Written by Harry Lorayne

Work of David Regal

279 pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Robert E. Lorayne.
Language: English

(89 entries)

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Harry Lorayne Foreword 8
David Regal Foreword 9
David Regal Cheating Maxi-Twist-Variation with two changes 13
Edward Marlo ATFUS 13
David Regal Gambler's Cop 17
David Regal Cards from Case standard 18
David Regal A Point Well Made whole deck is penetrated, one card has no hole 19
David Regal Coin in the Middle sandwiched coin changes several times 24
Unknown Friction Steal 27
David Regal High-Gloss Point Job blue kings to red aces 30
David Regal Triple Buckle Handling 32
David Regal The Aces are here! four stop forces as cards are biddled 34
Stephen Minch Feed Force as cards are biddled in other hand 34
David Regal Any Card - Any Number stacked, feed force while counting 35
David Regal Up for the Count! 41
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Reverse 41
David Regal The Bermuda Triangle coins to built card-triangle 44
David Regal An Incredible Journey case is in jacket! 52
David Regal Holding On with lapping 57
David Regal Holding On table edge 59
David Regal Double It two decks from one case 61
David Regal A Star is Borne star sticker travels to back of selection 64
David Regal Illegal Collections odd-backed 69
David Regal Straightforward Collections Variations 75
David Regal Clearly Impossible four coins and glassVariations 78
Al Baker Baker Steal 81
Edward Marlo Rub Back Coin Vanish 82
David Regal Popover repeat turnover, three cards 84
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ Alignment Move 85
David Regal Royal Treatment card jumps from deck to between sandwich cards 89
David Regal Everywhere duplicates are produced and change in run of suit 92
David Regal Double Card Pop-Out for double 94
David Regal Double Card Pop-Out for doubleAlso published here 95
David Regal The Beeper a beeper locates card which travels folded inside 99
David Regal Small Thinker shrinking deck 102
David Regal Tipped Off broken and restoredVariations 104
David Regal Wavelength two deck coincidence 110
David Regal Club Sandwich to sandwich in spectators hands repeatedly 114
Jean Hugard Leg Reversal 115
David Regal Temporarily Out Of Order 118
David Regal Half and Half signed card is torn, ONE half changes color 125
David Regal Dust rock or billiard ball 130
David Regal The Flying Hole from card to another card 132
David Regal Flighty Personality signed, duplicate 135
David Regal Freshly Painted series of color changes 140
David Regal The Optical Shuttle jumping shuttle pass handlingAlso published here 145
David Regal Four Coins, Two Hands, One Glass coins across with glass 147
David Regal Self Evident 151
David Regal Piece by Piece signedVariations 153
David Regal Catch of the Day using Forton-Pop-Out, color changing back kicker 160
David Regal Bottom Deal Force 161
David Regal Dribble Force bottom deal 161
Piet Forton Pop-Out-Move 164
David Regal On Your Mark drawn X comes off card, leaves hole 166
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo KM Move 167
David Regal Dave's Move-A-Card deck crimp 171
David Regal The Cardboard Magician lapping 173
David Regal The Cardboard Magician lapping 174
David Regal The Divining Card 176
David Regal Perfectly Oiled 4&4 181
David Regal Mirror Image transposition of two torn pieces foldedVariations 186
David Regal Impulse at the end two cards from two decks match 191
David Regal Illusion Jacks Jacks change back two times 194
David Regal Optical Wild Coin three coins, c/s coin, chinese climax 199
David Regal Simply Wild three coins, c/s coin 204
David Regal A Failsafe Prediction two phases, deck changes into one-way-forcing deck 205
David Regal Triple Reverse three cards 209
David Regal Deck Switch table edge 209
David Regal Spread Half Pass Handling 209
David Regal A Four-Coin Routine tabled production 214
David Regal Mind On The Line location 217
David Regal Stack Attack gaining access to a "randomly" chosen card 224
David Regal A Regal Princess thumb punch 227
David Regal Waving thumb punches at different positions 227
David Regal Dream Poker four cards reversed in deck change while reversed 233
David Regal Illogical Switch-Out three of four (four ace trick) 237
David Regal Making Cents half dollars & about 50 (!) cents 240
David Regal Burned Out selection has hole as climax 244
David Regal Simple Sympathy about twelve cards from two decks are same in the end 248
David Regal Through-The-Deck Change Variations 251
David Regal Unusual Assembly Marlo's "Imitation of Scarne" 255
Edward Marlo Charlier Production pushing card out with thumb 255
David Regal Unusual Assembly 256
David Regal Streamlined Assembly Variations 261
David Regal Coins Through The Table stand-up and sit-down handling, shell 266
David Regal Subliminal Attraction touched cards, back change 273
Derek Dingle NoLap no credit 273
David Regal Easy Fan Steal Tenkai, similar to Cornelius Steal 276
Harry Lorayne Last Word 279