 1199
Stylesmith Lost in the Shuffle - Again blindfolded medium reveals selected cards and describes ownersInspired by 300 1199
Bill Simon Twice Clipped two mates predictions, cards clipped together with paper clips 300 1199
Unknown Card Glimpse while bending the card, Flicker Glimpse precursorVariations 300 1199
Vern Schoneck Crazy Mixed Up Cards! spectator's and performer's thought of card change places in the two halves of the deck and are found reversed 300 1200