Written by Chan Canasta
Work of Chan Canasta
48 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with photographs and drawings
Language: English
16 entries
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Chan Canasta Introduction
Chan Canasta Oops 1: Fifty years of history Numerical force to select a particular card on a grid of twenty cards, based on an important year to the spectator
Chan Canasta Oops 2: Strange distant cities Predict which city reader will think of from a list
Chan Canasta Oops 3: Matches and loose change Grid of sixteen cards, spectator chooses cards one by one while eliminating all the cards in the same row/column as the card. Then add up values of the cards, and total is predicted
Chan Canasta Oops 4: Matches not for burning Some matches placed in three equal groups on the page, moved around according to instructions, predict how many matches in the middle group
Chan Canasta Oops 5: Pieces of cards Picture of random cut-up cards, reader thinks of one, then it is predicted
Chan Canasta Oops 6: Writing on the wall Clock trick disguised with random symbols
Chan Canasta Oops 7: Dear old pals List of five names, reader thinks of one name and is predicted
Chan Canasta Oops 8: Mystery of undamaged pips Reader chooses one of four cards with holes cut into them, then it is predicted
Chan Canasta Oops 9: Look out for a number 1089 force, prediction is 6801 on the page, must flip upside down to reveal prediction
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Chan Canasta Oops 10: Making a sentence of nonsense Form a nonsensical sentence from short lists of words e.g. BOB HATES BLUE COW, is predicted
Chan Canasta Oops 11: Pick a card of fortune Picture with random numbers and suits, spectator pick a number and a suit (e.g. 5 and Spade) and prediction is Five of Spades
Chan Canasta Oops 12: Crosses to touch twelve crosses in a rectangle, predict which one the reader will point to
Chan Canasta Oops 13: Think of a number Think of a number between 49 and 98, both digits even, not the same.
Chan Canasta Oops 14: Put in a word or two Picture with random alphabets everywhere, reader tries to construct three 6 letter words from them, choose one word, prediction
Chan Canasta Oops 15: Four Kings into exile Reader chooses any two values of cards (no suits), go through deck of cards and find them side by side
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