Written by David Acer
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350 pages (Hardcover), published by Camirand Academy of Magic
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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David Acer Introduction To The Foreword By Barry Julien By David Acer
Barry Julien Foreword
David Acer Introduction
David Acer Over Easy Small packet Triumph with nine cards
VariationsAlso published here 17
Looy Simonoff Flippant
David Acer Changes pips move around on Five & Two of Clubs to Four and Three of Clubs, then fuse to Seven of Clubs, then split back to Five and Two of Clubs
Inspired byAlso published here 21
Marc DeSouza Shapeshifter
Richard Kaufman Natural Grip Radical Change
Max Maven Over Easier Small packet Triumph with nine cards - selection shown to have different colored back
Inspired by 29
David Acer Lucky Day Spectator calls stop during Hindu shuffles, stops at four Aces
Inspired by 32
Hindu Bottom Slip Shuffle
David Acer Splittant Aces Magician visually splits a red Two and black Two into four Aces
Related to 36
David Acer, Richard Sanders Splittant
David Acer Splittant Jr. Split Six of Clubs into Four of Clubs and mini Two of Clubs
David Acer Colour Inversion Inversion plot with color changing deck
Cardini Snap Colour Change
Jay Sankey, David Acer Uppity deck on table covered by napkin, deck begins floating ala Zombie Ball, then deck vanishes, leaving only the selected card
Also published here 46
Ryan Madden The Madden Force Dribble force with card clipped by right pinky
David Acer Separation Anxiety Magician/spectator each select a card from half the deck, the cards transpose.
Also published here 53
Jay Sankey, David Acer Count On It Card that magician picks from spectator's packet vanishes, travels to deck (Biddle Trick-like)
Variations 57
David Acer Repeat Offender Selected card is found four times, and they all change to Aces
Edward Marlo Tilt
Michel Huot, Steve Duperré The Charlier Control Insert card into Charlier position, Tilt-esque
Also published here 65
David Acer Overtime
Variations 68
Jay Sankey, David Acer Child's Play Spectator uses two crayons to select two cards - black crayon select black card, red crayon select red card. Names of cards are found printed on crayon sleeve
Also published here 71
Derek Dingle Vernon Strip-Out Substitution (Dingle Variation)
Richard Sanders, David Acer Unlawful Entry Card penetrates a door
Rub-A-Dub Vanish
David Acer Rub Down Card through table
Joshua Jay Over Easy Scrambled Small packet Triumph, selection is odd-backed, then deck changes color
Inspired by 82
Jay Sankey, David Acer The Flipwiches of Eastwick Prediction card is sandwiched between the Queens, shown to be the mate of selection, then visually changes into signed selection itself
David Acer Flipwich Sandwiched card visually transforms (First published in Sudden Impact lecture notes by David Acer)
David Acer Assimilation Two cards placed in between Jokers visually fuse into selected card
Inspired byRelated to 95
David Acer Royal Flash Random poker hand changes into Royal Flush in Spades
Related to 100
Jay Sankey, David Acer Misguided Angels angel on the back of Bicycle card rotates 180 degrees
Variations 105
David Acer The Sliding Double Lift
Related to 113
David Acer Open Time Traveller Writing appears on the back of selected card "You Will Pick This Card"
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo K.M. Move
David Acer Mad Card Disease card torn into quarters, index corners transposes with non-index corners repeatedly
Variations 120
David Acer Tangent Card rise out of deck perpendicularly
Also published here 130
David Acer New Millenium Ace Deuce Trey
Inspired by 134
Richard Sanders, David Acer Time Boards Triumph-shuffled deck rights itself except for three cards, which tell the time
VariationsAlso published here 139
Sid Lorraine Slop Shuffle
George Coon Winding the Pack
David Acer King's Ransom Coin produced from King of Diamonds, then vanished
David Acer Deck Ping Chien
Paul Harris Hi Ho Silver
David Acer MouseHunt selected card transposes with another card sandwiched between the Kings that has holes in it (like Swiss Cheese)
Also published here 150
Gerald Kosky Kosky Invisible Card Change
David Acer Switchback Two decks, card selected in red deck transposes with blue card in blue deck. Then, both decks transpose.
Gary Ouellet The Touch Force
Related to 157
David Acer Jim's Pick Card freely selected matches prediction on table
Wild Card Turnover
Michel Huot, David Acer Photo Finish Photograph of magician holding a Joker becomes magician holding selected card
David Acer Meta-Four Spectator locates four of a kind twice
Dai Vernon Multiple Shift Addition Variation
Simon Lovell, David Acer Twice Removed Two magicians get two spectators to select cards, they each find the wrong card, turns out that the cards have transposed.
Variations 180
Simon Lovell, David Acer The Painted Deck Using a card fan, face card is changed twice, then backs of the deck changes to blue from red
Walter E. Cummings Painting The Cards With one handed fan
David Acer Party of Six six people each choose a card and go on stage, stand in a row. Spectator in the audience (holding prediction) chooses one by spelling. Prediction matches the card held by person on stage
Also published here 189
David Acer Coke Induced Coke bottle placed in paper bag, bottlecap changes into Coors, bottle then changes to Coors bottle
Also published here 201
David Acer Unflappable Torn and restored matchbook
Also published here 205
Richard Sanders Ringworm Knot on rope visually changes into a finger ring, coin purse (where ring was previously) shown to contain the knot
David Acer Make This Disappear "THIS" written on bill changes to "DISAPPEAR", then bill vanishes
David Acer Upon Receipt Receipt for $3.34 folded, produces $1 coin from it, receipt now says $2.34
Also published here 220
David Acer New Millennium Tenkai Pennies Tenkai Pennies with signed coins - then signatures end up on same coin
VariationsAlso published here 227
Jay Sankey, Richard Sanders The Pointing Transfer
Barry Julien Unburnt Lit match restored to new match
David Acer Breakneck Neck cracking gag with candy in mouth
Richard Sanders, David Acer Pocket Exchange Coin in hand visually transposes with coin in pocket
Al Schneider Basic Vanish
David Acer Hot Pursuit Magician predicts the correct answer to a randomly chosen Trivial Pursuit question
Also published here 246
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Hofzinser Cull Force
David Acer High Invisibility Ball vanishes and reappears held between two fingers visually
Torkova The Edible Coin Magician apparently swallows coin
David Acer Bespectacle finger ring links onto spectacle frame of magician
Also published here 258
David Acer Seedling Drawing of flowerpot on business card begins to bloom
Related to 261
Jay Sankey, David Acer Cap In Hand Sharpie cap vanishes, reappears on Sharpie
David Acer Fresh Mint piece of aluminium foil changed into silver coin
Inspired byAlso published here 269
Richard Sanders Plop! Small rubber ball visually appears as invisible purse frame is opened
Also published here 273
David Acer Packs a Wallet! Rubberband wrapped around wallet vanishes, appears around a credit card inside the wallet
Inspired byAlso published here 275
Jay Sankey, David Acer Under Foot expose the "brush coin under foot" gag, but reveal that the penny under the foot has become a quarter
Related to 280
David Acer Get Bent As magician tries to bend spoon, tie becomes bent - then spoon suddenly bends
Also published here 285
Michel Huot, David Acer Take A Seat Spectator chooses a random seat number written on slips of paper in a clear plastic bag, person sitting in that seat has prediction under chair
David Acer Mitosis two spectators each write down sic digit numbers, add them together, calls that number on a phone, turns out to be magician's cellphone number
Also published here 290
David Acer Introduction Talking about his Genii column
David Acer Confessions of a Road Warrior #1: Bombing From Genii
David Acer Confessions of a Road Warrior #2: The Suits Vs The Talent From Genii
David Acer Confessions of a Road Warrior #3: Books Vs Videos From Genii
David Acer Confessions of a Road Warrior #4: Oh Canada From Genii
David Acer Confessions of a Road Warrior #5: The "Witness Approach" From Genii
David Acer Confessions of a Road Warrior #6: Prop-aganda
Also published here 322
David Acer Confessions of a Road Warrior #7: Pet Peeves
Also published here 324
David Acer Confessions of a Road Warrior #8: The Dark Side The true story behind the Whit Hadyn blind girl story
Also published here 330
David Acer Confessions of a Road Warrior #9: A Piece of the Rock From Genii
David Acer Confessions of a Road Warrior #10: The Fine Art of Bio Writing
Also published here 335
David Acer Confessions of a Road Warrior #11: The Julien Incident
Also published here 344
David Acer Confessions of a Road Warrior #12: Five Card Mental Farce
Also published here 345
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