Written by Ken Simmons
Work of Ken Simmons
65 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Ken Simmons
Language: English
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Ken Simmons Preface
Ken Simmons A Wallet Routine routine with ambitious card, transposition with one card in wallet, card to wallet, Bendix Bombshell, two duplicates
Ken Simmons Simmon's Wallet Combination Routine blank papers change into checks one at a time, then several, then into money bills, using Himber Wallet
Ken Simmons Enhanced Wallet Combination Routine idea for previous routine
Ken Simmons Two Tips For The Rising Cards for marketed "A.M.Y./Arne Rising Card Deck"
Ken Simmons Rising Double wrong card rises and changes into selection
Ken Simmons A Flashy Change prediction on paper is wrong, paper changes into selected card in flash
Inspired by
  • "Flash Card Production" (Dick Piser/Harry Lorayne, Flash Paper Tips)
Ken Simmons A Double Prediction spectator cuts off packet, amount of cards and card cut to are predicted, three methods
Ed Andres Banded Deck Force a pile is banded with invisible elastic, band secretly removed during display, see also Added Notes on p. 21
Unknown Spectator Cuts to Break Force
Ken Simmons Simmons Half Pass
Related toAlso published here 22
Ken Simmons Ultra-Mental Deck Routine Handling three spectators stop during deal and deal a card face-down, same cards are reversed in second deck
Related to 26
Ken Simmons My Favorite Sandwich random card changes into named card between jokers, Invisible Deck
Inspired byVariations 28
Ken Simmons Simmons's Handling of "Sprite Sleight" (or Glorpy Rides Again!) deck underneath transparent handkerchief, card moves and turns over on top of deck, two handlings, with "Signature Addition" (bluff)
Inspired by 30
Unknown Tilt to Bottom
Ken Simmons In Lieu of Wax wax substitute(s)
Ken Simmons Quick Change half dollar changes into copper coin in presence of Chinese coin, copper/silver/brass
Related to
  • "Wash-Out" (Steve Dusheck)
Ken Simmons Climax for Copper/Silver/Brass
Edward Marlo Marlo Improves Marlo coin picked up from deck vanishes
Inspired byRelated to
  • Scotch and Soda - Part 3
Edward Marlo, Ken Simmons Marlo Improves Simmons card that spectator loses himself behind his back is divined and vanishes
Inspired byRelated to 46
Edward Marlo Subtle Fanover brief, secret turnover
Related to 49
Edward Marlo The Pellet Classic number from ten to twenty-five named, three cards chosen and written on pellets, cards lost, pellet chosen, this card is at named position
Related to 50
Edward Marlo Satirical Signed Card two methods
Related to 54
Unknown Book Break
Unknown Reverse Cull bottom card dragged under spread and inserted
Edward Marlo Marlo's Single Cut Force
Edward Marlo I Knew That any card is spelled to (Count-Spell Principle), two methods, with credit information (Mosteller)
Also published here 61
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