Written by Paul Harris

Work of Paul Harris

80 pages (Paperback), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Patrick Snowden.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Patrick Snowden Paul Harris... Just another pretty face? i
Paul Harris Inside Stuff iii
Paul Harris Solid Deception VariationsAlso published here 1
Edward Marlo Tilt 4
Paul Harris Automatic Double Lift rest of deck glued together 4
Paul Harris, John C. Wagner X-Press three face-down cards dropped on aces and pressed, the alternate into collectors configuration, then three cards go back in deck and aces on table, collectors packet appears in deck and kings are on tableInspired by 9
Unknown Braue Reverse 10
Paul Harris "Reflex" Variations 15
Paul Harris The Dehydrated Deck small folded card box is unfolded and deck taken outVariationsAlso published here 18
Paul Harris, Patrick Snowden "Jigsaw" transpo with signed card, signed card is torn up, matrix with torn pieces, restorationVariations 21
Paul Harris La La's Lu Lu three Aces travel from Ace packet into deck one by one, last Ace travels from deck to other three Aces under spectator's handVariations 29
Unknown Tent Vanish brief 33
Paul Harris Free-Flight coins travel from hand to under card on tableVariations 36
Unknown Matrix Load loading palmed coin under card as it is picked up 36
Unknown Han Ping Chien Move 37
Unknown Click Pass 38
Paul Harris The Infamous Tap-Dancing Cards selection from one half travels reversed in other half, then transforms into second selection after being sandwiched, other card from pocketInspired byVariations 44
Paul Harris Tap Dancing Finale color changing back finale of "The Infamous Tap-Dancing Cards"Inspired by 51
Patrick Snowden The Super Bowl 55
Patrick Snowden Sponge Ball Vanish 57
Daryl Martinez Twisted Aces last Ace vanishes and reappears reversed in deckRelated toVariations 66
Daryl Martinez D.M. Count two as four 68
Randy Holt The Curley-Cue-Move one-handed fanInspired by 70
Paul Harris The Bizarre Twist! card perpendicular between two other cards turns visually over, color changing back kicker ("The Bizarre Routine")Related toVariationsAlso published here 73