Written by Richard Kaufman, So Sato

Work of So Sato

191 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Company
Illustrated with drawings by Tomoki Kawashima.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Richard Kaufman Introduction 9
So Sato Magic Slap selection appears between empty palms 11
Unknown Top Card Clip Steal 12
So Sato Shrink Vanish single card shrinks via optical illusion, vanishes, reappears in pocketInspired by 17
Unknown Pivot Vanish 19
Dai Vernon Hand Washing classic to classic 21
Gary Kurtz The Empty Hand Related to 23
So Sato Reverse Highlight clean reversal of selection(s) 25
So Sato The Turnover Half Pass 26
So Sato Another "All Backs" Inspired by
  • "Direct Backs and Faces" (Michael Skinner, video tape)
So Sato The Tabled All Backs Display 31
Unknown Coffin Change with clean-up to bottom 39
So Sato Bath Towel Mentalism two spectators with half the deck each exchange a card underneath large towel, performer divines them 41
So Sato Lucky Number Poker two spectators with poker hands exchange cards to given rules, their resulting poker hand is predicted 46
So Sato Lateral Thinking Assembly (a.k.a. Cross Assembler)
4 piles in square on table, kings placed on top, they gather on top of one pile
Arturo de Ascanio Open Display brief 51
Lennart Green Snap Deal 53
So Sato Mote-Monte performer cuts four piles, spectator choses one, top card is queen, other top cards kings, or vice versa
- Shawn P. Tenhoff/Yuki Kadoya Variation
So Sato Three to One three purses, spectator choses one, content predicts choice 60
So Sato So-Lution 1 - Phase 1: Selecting a Number
- Phase 2: Forcing One of twelve Court Cards
- Phase 3: Production of the Card (Climax)
Unknown Display Pass 68
So Sato So-Lution 2 Invisible Deck presentation, presented as an idea 72
So Sato The Professor Still Fools Us card "named" by spectator, Dai Vernon's named used to spell to it 76
So Sato You Can Count on Dr. Daley no multiple lifts 81
So Sato Monte Plus type Switch 82
So Sato Love a Dove Dove ace from packet to onto caseRelated to 86
So Sato Card Case Load on top in offbeat 87
So Sato Vertical Three as Four Count Elmsley Count alternative 87
Unknown Rub a Dub Dub Vanish see also thoughts on page 91 90
So Sato Yin Yang Divide six cards chosen, separated into two groups of three and each added up, both totals predicted 92
So Sato Warp Wrap deck rubber banded, selection penetrates from center and drops to table, back to center, it vanishes and reappears in wrapped deck in spectator's hands 99
Unknown Card with Rubber Band Gaff card with strand of rubber band 100
Unknown Addition from Case when rubber band is removed 101
Edward Marlo, So Sato Bottom Deal Exchange Force 101
Jerry Andrus Vanish in Hands lappingRelated to
  • "Unexpected Reverse" (Jerry Andrus, Up Close with Andrus, 1957)
So Sato Bushfire Triumph with open tabled layoutRelated toVariations 108
So Sato Mass Destruction Stacking deck cut into piles, spectator shuffles all, yet some set-up is retainedInspired byRelated to 118
So Sato Poker Demon-Stration winning hand is dealt after spectator shuffles, Mass Destruction Stacking 120
So Sato Poker Demon-Stration Plus Mass Destruction Stacking
Phase 1: Middle Deal Demonstration
Phase 2: Stacking Demonstration (Re-Deal principle)
So Sato Quartet Shuffle four piles, spectator shuffles in various ways, four of a kind with down-under-deal found, Mass Destruction StackingInspired by
  • "Time Cumbersome Down-Under" (Hideo Kato, PALM Vol. 19, 2001)
So Sato Destroy and Search "If you ask, 'Is this practical for laymen?' I must answer, 'No.'"
Mass Destruction Stacking
So Sato Kyoto "Okiniiri" Prediction using postcards, Mass Destruction Stacking 130
So Sato Blue Print spectator shuffles, order of chosen suit within deck is predicted, Mass Destruction Stacking, interlocking chains 132
So Sato Zen Derby horse race plot, Mass Destruction Stacking 137
So Sato Mimic Show handling for mis-showing Three as Ace, also for court cards, credit informationInspired byRelated to 143
So Sato Amnesia Aces alternated with indifferent card on top of deck, aces come to top 148
So Sato Amnesia Lite three Aces alternated with indifferent card on top of deck, aces come to top 153
So Sato Elevator Action Aces lost into deck in piles come together in center 155
Unknown Tilt to Bottom 157
Unknown Riffle Force break 158
So Sato Pick Pocket Lesson chosen Ace travels from one half to the other halfVariations 159
Unknown Double Lift Reversal top card put in center, another card reversed in process 161
So Sato Worker Bee "Collectors" two cards found between three Aces 163
Unknown Alignment Move Reversal reversing a card in small packet 166
So Sato Love a Dove Dove Plus aces shown, one vanishes and travels into caseRelated to 168
Unknown Misdirection Lapping top card thumped into lap 168
So Sato Outsourcing Sandwich two aces distributed in deck come together to trap selection 170
So Sato Bushfire Triumph Ver. 1.5 with open tabled layoutInspired by 172
So Sato Seated Half Pass Handling Related to
  • Peter Duffie (Card Conspiracy, 2003)
So Sato Acrobat Leader 182
So Sato Tabled Bottom Deal tabled, as packet is put down 187
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Delight Switch 190