Written by Ken Simmons
Work of Ken Simmons
73 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Tom Neary
Language: English
38 entries
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Dave Walker Foreword
Ken Simmons Preface
Ken Simmons A-Band-Ment rubber band around deck, vanishes, encircles card in center
VariationsAlso published here 1
Ken Simmons, Peter Duffie Diamond Heist two and two with transformation kicker
Inspired by 5
Edward Marlo Braue Reverse Handling
Ken Simmons Ace-Bitiously Yours aces come to top multiple times
Ken Simmons Tabled Faro Slough Off
Ken Simmons Simmons's Pivot Turnover same as Stuart Gordon Turnover
Also published here 8
Ken Simmons Ace-Bitiously - The Follow-Up four aces come to bottom, then to top
Ken Simmons, Edward Marlo Miracle Card Change Insertion face card of double stolen as it is inserted into deck, see "Added Notes"
Inspired by 12
Ken Simmons A Different Approach handling for reference
Inspired by 14
Ken Simmons Vanish and Discovery card vanishes face-up from top of deck and reappears next to selection
Edward Marlo The Third Variation aces to kings one by one, aces reappear in deck face-up, then kings assemble under chosen ace
Inspired by 17
Edward Marlo Marlo Count five as four, top and bottom pulled together on first count
Theodore Annemann Alignment Move
Edward Marlo Eidetic Change Choroagraphy routine with selection, table edge work, "choreography"
Related to 21
Edward Marlo Adding a New Idea four kings on table transpose with four Aces on top of deck
Variations 23
Edward Marlo Tabled Clip Switch as tabled packet is turned over, it is switched for packet in clip palm
Edward Marlo An Extension
Inspired by 25
Edward Marlo Tabled Packet Switch
David Neighbors Reverse Assembly
David Neighbors, John F. Mendoza, Brother John Hamman 5-Card Gemini Count Variation
Mexican Addition packet levered over with double, adding a card in the process
Related to 31
Ken Simmons Triumphing for a Change color changing deck kicker
Ken Simmons Discrepant Packet Force spectator calls stop during running cut to table
Edward Marlo Table Spread Hideout leaving top two cards together during spread
Ken Simmons M.V.R.C. - The Easy Way
Inspired by 38
Ken Simmons Quick Transpo signed card in pocket transposes visibly with card signed by performer
David Neighbors Face-Up Reset
Ken Simmons, Edward Marlo Bold Half Pass KM type half pass
  • First Method
  • Second Method
  • First Handling
  • Second Handling (Marlo)
Ken Simmons Swivel Palm Replacement
  • As a Vanish
  • As a Color Change
Related to 53
Dan MacMillan Modified Version of Marlo's Covered Deck Switch
Inspired by 56
Dan MacMillan Visual Retention Poker Hand Switch Gambler's Palm
Dan MacMillan Pressure Fan Cull during the square up
Variations 61
Dan MacMillan Pick Up Add On with card(s) to be added resting on knee
Dan MacMillan Punch Me Again glue, with (obvious) "Marlo Suggestion"
Edward Marlo, Dan MacMillan Marlo on Dan MacMillan's Switch
Inspired by 68
Edward Marlo Olram's Fan Cull
Inspired by 71
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