Written by Alexander de Cova
Work of Alexander de Cova
183 pages (Hardcover), published by Rudolf Braunmüller
Illustrated with drawings by Alexander de Cova
Language: German
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Toni Forster Vorwort
Alexander de Cova Über dieses Buch...
Alexander de Cova, Jan Torell Blitzkarten-Verwandlung jumbo card (or sign, menu, ...) visually transforms into silk, ends clean
Inspired byAlso published here 15
Alexander de Cova Total Recall two selections, odd/even, with variations:
  • 1. Aus dem Stegreif (impromptu)
  • 2. Mit zwei Kartenspielen (with two decks)
  • 3. Für den Table-Hopper
Inspired by 19
Divided Deck Shuffle run in the center
Alexander de Cova Body Turn Switch
Alexander de Cova Heba's Fez egg from hand to hat/fez multiple times, two melons as final loads, with spectator on stage
VariationsAlso published here 25
Alexander de Cova Chair with Servante
Also published here 26
Alexander de Cova, Roy Benson Fake Transfer described with fake egg
Also published here 28
Alexander de Cova Purse Swindle silk vanishes from hand and reappears in purse (Patrick Page), then repeat with purse frame
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 34
Alexander de Cova Mindwalk with sealed loading envelope
Also published here 42
Alexander de Cova Soap Bubble Card card appears in bursted soap bubble
Daryl Martinez Card Production from palm
Alexander de Cova Purist Transposition blank cards signed by two spectator, transposition between cards in glass and wallet
Inspired by
  • Gene Anderson (Part Time Pro)
Also published here
José Carroll, Alexander de Cova Card Steal from Glass to behind wallet
Related toAlso published here 58
Alexander de Cova Wallet Extraction Switch as card is removed from wallet
Also published here 58
Alexander de Cova, "Joro" Bruno Hennig Ringtausch borrowed rings appear to transpose or be at several places at once
Alexander de Cova, Michael Weber Tube for Ring from inside pocket to bottom of jacket, closing mechanism by Weber
Also published here 62
Alexander de Cova Devil's Handkerchief Handling retrieving vanished ring
Also published here 63
Ring Switch on Stick
Also published here 65
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Ring from Ring Box Extraction
Also published here 66
Alexander de Cova Premonition Plus
Also published here 68
Alexander de Cova Deck Switch Case box that contains two decks
Also published here 69
Alexander de Cova Himberring Routine using two Himber rings
Also published here 77
Alexander de Cova Der Mandragones Umschlag envelope in clear plastic bag used to switch items
Inspired by
  • "Perfect Match" (Larry White)
Alexander de Cova 1. Eine unmögliche Vorhersage free selection predicted with jumbo card, switch-out
  • Die Bühnenversion (stage version)
  • ESP-Karten u.ä.
Alexander de Cova 2. Das Wendeblock-Prinzip
  • Die Namensvorhersage (name prediction)
  • Die Zahlenvohersage (number prediction)
Alexander de Cova 3. Der Buchtest using alphabet cards
Alexander de Cova $100 Bill Switch presentation with Topsy Turvy Bill intro
Also published here 93
Alexander de Cova Glaces II deck in glass, four cards appear at face of deck on at a time with silk cover
Inspired byAlso published here 96
Karl Germain Flash Card Change deck in glass, silk cover
Alexander de Cova Ordered Card to Wallet deck in new pack order with Joker reversed in place of selection, selection to wallet
Also published here 99
Alexander de Cova Ultimative Münzendurchdringung three coins through clear plastic bag one by one
Inspired byAlso published here 102
Al Baker Al Baker Steal
Alexander de Cova Hangman Plus stick figure on cardboard vanishes and appears on back of signed selection
Inspired byAlso published here 108
Alexander de Cova Signed Folded Card in Box one card stabbed in paper back, second card folded in box
Inspired by 111
Das Falten der Karte mit einer Hand one-handed in palm into sixth
Alexander de Cova Der Wäscheklammer-Austausch cloth pin switch, with credit information on p. 111
Related toAlso published here 113
Alexander de Cova Linking Pins Extended idea for climax, many pins link into a chain inside purse
Alexander de Cova Chinese Money Mystery
Also published here 122
Alexander de Cova Barocke Transposition card in pocket transposes with card reversed in deck, then with bill in wallet
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 127
Arturo de Ascanio, Cy Endfield Ascanio-Endfield-Palm
Alexander de Cova Body Servante construction, techniques and applications
Related to 135
Alexander de Cova Münzenverschwinden complete coin vanish, using body servante
Alexander de Cova Anmerkung body servante to switch or ditch coins
Alexander de Cova Card Opener deck vanishes from hands, reappears in case, using body servante
Also published here 141
Deck Extraction from behind Case
Alexander de Cova, Jay Sankey Time is Money pocket watch cleanly transforms into stack of coins, using body servante
Inspired by 144
Alexander de Cova Pegasus Card card to envelope using body servante
Alexander de Cova Traveller's Triumph using body servante
Alexander de Cova Ein Mentaleffekt loading prediction using body servante
Alexander de Cova, Philippe Socrate Thanks to Socrate cigarette lighter lapping routine with body servante
Alexander de Cova Business Liquidation traveling credit card, using body servante
Alexander de Cova Universalhalter holder for body loads
Alexander de Cova, Carlos Corda, Channing Pollock Snappy Silk Production rubber band powered
Inspired byAlso published here 155
Alexander de Cova Becherspiele cup load with ball, dropping small ball inside while reaching over cup
Also published here 161
Alexander de Cova Gambler's Switch with bills or wallet, as monte climax
Also published here 163
Alexander de Cova Silk Vanish open thumb tip handling
Also published here 165
John Cornelius, Alexander de Cova Cornelius Card Control fan steal, "Durchschuss"
Also published here 169
Alexander de Cova Chop Stick Vanish sponge ball put in other hand with chop sticks
Also published here 172
Alexander de Cova Theorie & Praxis
  • Der Effekt
  • Die Präsentation
  • Die Requisiten...
  • Zuschauerbeteiligung...
  • Kreativität
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